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  1. Up to 33.6° When do Pope’s record highs arrive?
  2. That was Chris so I will defer to him. It’s just always a mess up here on that first glazer when there’s been no treatment to the roads since the prior season…even with just a few tenths.
  3. Not sure when the WWA was put out. I see 809a on the text. Idk what DOT uses or how long it takes them to reach decisions and respond.
  4. It was a thin overcast when I woke up at 4am with mid 20s. With precip moving in I knew it was going to be a problem. It’s black Friday and a ton of people are going out. They need to be more on top of this.
  5. It’s a mess. 106 and 104 closed in spots too. Dozens off the road and on their roofs. Salt the fucking roads. We do this every year with the first glazing event.
  6. 29° and -ZR. If anyone is heading up here this morning be careful. The vehicles are glazed up already. I’m not sure if they’ve treated the roads this morning or if there’s any residual salt left from the snow a week or so back.
  7. CON records are 64,64,67. Good luck and we salute you.
  8. In 3 weeks the sunsets start getting later.
  9. A few hours of this FullSizeRender.MOV
  10. It actually did rekindle the memory of that 7 incher from Jan 2020. lol
  11. Snowing pretty hard now far from the beam…this streamer goes back well to the west.
  12. Another dippin dot squall Minutes and minutes of snow
  13. Nice little dippin dots squall in CON just now
  14. The heat is lost on radiational cooling nights on object surfaces...the ground, car roof, house roof, etc. With no advection, 2m gets colder from the bottom-up from the ground surface. Black bodies will radiate more than white. It's why you get the frost forming on the car or ground first before the 2m temp reaches 32F. We want the sensor to be representative of the free standing air at 2m...not the temperature of the object (whatever material it may be) that is rapidly losing heat to space.
  15. The sensor artificially loses too much heat to space when it's clear.
  16. It wasn't that cold there. He uses an unsheltered sensor there in his "valley".
  17. 33F -RA at the casa...not much melting so far. There was barely any snow at CON this morning when I got in. The usual big drop off around exit 17/18.
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