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  1. Over the hill from my place in New Fairfield. Beautiful midday dumpage.
  2. major rippage in Ridgefield. Driveways covered and roads are starting to get coated too.
  3. Interesting that WPC has some non-negligible probs of > 12" snow.
  4. That’s what it looks like when the weenie explodes.
  5. Ski area (in Patterson, NY) over the hill from me in Sherman. Outside out the main band, maybe some enhancement on the NW side of that band? Best rates/accumulating snow all winter.
  6. Got it. Thanks. Guess I’m a bit out of date there. I like the ensemble nature but now understand that the models are not state-of-the-art/applicable. That’s opposed to something like the shorter range HREF ensembles, right? (answered my question above, thanks)
  7. SREFs starting to come in range. Lol. Despite looking like it was drawn by my daughter with her (broken) crayons, it shows nicely the 6”+ for all of interior SNE, and the areas (in yellow) of potential 12”+. Also shows lower valley totals. I usually look at plumes to see the spread but this seem an easier region wide depiction - just wish it was higher res (is that available, if anyone knows?).
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