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  1. Karen Read pushed him. Prove me wrong.
  2. What a storm in the Black Sea. I’d pay good money for this here:
  3. People are saying you can tell a lot about someone if they both, put up and turn on outdoor Christmas lights in mid-November. I’m not the one saying it, but people are talking.
  4. Recently experienced a self service airport kiosk with no human workers at all, that prompted me for a tip. Like where does that $$ go? Mind blown.
  5. The whole story is just amazing/tragic. It's really well done and would highly recommend. This really becomes the basis for modern U.S. avalanche forecasting and rescue.
  6. Watching a documentary “Buried” on Netflix. About an avalanche in 1982 and meteorology, topography, ski patrols etc… Feel like it would resonate with some on this board, worth the watch.
  7. Unrelated but see your infamous light year speed jet stream is engaged tonight. Europe bound flights over the N. Atlantic doing ~750mph ground speed.
  8. From what i understand they were there earlier today, left…a cop who had it under surveillance saw a shadow move/ a curtain flutter…. So now they’re back….again little idea if that’s true but would make sense.
  9. https://x.com/station_51_/status/1717517073553744244?s=46&t=ej91V1PwyPgv_VUNXsO_yQ
  10. Correct, no way of verifying if that’s him or even true given the current state of things…but they are looking for that truck. Should have said *stolen out of Oxford, me*
  11. BOLO- Blue Suburban out of Boxford, Me on 93s, near NH/MA border...93s during rush hour- not the cleanest escape route.
  12. Anyone else notice Tim Kelley step off the deep end with politics? The other day I noticed a quasi CC denying post, and was like hmmm…now he’s jumping into the border and immigration situation. Seems like something one would want to avoid.
  13. From MI last night: https://x.com/goddessofgrain/status/1695039462583992733?s=46&t=ej91V1PwyPgv_VUNXsO_yQ
  14. There are certainly some major MAJOR US military installations under threat from this thing. I keep thinking of one in particular constructed on a dry lake bed in Nevada that may not be dry after this.
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