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  1. So I get a txt from my mom last night- “hey our electric bill is like $600 what yours- something must be wrong”. So I look and she’s getting charged like 3x per kw than I am- and we both have national grid. So she calls and they say that yes- national grid uses different suppliers and each supplier can charge a ‘Market rate’ so there are differences. Finally, you can request a change if you want to- which she obviously is going to do. This sounds absolutely absurd- anyone work in the industry?
  2. In Aruba 21-28th- bank on the best stretch of the winter occurring then.
  3. rain/ sleet here- def not snow. ground isn't white at all. roads wet. I'm at 210' at the Lowell/ Tewksbury/ Andover line.
  4. Mowed yesterday after raking all the pine needles from my arborvitae’s that fell during the storm. 3 bags later… Anyone else seeing their arborvitae’s shed internal needles at a ridiculous rate this yr? Read up a bit and it’s either the spring/ summer drought or they are all doing a periodic shedding at the same time. Weird
  5. I dunno if anyone else saw this but pretty cool move by The Godfather. https://universalhub.com/2022/mensch-does-mitzvah-channel-5
  6. Update: power back and potential white Christmas if this band doesn’t die. Talk about a range of emotions.
  7. Hosting brunch and Christmas dinner tomm. No power. Can’t get the generator to turn over even a bit. I can feel wifeys icey stares as we listen to the wind howl…if you listen closely you can hear the food going bad. Thoughts and prayers pls.
  8. 2 things: 1) awful trade we all know about Griner's height and athleticism by Viktor has that killer instinct you just can't teach- boom. 2) I believe @Chrisrotary12 among others are interested in the below topic. When you have the best podcast on the planet covering this issue- like I had to link it. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-12-08/odd-lots-podcast-how-climate-change-impacts-reinsurance-catastrophe-bonds?srnd=oddlots-podcast
  9. May I suggest you all put on ESPNU for some MACtion ( c. Mich vs w mich) in an absolute blizzard. Nothing better than football in the snow.
  10. This is pretty interesting… also with respect to analogs. Edit: 1975 anyone? What’d that winter do?
  11. With the forecast- thinking I might take the opp and drop some more milorganite before the eventual cool down. Any thoughts?
  12. Headlines of this ilk are something else … twisting and turning to avoid saying the words ‘climate change’. Anyways this is all very normal and nothing to worry about. https://news.yahoo.com/why-did-one-billion-alaskan-162814859.html
  13. Ok ok I’m being too tough. Just seems whenever I look at the radar which admittedly isn’t as much as I used to- it’s down.
  14. Why is the BOS radar down for days at a time at least once every 2 months? What a joke
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