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  1. Getting a little Steiny here. Looking forward to a little rain. The watermark sensor is up to 45cb. I’m not used to being over 25cb. Min 53…refreshing
  2. My wife heard no thunder. That’s almost over my house.
  3. Better chance of the Bruins still coming back to beat the Panthers.
  4. I should post my lawn right now. It’s more like a meadow.
  5. TSRA Into the low 70s after a high of 86°. At least I don’t have to water tonight.
  6. TAMU usually updates pretty fast. https://wdi.geos.tamu.edu
  7. MAV is damn hot for tomorrow. CON 94, MHT 94, LEB 93, LCI 92
  8. Feels like a paradigm shift this morning after that last bit of stratus vaporized. Like we opened the door to the warm weather the rest of the country has gotten to experience.
  9. Those Vermont bears are very angry. Mine always have a look of guilt after accidentally breaking my bird feeders.
  10. It’ll dissipate. The Monads are clear so it’s shallow stratus junk.
  11. How many “tomorrows” do we need to talk?
  12. 0.05” on the day. Got a lot done. Got up to only 64°, but it’s better than the high of 56.3° that some had.
  13. He’s basically an overflow morgue for Mitch right now
  14. Yup. Good pawpaw grafting weather. They like sustained heat for callousing. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow and Mon afternoon.
  15. What happened to my washout? Euro and 3k are negligible here.
  16. My ashes and pawpaws are just leafing out. I think the latest trees on my property are the northern catalpas. Those still look like stick season.
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