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  1. Screen doors slamming Monday afternoon in ENE on the NAM.
  2. 6z euro definitely cooler than 00z for up here. The GFS is likely overdone…think I’d lean toward the NAM numbers with better diurnal recovery. Although 12z is rolling out now so we’ll see how it changes.
  3. Ukie has a good BD up here on Tue as well
  4. Missed by a bee’s dick
  5. Yeah that's the other side of town. The word is that it's the husband's younger brother that did it. Mental illness may be involved.
  6. tblizz eyerolled my 0.35" last night. We remember.
  7. I have a co-worker there tonight.
  8. A little filtered sun now. Up to 81°.
  9. BOS pushing 100 on Monday while tamarack contemplates putting the heat on.
  10. lala NAM looks like it’s going to be pretty aggressive with a BD as well.
  11. Still 71° and overcast and 930am. Misty and moist out there. Love it.
  12. Well my caterpillars are dead. All desiccated and turning black. I guess the sun and heat on the back side of the garage was too much for them. Sucks. Next year I’ll give them a spot with abundant milkweed on the edge of the woods.
  13. Maybe Ray invites it in?
  14. 68-69 here all night since sunset thanks to the storms. Pretty foggy right now.
  15. 00z euro was much more potent with it than previous runs for ME. But yeah, selling the gfs rendition of that.
  16. Lol what is the goofus doing with that bd to start next week?
  17. Only 0.35” here…definitely felt like more while watching it outside, but we’ll take it.
  18. Yup…just short. Update for CON…98 and a new record DAW 100 BED, MHT 99 BOS, LWM, BVY, OWD, CON, LEB 98 ASH 97 FIT 96
  19. Pretty intense lightning
  20. MHT 99 R (climo record period missing lots of data) BOS 98 R CON 97 TR BDL 96 TR PVD 95 ORH 91
  21. I get a lot of hummingbird moths on my petunias in the early evening. Cool little creature.
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