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  1. 73 here ATTM. Progged high for today is 83. Might take the under from what I'm reading here.
  2. That total at CEF is bogus. Western Mass News on Liberty Street at the Chicopee line recorded about 3.7. At my house about a mile from CEF as the crow fliees it was 3.83". i wouldn't give a nickel for their readings. Half the time thier AWOS is offline and the other half its incorrect.
  3. Agree but don't tell that to Runaway Berg.
  4. 93 is the O-U for here Tuesday.
  5. Few nightime cold ones at MGM ?
  6. 94 at BAF and Mi Casa. 98 is doable.
  7. .88 at mi casa last night. More than an inch at CEF. A needed drink.
  8. Per Western Mass news 92 here. Also 92 in Noho and Greenfield. The 92 reading was likely not taken at Hippy Valley's digs.
  9. 96 IMBY. 97 at BDL. CEF offline again.
  10. 76/76 at 5pm. Soupy to say the least.
  11. BAF was similar with 1.46" so I guess it was a lower valley deal.
  12. 84 here ATTM. 1.4" precip for the last 2 days. Not too shabby.
  13. 2.08" thru 21z at CEF. Was pounding down for awhile.
  14. You've got a great location. KORE put up a 92 at least.
  15. Very likely. We might not even make 94 here with these clouds about.
  16. Western Mass News put up a 94 for Greenfield today. Must have been for downtown. Certainly not for your hood.
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