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  1. The smoke/haze is starting to improve in upstate NY.
  2. Probably since it will be difficult for Judge to see the pitch calls relayed from the dugout
  3. Yeah still a lag at the surface but the depth of the smoke layer is decreasing over N CT. You can see the cumulus line popping southward as the insolation increases behind the deep layer. The air is definitely trying to improve through the CT River Valley in S MA though. BAF and CEF are up around the HZ threshold and BDL is 5SM.
  4. Historical yellow days https://newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/yellow-day-stokes-doomsday-fears/
  5. Vis so low you walk through it to get to the pool.
  6. Must’ve been a pleasant 5 miler this morning.
  7. 1/2 mile vis at Syr in the FU. Lots of sub 1sm obs out there.
  8. Not bad at the sfc here despite the smoke aloft. Congrats SNE and NY though.
  9. It’s more like the 1881 yellow day than the 1780 dark day up here.
  10. So this is what metfan sees everyday when he looks up at the sky.
  11. Most furnaces started this past Saturday
  12. 49° with occasional light showers. Not bad for noon a couple weeks from the solstice.
  13. Why would bears do this? Cubs playing? They didn’t do anything to the trees…just tried trashing and crushing the fences.
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