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  1. Is it your lack of height, lack of hair or lack of….(ahem, cough, cough) something else…that you’re constantly trying to compensate for?
  2. Just saw this but google it- I think they have different testing modules depending on language. You will at least get a feel for how that particular service does their exams. it is odd that they are asking you to do it after approaching you for the role. Bizarro world. We used similar things to test python and sql for lower level roles- just to make sure no ones time was wasted. Maybe it’s a company standard- no way around it, like a proverbial drug test. Anyways- good luck.
  3. Hey guys- took ur advice last year and bought a dethatcher then over seeded. Looks great. Question is: what’s the timeline for application of milorganite( my fert of choice), grub killer and Pre-emergent for crab grass? And In what order? I see some people starting now but seems too early for me. Any help would be appreciated. Also- am I missing any steps? Should I vigorously spring rake or would that ruin the sprouts from last fall?
  4. I do agree that we have almost certainly entered into a more dangerous phase of this than we were a month ago. With Ukraine on the offense militarily (an absolutely shocking development), the Russian economy in tatters ( although I would have thought we would see more cracks than we have until now)…again we talk about narrowing options. A strike on Poland or use of chemical/bio/nuke weapon to turn the tide of the war is something that is very much both on the table and a part of Russian military doctrine- escalate to deescalate. Which is why you are hearing things about the tiger- task force and very public statements about what NATO would do in response to such an escalation. Very clearly we are attempting to let the decision makers over there know that, a) we know what you’re thinking and b) we will have a response. Big meetings over the next few days…my spidey senses are tingling.
  5. Busy morning- Russia to declare 'martial law' on Friday? That's the rumor. No more flights out of Russia between now and then so people are driving out. Couple tech guys I spoke to had some very interesting conversations w/ border guards on the way out. They had arranged for "temporary remote work" to get out- phones were checked, took them forever to cross. Also Nuclear deal w/ Iran to be signed in~72 hrs...their oil is back on the market.
  6. There's at least 1 Army C-130 out from Windsor Locks...did a loop over Leominster and returning now. Looks to be training
  7. Can’t have a stock market crash if you don’t open the stock market. In any case official language is out from the EU it’s all over but the crying. Happy hunting.
  8. This seems less than ideal, via Russian State TV just now:
  9. Bid is 173 for RUB to USD. Was 83 on Friday. Edit:171
  10. Bro I’m muting you for awhile. Don’t have time for your shit. Suggest you pick a career and stick to it: either a YouTube schooled epidemiologist, or supposedly ceo of a u.s. defense contractor who repeats Russian propaganda basically word for word. Wild shit. Either way have a good one, or don’t, idgaf tbh.
  11. To your point yes- he’s going to lash out at the west and Ukraine… it’s not going to be pretty. Ya trust me swift is one thing and more symbolic than anything else due to the sanctions put in place last week but…. Seizing/ freezing cb assets is an act of war. No two ways about it. It cannot be overstated how big of a deal this is- provided there aren’t gigantic loopholes- Just wow
  12. It’s actually much worse than that- ruble to zero. Putin’s options are very very limited now and not in a good way.
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