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  1. Triglycerides and LDL-particle number are the two to really watch. Obviously higher HDL is a benefit. Cleaning up the diet really makes a difference. We eat a lot of food that we didn’t evolve to eat. I’m a big believer that ancestry/DNA plays a major role as well. Different nationalities evolved for thousands of years eating food native to their location. The Kitavan people traditionally eat 70% of their cals from tubers/sweet potatoes whereas the Inuit eat very few carbs and lots of fatty ocean meat including blubber/seals. They are both known to have good heart health, but they get there in different ways. I respond well to being in ketosis, but when I start adding in things like coconut or very dark chocolate I feel like it raises my BP. I have western European heritage so I’m pretty far removed from those foods being in my diet. Bananas are a weird one for me too. 10-15 mins after eating one is guaranteed heart burn for me. So everyone’s mileage varies when it comes to diet. You need to experiment to find what causes you inflammation and what doesn’t.
  2. 36F at Errol and 37F at HIE. Estcourt Station with 29F. Quite a few 33s up there including Clayton Lake.
  3. Down to 47°. Looks like the extended trended cooler. Hopefully we can hold off the first frost/freeze for awhile longer.
  4. We all go way back from WWBB and the original EUSWX conferences. MSN wx chat days too. Sometimes he’s a dick…he’d probably be the first to admit that. lol
  5. Mike is good people and knows his stuff. We’ve been friends for awhile…I like him posting here even though he likes to troll us.
  6. Haha. A muggy day ahead of a cold front. You guys make me laugh. Torch triplets.
  7. Your uber torches modified too. In the end it’s just more slightly AN months in the means. In the end climo wins.
  8. The whole end of the EPS run is a thermal trough with single digit 850s up here. lol
  9. Only because it's a rarity nowadays. Keep thinking what you want though. The longer I can hold off bringing my fig and avocado trees inside the better.
  10. Hey...no one said get out the freeze warnings. Single digit 850s start to become normal to slightly AN as we get into October up here. But it's a far cry from the OP driving +18C into MI at d10.
  11. So you're backing away from your neverending summer into October call?
  12. I know Mike likes to wait for a warm run before he comes in here to troll, but it is funny since there's only like 2 or 3 people in here that actually want it cold this time of year.
  13. It’s not truly dense until you can’t see the lines through your windshield. I came back home from LSC late one night back in the late 90s and literally had to open my door while driving like 30mph on 93 south in the Woodstock/Campton area so that I could see the lines. Luckily it was like 2am and there was only like one car that passed us before the visibility rose a bit.
  14. Low 62.8…appreciating the last of the semi warm mins before it’s all a dream.
  15. Summer’s back may be broken afterall. Tainted warmup next week and then we paralyze it for good?
  16. Looked a little interesting around Woodstock earlier, but the RWIS wasn’t impressed.
  17. I don’t like my chicken sitting on 60+ dBZ.
  18. Nothing big. I saw a frame there where it blew up just to my west and then it started to hail so I got a little concerned. Maybe a minute of peas. Just had a good +CG, but other than that not much wind or rain. Quickly in and out.
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