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  1. An overnight inch or two, and passing morning flurries. Great day to close out the season @ Loon.
  2. Snowing at a decent clip down on Cape Cod. Large flakes, yet temps are still warm so struggling to accumulate. Temps dropped from 42->35 in the past hour or so.
  3. Unrelated...how did your area down on the Cape fair across the afternoon / evening? Radar look decent enough throughout the day, but I’ve been up chasing the snow on some skis!
  4. First line swinging through Cape Cod with a decent punch.
  5. Surprising to see Logan only recorded / reported 1.3” of additional accumulation from 1PM yesterday until the end of the snows early this morning... Would have for sure thought they added a few additional inches given Radar, temp profile and minimal winds.
  6. Last gasp on the shores of Cape Cod. 4-5 inches of fluff.
  7. Someone’s finally shaking the snow globe down on Cape Cod
  8. Solid 3” here in a downtown Boston
  9. Not sure about the weenie tag...simply making a factual statement. IMBY frustration/depression is popping up all over this board!
  10. 00Z Euro initializing with a decent bump NW in precip field and LP pressure.
  11. The Euro surprisingly looks better for southeastern MA... EDIT: annnnnd from 72->78 hours it fell apart.
  12. While leading up to this weekend's storm, the GFS was everyone's favorite punching bag. While it certainly made mistakes as it related to QPF output, it's idea on MSLP positioning was more right than most. To simply disregard it due to some past experience is the opposite of what you should be doing as a forecaster. Take your emotional biases out of the equation, or better yet maintain a log of how your tier model lists have performed from a QPF and MSLP location perspective, and I'm sure you'll see that a change is in order. Best of luck!
  13. In terms of the LP statement, I believe it was the winning model, but wrong on QPF output, which I believe the Euro was most correct with. Will be interesting to see if this holds, or if it was simply a one-off event.
  14. Good points, bottom fourth of snowpack was a pain to shovel. Told the story of our storm, wouldn’t doubt that settled a bit overnight.
  15. Will you be sending in a report? Around 16-17” here in Barnstable. That decent band between 4:30-5:30 seemed to curl over us which likely lead to an additional inch or two relative to you.
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