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  1. Just fixed my drain pump on my dishwasher ($23) and heater blower fan in my Ranger ($45) thanks to youtube.
  2. The CON record for the date is 71F in 1953. It'll be close...maybe a tie.
  3. Maybe BOS can go the entire winter above freezing?
  4. More black ice this morning...a bit of a white knuckler.
  5. Reminds me of the boxey Craftsman lawnmower I still use from 1992.
  6. If Feb comes and you still haven’t seen snow yet this winter you can come up here and wash my truck.
  7. Lots of black ice out there.
  8. Have you located the Jefferson RWIS yet? Pushing 3/4SM 32.7F there. https://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?stn=022NH&time=GMT
  9. I’m kinda partial to the old graphics for nostalgia reasons.
  10. "Only" 1.15" here. Hopefully we can get our first flakes tomorrow night before the precip moves out.
  11. Getting a rain wrapped EF5 leafnado right now.
  12. There’s a reason they’re called leaves. Leave them alone.
  13. Not exactly a prostate, but a King Missile song comes to mind...
  14. Very few acorns up here too. Maybe the gypsies down south are forcing the oaks to produce more nuts.
  15. So many trees still full of leaves in that 2nd pic. At least all of this work is burning off excess carbs from his IPAs.
  16. After a few windy days 95% of them blow to the perimeter of my yard anyway. Then we just mow and mulch them into the "lawn". I don't see the point in cleaning them every other day when I see how many he still has in the trees.
  17. Yeah...would love this a handful of times in DJF to break the monotony.
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