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  1. If you wake up or commute in that 5-630am window it sucks adjusting.
  2. I think Bill wanted BOB all along but he was under contract with Bama and I don’t think Bill wanted to pry him away from Saban. I think he trusted Matty P enough and thought he could be serviceable, but obviously it was a disaster. I’m sure Mac is frustrating to work with too though given his guaranteed 3-5 dumb decisions per game.
  3. Yeah I wasn’t reading into it that much. I just liked the fronto look up here while Methuen has a meltdown. lol
  4. Strongest winds of the day here…a combo of sun and sprinkles is aiding in the mixing.
  5. It is pouring pine tree seeds today. The wind plus a bumper crop makes this perfect timing for them. They’re blowing across to the middle of my lawn.
  6. Yeah I was laughing at an ensemble member from a model that was furthest west. I was sure to warn my parents that wires may fall on their home after I saw that.
  7. I don’t think anyone else had trees down and poles snapping in interior SNE. Eastern Mass Weather had a great forecast. Props to them.
  8. We’re actually getting some bright banding here. Only 0.01” far. 56° -RA
  9. At least the light breezes are helping to dry things out. Nice fall feel this morning too. Best cane ever.
  10. 58° and breezy. Looks like a rain band is trying to back in. Let’s see if it survives and can reach the ground more than must sprinkles.
  11. Have you grafted before? I may try a couple dozen pears, apples, and plums next year from Cummins. Maybe some nectarines too although my zone is a little tough for them. https://www.cumminsnursery.com/ I'd like to try some apples on G969. I prefer free standing grafted trees that end up a little larger. I'll probably use OHxF87 for the pears.
  12. Some of the leaves took damage from the 5/18 freeze as well. My sugar maple leaves wilted up in that and never quite looked the same the rest of the season even though they remained green and "straightened" back out. It was a tough year though between that and the rain/high RH. Even my pawpaws are showing some fungal spots and they're fairly disease resistant.
  13. That's like 12 hours away from potentially verifying? But yeah it's going to be inverted a bit.
  14. Low of 49° this morning. Mostly overcast now and not much wind…mostly 5mph or less.
  15. Seems like if a frost happens up there it would have to be toward the end of the month. Some of the GEFS members have a frosty airmass arriving around that time.
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