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  1. Agreed here. I think it was the GOP that cut some of the mortgage relief that was in package #1. Some of those companies could be in serious trouble if this persists. My main focus is on CMBS these days. There are some real significant issues there. I had thought if this were to spiral it would be out of the CMBS or corp debt markets. The fed stepped in on the corp side- and thank god they did...but the issues in CMBS are still kind of festering.
  2. Yup you're right nailed it- I'll see myself out. Gotta go back to eating my avocado toast.
  3. i just waded into the main 'Rona thread...yikes what a cesspool. I'll stay here from now on.
  4. lol like the time you said "wow these people just hate america" and then posted a random tweet from a twitter egg to back ur point. Anyways I'm done responding to you on this thread. good day man- i don't wanna make it personal.
  5. I don't believe he trolls on weather's just exclusive to this thread/topic. Maybe it has to do w/ what passes as thoughtful discourse these days. I'm not sure you're too far off either. ha
  6. Ya- I was being extremely ok. I think I'm done posting on this thread.
  7. troll2 /trōl/ make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.
  8. You don't troll? I mean that is literally all you do on this thread. So apologies for not giving you the benefit of the doubt. Walmart/Target are open because they have grocery departments. Home Depot and Lowe's are open because they are "essential" which if you have a bone to pick on what is deemed essential and what isn't, then I'm on board with you there. Retail clothing and sporting goods shops should absolutely not have been allowed to stay open. Literally the definition of a non-essential business.
  9. What you meant and what you said were two wildly, wildly different things. If you're going to troll, at least do it effectively.
  10. I think he just feels for the small businesses impacted like Caesar's, AMC Theaters, and Nike. It's just not fair.
  11. I don't get your point. Kohl's and Dick's are 2 Fortune 500 companies. Both are in the top 20 largest retailers in the country.
  12. Late to the party but Taleb had an absolute meltdown on twitter yesterday- he is turning into the crazy uncle you do your best to avoid.
  13. EQ markets or S&P levels don't impact at all. I can run the numbers but the correlation is less than material. It seems counterintuitive on the credit side for would think credit standards would tighten + uncertainty on the demand side...I mean it seems insane on the face of it which is why a b.s. zoom call comment morphed into my analyst combing state by state data since 1939 but here we are- interesting (boring) times. It actually ends up as a supply side issue...sellers are just unwilling to budge on price, historically. Maybe this time is different and in secondary home markets it certainly will be. But just one of those bizarre facts that makes no sense until you actually look at the numbers. 50% on another bill this year? I would pound the over...pound it. In an election year?!?! This will be done before July. I've mentioned several times to my CFO- we need liability waivers if and when we bring people's not worth doing w/o it. A compromise will be had.