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  1. Coworker said the leaves up north are the best he’s ever seen it and he grew up in Gorham.
  2. They may not even fall off this year. Just change to red, orange, and yellow and turn right back to green.
  3. Still some warm days this week and next, but nothing really exotic with a lot of onshore flow and weak BDs sneaking in. I kinda fear these patterns where it could be nice and in the 60s for a day or two and then we wedge and get 2-3 days of raw shiat.
  4. Extended looks like another turd in the punch bowl. A dirty ridge with meh AN temps, but nothing sultry like to our west.
  5. Some of my chestnut and pawpaw trees put out new growth in early September so I'm glad they're getting a little more time to harden off. Let it be warm now and then flip the pattern in Novie when it can be cold enough to snow.
  6. High 58.6°. Back down to 55° and spitting rain. Guess we’re back into wedge season.
  7. i’ve been outside burning brush…good day for it. Had no idea it was cocktails and thongs south of here.
  8. 56° and dreary with occasional showers, but getting some breaks to the west.
  9. I had no 30s this month and there's none in sight. I wonder if this would be the latest 30s on record here assuming we get to at least 10/10 without any.
  10. ASH was cooler than you this morning with the rad cooling right through sunrise. Congrats on the electric car. Now we just need to find a way to recycle the batteries.
  11. Solar doesn't explain the variation in the region though. The solar is the same in the higher terrain as it is in the lower elevations, but obviously we all know 2kft is going to peak well before 500ft. So I think solar is the main reason they change in the first place, but weather conditions explain the variation we see from year to year.
  12. It'd be awesome to get into the 2nd half of Oct without a freeze here.
  13. My hunch is a cold (cool) shot or two sneak in. The euro struggled a bit with this cool stretch. 2m temps on the ens mean is kinda useless too especially in the LR. Obviously it looks decently AN overall though.
  14. A little late in the season for first upper 30s though. But yeah, compared to what we've had this season...
  15. 40F but a little breeze at times to keep it mixed near the surface. Meanwhile 35/36F at CON.
  16. Temp is updating now. https://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?stn=022NH&time=GMT
  17. It's alphabetized under "R"...rt 115 Jefferson. The temp isn't uploading yet. Looks like the data started coming online yesterday. https://vortex.plymouth.edu/mapwall/cgi-bin/display_rwis.php?id=all
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