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  1. Round 2 coming for drenched in Tolland. Back to bed.
  2. Lol you just got crushed. Weenie.
  3. Lowest amount of hours with dews of 60F+ in June at CON since 1982.
  4. Congrats on the euro tomorrow
  5. 87.1/54.7 on the day. Hot afternoon, but barely above the average wasn’t much above normal. CON +4 and PWM +2
  6. Took 132 home today to skip the traffic and other than a stretch near downtown Concord there was no significant defoliation for the entire ride to home. So a lot of that I93 damage is confined to near the highway Maybe the mixed air from vehicles or salt use is affecting the fungues that keeps the spongies in check?
  7. Not sure if that’s wrong or a microclimate deal…97/45. Lol
  8. Looks like most of CT is near 70F now
  9. DIT confused with dews maybe sneaking into the u40s Sunday at the airport sites.
  10. A solid 18-24hrs of near 70F
  11. Lakeport https://www4.des.state.nh.us/rti_data/wein3_TABLE.HTML
  12. Getting muggy south of the Pike. Sell the home stations.
  13. 73F at 10am with full sun. Kinda weak sauce, but expected with the cool morning. It'll be a toasty afternoon.
  14. 54.7° this morn. That’ll put a dent into the positive departure today.
  15. Did you notice some of the trees beginning to leaf out again? Some areas looked like late April again to me.
  16. This is like a winter weenie in Pensacola hoping to just see a flake fall through the deck light.
  17. It's tough to keep any heat sustained in NNE with those consistent cold anomalies in S QB. One moose fart and you flip the flow out of the north and start advecting in lower dews and then you guys get the clouds and upslope cooling on top of it. If we keep this up through the first 10-15 days of July it'll start to feel like the summers from our younger days.
  18. Cool start in the rad spots and dews won’t be too bad. It’ll just be damn hot during peak heating.
  19. Front moves through during the day. Fri night will be a miserable one after the hot day and dews continue to advect in.
  20. That was like 3 weeks ago here. We’re loaded this year, but it’s been slowing down the past few nights.
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