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  1. I remember July of 95 when MHT hit 104F and was still 90F at 11pm.
  2. 74.8F Hopefully this is done soon.
  3. Aug of 1944 had 7 straight of 97+
  4. The chickens are not satisfied yet.
  5. That sun is pretty damn intense today for early Aug. it feels like solar noon on the solstice at the tropic of cancer…at least to my northern european skin.
  6. We’ve had multidecadal runs lacking high end cold before. I was just looking at the 1910 to 1940 period for CON. The monthly mins for those 30 years versus the current 30 (1992-2022). 1910-40 vs 1992-2022 Jan -23 -28 Feb -23 -21 Mar -9 -11 Apr 8 4 May 26 24 Jun 32 33 Jul 41 40 Aug 38 39 Sep 26 26 Oct 16 16 Nov -2 3 Dec -21 -13 Not trying to deny climate change with this, but wonder if we have a warm period overlapping the global warming.
  7. A few light showers here, but most of the action is south of me today.
  8. Getting more rain showers. 79.5°
  9. Low was 70.0° here. 4” and 8” soil temps are at 73° and the moisture in that zone is 52cb…so still a bit dry despite the recent rain.
  10. Yeah we’re losing the BD but we get a weak front through here Tue night. Another cooler push later in the week. Euro is pretty wet and cool here Wed afternoon.
  11. Pair that with heated walkways and Will may leave the board permanently.
  12. Heh…all I did was make a quip about his lawn. Wasn’t trying to rub the rain in. How’s the vegetation today? Get a nice response from the 1”+?
  13. lol We've been relatively lucky up here since May ended. Jun 3.11" Jul 3.78" Aug 1.03"
  14. It rains where it wants to! Wet begets wet.
  15. It's a normal man-made landscape requiring irrigation at times. It's all good. Everyone in suburbia is the same way. I'm not judging. My parents are the same way...ripping through their well so they can irrigate the lawn.
  16. Looks more like a waste of time and money.
  17. More red pixels for the chickens.
  18. Thunder. Let’s do it again
  19. GGEM doors Tue night into Wed. RGEM and euro are hot right through. Looks like NCEP and UKMET have the early door, GGEM and ICON the late Tue/Wed door, and EC and RGEM remain hot.
  20. John it makes more sense if you use these obs from ISU https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/sites/obhistory.php?station=BOS&network=MA_ASOS&year=2022&month=08&day=06&metar=1&madis=1 They don’t covert and display the high frequency obs to avoid the confusion. You can get the temp in whole deg C from the T group though. The hourly METARs have the tenths and get the conversion to deg F.
  21. Yeah that is the hourly METAR update. But the 5 min obs earlier were only 36C.
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