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  1. Plym/NHDOT have a few more RWIS sites up. One is in Phin's area in Jefferson around 1400'. Ossipee will be another good one.
  2. You can live almost anywhere in the region and not match that stretch. It’s probably the same feeling that I had after 12/17 when I dumbfoundedly stared at what fell in 12hrs and knew I’d never see anything like that again.
  3. Leaf color has picked up quite a bit here in the last couple days.
  4. Yeah time to get out the depressing grunge music. Down in a hole sipping my pennyroyal tea.
  5. Omg yes…little oak twigs all over the yard. They’ve been swinging through the branches from tree to tree more aggressively this year too. It’s like monkeys in the trees.
  6. Earliest molt my birds have ever had. Usually it’s Oct/Nov. Some started early September this year and many are deep into it now. Maybe they know something?
  7. Now that I’ve bump trolled, hopefully October torches. 40s and 50s are kinda useless unless you’re looking to melt snow. And even then our 62/62 torches are much more efficient.
  8. Looks like some midlevel WAA before the front drops back south tomorrow.
  9. Euro has trended quite a bit colder later next week and beyond. It’s been missing the colder airmasses in Canada until T-minus 24hrs for a couple of weeks now while the Ukie and GFS have had them. Maybe a couple of chilly days in there with NE flow? At the least it should be seasonable. Maybe something to think about the next time we get trolled with warmth? Hopefully we can avoid frost.
  10. Be happy it wasn’t snow. You should get some rain at least.
  11. I have a really nice fly agaric growing out back.
  12. Dews are creepin back up to near 60F. Nice day though with a high of 71F.
  13. Hopefully we can get a 1-2” event to cancel winter.
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