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  1. Woulda been cool if they got Jim Cantore, but I’ll settle for Jim Catnore I guess.
  2. Someone posted the AQI is double in NYC now, compared to what it was in SFO in 2020. Wild stuff
  3. Did we ever have this when we were growing up- i.e. 80's? I don't recall it...ever. And I feel like I would remember this post apocalyptic sky.
  4. Was just going to post this- she’s gorgeous. Doesn’t get much more textbook.
  5. money quote: "First, is that typically La Niña follows El Niño, but this is an example of a La Niña event that had no preceding El Niño. That’s not completely impossible, but unlikely. The second thing is, we had this La Niña event that lasted for three years that didn’t follow an El Niño. That is unprecedented. Previous long-lasting La Niñas have always happened after a strong El Niño.”
  6. Interesting paper on the impacts of the Australian Wildfires in 2019-2020. Interesting how the smoke doesn't get into the stratosphere but still impacts sensible weather. good read. TLDR- Contributed to the 3 yr long (unprecedented) La Nina. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-01588-8
  7. Pool heater engaged for the first time this yr. enjoy these next 2 days
  8. Oh no- that does it. I’ll be at the next gtg. Book it.
  9. If I were you and thank god I’m not, I’d sit out any fire/ smoke conversations for awhile. Anyways it took me 0.01 seconds and Google to find out how unusual wildfires during May in Alberta are and the answer is….not at all unusual. Shocker.
  10. Thank you- I think? Ya I’m pretty sure the correct response is ‘thank you’.
  11. When I think of you, I think of this:
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