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  1. Front is through. Chamber time.
  2. Not sure why you cheer on drought in the summer with how much you invest into your lawn.
  3. There's yellowing birches here in CON as well. At my place they all seem fine.
  4. We've been near normal this summer in a lucky stripe cutting north of CON. Definitely not a moderate drought imby. Hopefully we can get some water for the dry crew next week.
  5. It was an excessively dry period, but we used to do droughts bigger and better. We got a little too used to 50-70” precip years.
  6. Interesting how they visit the baseball HOF in summer, but in winter come right up the coast.
  7. But yeah, no one’s locking anything in a week out.
  8. 4-6" for the coastal CT solar panels.
  9. Right on cue here comes the euro washout.
  10. I’m afraid to know what he will do to himself while laying in his hospital bed.
  11. I usually break winter's back when the threat of < 10F disappears. Basically late Feb or early Mar when we start pulling more 35-45/15-25 type days. That's equivalent to fracturing summer in late Aug/early Sep which is right around the last chance for 90F. So I will say the back is currently not broken, but there are degenerative discs developing.
  12. I consider 70F regular humidity. lol
  13. Yeah, but by then we're ether side of 90F with regular humidity. I'll look forward to that weather then. I'm all set with the days and days of 100F+ heat indices.
  14. It's fractured, but it hasn't reached Chris Sale severity yet.
  15. 64.5° with a steady -RA. A nice change up.
  16. Yup…that backdoor is a cooler airmass, but still humid. There’s 3 airmasses over the region right now.
  17. You can see the backdoor on radar moving through S NH and NE MA
  18. Through Newburyport too so congrats NE MA on the imminent cool down.
  19. DAW too…so there’s the door for coastal sections.
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