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  1. I don’t think anything exciting ever comes from a warm to the north and cool to the south pattern.
  2. roardog

    Winter 2022-23

    2 months ago you said strong Nino. lol
  3. I was thinking a couple days ago how it feels like it’s been unusually windy for this time of year. More wind coming on Thursday with the heat.
  4. I can’t remember if you guys had the derecho in mid July ‘95 or if it went north of you but that day that the derecho hit here, it was 97 before it hit and I can remember what it was like with no power for a couple of days after that.
  5. Speaking of high dew points. I can remember a day sometime in the mid 2000s where we had dew points around 80 all day along with a completely overcast sky. Temperatures were in the low to mid 80s with dew points around 80 all day with literally no sun. Low clouds socked in all day. I can’t remember too many days where it was that warm with no sun.
  6. There’s been plenty of 70+ degree dew points in Michigan in June. Maybe not upper 70s but that’s tough to do any month this far from the Gulf of Mexico. I know we had dew points well into the 70s in June 2020 before the severe storms, I think around June 8th?, 10th? Sometime around then. That day had 70+ dew points up to Gaylord.
  7. I had a couple inches of snow in the yard this morning and there were icicles hanging from the house around noon. I’m not sure I ever remember seeing icicles hanging from a house around here at noon this late in the Spring. Typically if it does snow this late, it’s usually well on the way to melting by noon. People are worried about Sun angle in February. How about a mid August sun angle? lol
  8. How much “old” snow do you still have?
  9. The last real widespread below normal Summer month I can remember is August 2017. Has there even been any since?
  10. We always had WGN on our cable provider around here. Tom Skilling was the only good source for getting an idea on how the medium/long range looked. Even though it was obviously Chicago based, Tom would talk about possible pattern changes two weeks out. You weren't getting that information anywhere else. The NWS forecast was always biased toward climo. Tom would be the only met daring enough to do something like put a temperature 20 degrees below/above normal on a 7 day forecast. This was great information before the days of the internet with all the model data available. I was always disappointed when Tom would be on a 2 week vacation and Jim Ramsey was filling in. Not that Jim Ramsey was bad but he was no Tom Skilling. lol
  11. There could be an above normal April and still have hard freezes so another March 2012 would pretty much doom the plants/trees again.
  12. At least you got to experience some nice temperatures. I had to deal with mid 30s, pouring rain and NE winds. I hope you enjoyed your S winds and nice temps.
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