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  1. Looks like some wet aggregates there. Nice scene!
  2. Maybe but the warm air aloft is coming in from the due south. HRRR has us both done soon.
  3. Now back to all snow, but the writing is on the wall.
  4. Just flipped to mostly sleet. Some larger flakes are mixed in. Bummer. 29.9°
  5. 30.3° -SN The next heavy band is on the doorstep. Let’s squeak out another inch.
  6. It’s a race between the warmth and that next band coming up rom Mass.
  7. Limping to the finish line here. Radar is a bit ragged. I’m on my phone but peeked at vis and it looked like the deeper overcast pushed NE. Upper level dryslot come through? Still some heavy precip to go though.
  8. You can see the haves and the have nots with this flow in the Whites. Alex and Phin look good, but not in between.
  9. Just had a good gust here. Looks like LCI had a M1/4SM hourly METAR and they’re reporting 1/8SM in the 5 min supplemental obs according to MesoWest. So I’m not sure how that works. Apparently the vis sensor can report values below 1/4SM, but hourly METAR algorithms just call it a M1/4?
  10. Coworker says it’s mixing in CON. 26.9° here
  11. A gust to 15 here and there on the Davis but nothing big. Still 25.6°
  12. Getting a few gusts now. Up to 25.2°
  13. Mom said it’s mixing with rain in Hooksett. Guesstimated 4”
  14. BOX CC may be our best idea at the mixing line even though we’re pretty far from the beam.
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