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  1. Snowing decently right now with good growth. Pushing moderate. 32.1° 2.1” so far
  2. Much better forcing into ME and far N NH than down here. Just cold enough with just enough precip to be a messy PITA here in the morning. Only a couple tenths of QPF left to go for C/S NH. 32.2° -SN
  3. Nobody here truly believes a 384hr map.
  4. The better mid level lift is moving into S VT now. Back up to 32.5° with -SN continuing.
  5. Weenies lol. I’ve been down on this event from the beginning for here. Absolute 0% melt.
  6. Total opposite of a melt. More like a relief.
  7. Sure. I expected it with the CAD, but not that much of a difference already. The rt 16 obs from Milton to Wakefield are mid 32s down to 31.8. I’ve been down to 32.2.
  8. Wow you have that much in Farmington? I only have half that here.
  9. There hasn’t been a legit secondary development with this modeled for days. It just morphs into an inverted trough.
  10. Good luck up there. Trash here.
  11. 32.3° -SN Trash event. Hopefully the commute tomorrow is fine.
  12. Radar look more like ass than the Pats offense
  13. 33.4° -SN Just need the precip. Nice band up by Alex right now.
  14. 34° -SN Starting to stick a bit. Trying to stay safe.
  15. The main precip is moving in and starting as sleet.
  16. Nice. 36.1° and dropping. Do a “sounding” yet?
  17. I wish Jesus was born in July.
  18. Are you planning on grafting next spring? I need to order some of the things I want soon. I want more disease resistant european pears.
  19. Yeah who knows if the NORLUN will pan out, but I think it’s cool to see hires models pick them out of an otherwise “larger” scale inverted trough now.
  20. I hear ya. But they just posted this a week ago… https://www.cnn.com/2023/11/25/weather/snowfall-temperatures-climate-change-water/index.html …which gives a totally different look at megalopolis snow climo. The problem is the actual climate change data isn’t flashy enough for the media to grab “a-ha” headlines. Those of us that understand the science know what’s going on and understand the effects. But I feel a lot of these hype headlines, especially after 1 crappy season for the megalopolis, hurts the cause. You don’t have to go too far back to find epic snowy winters for BOS, NYC, and DCA so I’d rather not factor in one specific season into any climate debate. It just gives the deniers fuel for their fire. Just my $0.02
  21. Back to the here and now… 36° and -SHRA Most models have been flipping the column to snow by midday. Like Chris said last night, I kinda like the depth increase in this for totals. That would put us at 2-3” on the NAM. That’s a nice little norlun feature modeled on the 3k for coastal locations.
  22. They had an epically shitty winter last season. But the 600+ day streak is so CNN since it includes two full warm seasons on each bookend.
  23. That NYC 1” snowfall stat even triggers me every time I see it. The point stands…there’s been little to no snow down there, but the “no 1” snowfall” stat for NYC is disingenuous.
  24. 00z Nammy is snowing here midday tomorrow at 33-34F. Could be a little sloppy the first few hours. Currently 36.6F with FG
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