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  1. It’s all fantasy, but too much Atlantic perineum.
  2. Good place to start. We can always go higher.
  3. Over a week above freezing in December would be pretty sweet.
  4. I think I've seen NCEP use 0.6 as the "useful" cutoff.
  5. Looks like Stein has hit the color palette to his graphic.
  6. Hopefully the weenies were less invested in FTX than the upcoming pattern.
  7. Broke out of the wedgie for about 5 mins here and hit 49°. Back to the low 40s now.
  8. 39° and rain here while everyone else is tropical. ‘Tis the season.
  9. I think he closed his eyes after that first sip like a Folgers commercial and just started picturing lush, green mountains before he posted.
  10. We’ll probably end up AN on the month considering the start and, well, that’s what we do. But Dec snow is usually backloaded anyway and with potential for the interior I wouldn’t lean BN at all with that.
  11. Did you try the new honduras especial this morning?
  12. Hopefully it's not an Isaiah Wynn block.
  13. Yeah....probably 3 weeks until we can do it again
  14. Had a decent streamer go through at home in the last hour...whitened everything back up until the sun came back out.
  15. I can smell the scent of fermenting seal blubber already.
  16. Up to 32.7° Had a trace of snow overnight
  17. Up to 33.6° When do Pope’s record highs arrive?
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