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  1. Up to 69F. CON 73F...1 away from tying the daily record.
  2. I mean I think it’ll be warm with steady or slightly climbing temps as it dries out, but probably a lot of 68-72 in E sections and mid 60s at 995ft.
  3. Rocket? We’re like a month from the solstice. You’re already 5° off your high from this morning.
  4. Almost a tied all-time November temp record at MWN. They’ve hit 52° twice in Novie. 6hr max earlier was 51.4°.
  5. -30F at Peter Sinks this morning
  6. Mowed the backyard really short yesterday and bagged the pear leaves to help prevent fungal diseases. Anyway, it left the lawn looking yellow since I cut so much back. One night of warm rain and dews and it’s greening right back up.
  7. 7/10’d on the line, but that’s fine. We’ve had enough rain. 67° -RA
  8. CON tied their 3rd highest temp for the date already with 68°
  9. Up to 67°. Enjoying the last hurrah. Hopefully our thaws this winter are like this.
  10. FYI…we lost Pige yesterday. This one really hurts. RIP to my best friend.
  11. We’ve had them bare since Halloween. Stark difference between this season and 2011 where they were still loaded and partly green during the Octobomb.
  12. I’m trying to understand the addition of the extra black line near the tip. There’s no date text associated with it like the other lines have. Intern gone wild.
  13. It’s real https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at2+shtml/115326.shtml?mltoa34#contents
  14. Yeah I hardlocked signups without admin approval due to foreign spam, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to get to it lately. I’ll try to validate a bunch later.
  15. Gunstock looks crispy, but at least the palms around Weirs look healthy.
  16. Yeah...mixing out now with the fropa so getting a little boost on the temps as the column dries.
  17. About to be a tie for the latest 79F ever at BDL...tied with 2020. Good chance of slipping an 80F in there.
  18. Already have the CAA through up here. Dews are droppin. 66.8/45
  19. CON's min for the day will go down as 62F which will be a new monthly record. The previous was 60F on multiple dates.
  20. In another 20 years I may be able to grow some cold hardy pomegranates here.
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