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  1. DD can’t seem to overtake TH in MI no matter how hard they try. Yet whenever we go out there, there we are trying to find the wife a DD. lol
  2. I like the newer DD dark roasts, but the regular is coming out of me before I get home.
  3. MWN basically averaged a -30°F dew overnight while warming up to above 0° and they were only like 5kt this morning. Those really dry mountainsides radiated well and all of that snowsurface cold just kept draining into the valleys.
  4. I’d rather be out in -25° and calm than -5° with 30mph winds. But yeah, this has still been impressive for rad cold. Anytime you get widespread -30s in NNE it’s impressive.
  5. MWN was +3° while Alex was -30°.
  6. Clayton Lake -36° Island Pond -35° Pittsburg -32°
  7. CAR isn’t normally an efficient radiator.
  8. Still dealing with wind here. 4.6°
  9. weather.gov...NOWdata. Calendar day summaries.
  10. 12z MET MOS mins for tonight...couldn't get the 18z MAV to load on Plym.
  11. George is a poor boy, no one loves the Navy He's just a poor boy that's a big weenie Spare him his life from meteorology
  12. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  13. Deformation out in W MA and VT. Either gotta get that E or the CCB NW.
  14. Yeah probably. Here's the HIE daily records since the ASOS began in 7/96.
  15. -20 to -30 isn’t that big of a deal in the Coos pits. They used to pull that every winter.
  16. Coldest I saw was -34° at Estcourt Station…METAR site was 40B with -33°. SLK was at least -31°. Quite a few -30s in ME.
  17. I’m well aware. When have we ever had a 30 day period with -17F departures?
  18. IPAs keeping you up late tonight?
  19. -17F for the cruiser parking lot. Sounds reasonable.
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