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  1. Strep throat? I’ve had those symptoms with strep throat before. One way to tell the difference between a sore throat from strep throat and from other illnesses such as a cold is with strep you won’t get any kind of congestion in your nose/lungs. I learned that tidbit from a doctor one time when I had it about 20 years ago.
  2. I do know that I’ll take my chances with a La Niña over an El Niño in this area any day.
  3. So if a city has temps in the 90s or even 100F then it snows a couple of days later, do you think warm ground will be a problem for accumulations? People in our region get worried when it is 40F the day before. lol
  4. When was the last time the region had a September with below normal temps? 2012? It feels like it's been awhile.
  5. They don’t have a precip map as far as I can see, just a percentage of normal snowfall map. Basically the 100% of normal line is along Lake Michigan, so anywhere east of that has below normal snowfall. They have a pocket of less than 75% of normal snowfall around the mid Atlantic region. In other words, our area all the way east into New England is between 75 and 100 percent of normal snowfall.
  6. Apparently testing was way up, which is a good thing. Positivity rate was only 3.1% which is actually below the 7 day average.
  7. Something that I’ve noticed here this summer is that there’s been an unusually low amount of thunder and lightning. Even when we’ve had convection, there hasn’t been much thunder and lightning with it. Usually with a hot summer, you get a good amount of lightning. Anyone else notice that?
  8. I wonder if in a place like Buffalo, if you need a warm June to get a record July. If you had a cool June and Lake Erie wasn’t so warm I think it would be much harder to get that record.
  9. Without looking up the data, it doesn’t seem like it’s been dry around here. The early 2010s had some dryness(especially 2012) but it doesn’t seem like it’s been very dry the past several summers. Again, this is without looking up the actual data.
  10. Alcohol withdrawal can be serious but so can getting the low paid cashier at the store infected with Covid-19 from the customer that couldn’t go without his whiskey since a liquor store is essential.
  11. I’m all for non essential businesses and outings being closed. So, let’s then have all non essential businesses and outings actually closed. Lottery essential? lol. Liquor stores essential? Even bigger lol. Do we really even need fast food drive thru open?
  12. I guess I should have read the original post more clearly. It’s for the city of Champaign. That is crazy stuff though.
  13. So what law did Illinois pass? I can’t seem to find info on it.
  14. Are the residents of Winnipeg jealous of you Toronto folks in the Spring with your "warm" weather? lol
  15. I liked it better about 12 or 13 years ago when everything trended NW and stronger. It was exciting because someone ended up with big totals at the last minute. Now, the area the gets the jackpot ends up with a couple of inches. lol. I can’t wait for someone to be in an enhanced severe weather area this Spring only to end up with a 45 degree steady rain. lol