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  1. Plus early cold Octobers are pretty useless.
  2. There’s no reason to think this is the start of any kind of long term recovery but if somehow we ever did get into a long term recovery, a gradual increase is how it would begin. You aren’t going to get back to the 1980s or even 1990s average minimum anytime soon with the loss of so much MYI. It would probably take a decade or more of consistent ice increases to build up enough MYI to get us back to those kind of minimums. I think it’s kind of interesting though if we end up higher than the 2010s average.
  3. Isn't it your immune system that causes the issues that lead to serious complications or death just like the 1918 flu pandemic? Basically the virus does it's thing and after about a week to 10 days, you either recover or get seriously ill, correct? So, the vaccines basically allow your immune system to recognize Covid as something it's seen before which allows your immune system to be more prepared for it as opposed to completely caught off guard. This makes sense as to why most vaccinated people don't get seriously ill from it. The same thing should eventually occur naturally as the virus burns through the population. It won't go away but it'll just be another virus that causes cold symptoms. Unfortunately, it would seem to me that measures to curb the transmission of the virus is just delaying the ability for it to burn through the population and become endemic.
  4. I remember you posting about how you can't get weather like that in July anymore. Maybe you still can.
  5. A business owner would be a fool to only allow vaccinated people into their business if they want to stay in business.
  6. We are just going to have to learn to live with the virus. It isn’t going away. We have a vaccine and that’s about the best we can ask for. It sucks that so many people died but we are still living in a great time medically speaking overall compared to what people dealt with in the past. There should not be anymore restrictions put into place.
  7. I don’t know enough about Hadley cell expansion but why was that the cause of the well above normal temperatures on the east coast during that Nina February but didn’t hold back the brutal stretch of cold that winter from mid December to late January here in the Midwest? It just seems like so much of this stuff only works when it’s convenient. Remember when declining Arctic sea ice was causing high latitude blocking? How about Siberian snow cover advancement in Autumn determining high latitude blocking for winter? It only works when it’s convenient. I’m not saying there isn’t some truth to these ideas but i just feel like people have a tendency to simplify the atmosphere too much sometimes.
  8. It gets into the 80s in mid winter in New England every other year?
  9. If there is a summer that has potential for extreme heat around here, this might be the one with the dryness. I would say highs in the 90s in early June for possibly several days in a row is actually pretty extreme.
  10. Watermelon have a hard time with cold. Sometimes it’s hard to get them growing even without frost if it’s relatively cool.
  11. The melt season is starting off kind of boring this year.
  12. So what happened to weatherbo? He seems to have disappeared.
  13. It’s kind of funny how we can remember certain events from a young age. I can remember the warm Christmas of 1982 even though I was only 4. Although I can’t remember specifics, I can remember it because it was the main topic of conversation that day.
  14. I can remember the weather channel having a segment called Drought Watch at like 8pm every night during the summer of ‘88. lol
  15. If we are going to do heat then give me ‘95 over ‘88. Unless you’re looking for an extreme air temperature then you should want to take the humid summer of ‘95 to at least get a derecho or two.
  16. I’d bet about $1000 that the summer of ‘21 will not be as cool or cooler than the summer of ‘09.
  17. This is probably a silly question but did she get tested for covid?
  18. Apparently winter chill in February is new thing. I’m not sure a warmer December is hot.
  19. I don’t think there’s much doubt that the higher dewpoints are what’s causing the rise in summer averages. It’s causing both much warmer lows and less extreme highs. I know we’ve had people talk about crops playing a role and that might be true but I don’t think that’s the main reason. Overall moisture really is up globally. With the oceans being warmer I wonder if that doesn’t just naturally put more moisture into the atmosphere. This would also help keep the Arctic warmer during the winter which is obviously happening. You never know what the planet will throw at you next. Viruses, volcanic eruptions, etc. lol That’s what makes it so interesting.
  20. The 2000s weren’t exactly a deep freeze and neither were the 90s so despite having some extreme cold for two consecutive winters, that’s not going to overwhelm all the other mild years.
  21. Also going off of memory(so I could be wrong)the winter of 96-97 was very harsh in the center part of the country but mild in the east. 97-98 was the very mild super El Niño.
  22. Weren’t the 90s a warm decade around the Great Lakes? Going off of memory, I can recall a lot of mild winters and a few hot summers mixed in. Everyone remembers previous decades as cold and snowy even when they weren’t. lol
  23. Both my wife and I had pain in our muscles around our mid section(stomach area). The pharmacist said that was common and is worse if you are exerting yourself. Before getting the shot, I had not heard about that side effect. This was after the first shot( I just had my second shot about 5 hours ago). I’m no expert but I would probably take it easy for a couple of days just because of the soreness of your muscles in general after getting the shot.
  24. So get this. I've been signed up with the county health department for quite awhile now. I've been eligible since January. I haven't heard anything from them. Today, a co-worker called the "immunization manager" phone number at the health department and was given an appointment tomorrow. She said they told her that there were several appointments available tomorrow. So I guess that's the key to getting an appointment in this county.
  25. This is why I think it made more sense to keep the different advisories for various weather conditions. Some people just look or hear what the advisory is then assume it’s for the same type of weather that occurred the last time the advisory was issued. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me it’s going to snow when there’s a winter weather advisory even if the advisory is for freezing drizzle. They just remember the 5 inches of snow that fell the last time a winter weather advisory was issued. I think less confusion would have been not consolidating most winter weather events into a winter weather advisory.
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