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  1. Up to 0.72". Decent rates of 1-3"/hr for a little while. A bit more to go so hopefully we can get over an inch.
  2. Best rain missing north and south again. Should be a decent drink despite the screwgie though.
  3. Just in time for sunset. Now we can fog back up before the fropa.
  4. I mean I'd take those return rates with a grain of salt since we're relying just on cores, but with a warming climate maybe we get above that threshold which allows a higher frequency of majors getting up to our latitude.
  5. Looks like they did the work for me. https://today.tamu.edu/2015/02/23/monster-hurricanes-have-hit-new-england-for-2000-years/
  6. Need to check in with ginxy and the ancient sediment cores to find the return rate.
  7. There's some drier air pushing into VT at 850 on the progs and vis seems to corroborate with it. It'll probably push through here just in time for sunset so we can radiate.
  8. ISP, BID, and LGA seemed okay. So who knows.
  9. It's funny, but BDR has the same issue around the same time. Maybe it's a MADIS issue? I'll have to check a few more sites along the coast there.
  10. When I looked yesterday it was brief when rain was moving in. Once the rain hit the ASOS they wetbulbed down. So I think the 6-8F was okay. But I agree they have seemed to be running a couple too warm for awhile. The MADIS stuff can be tricky with them on the water as new stations come online inland. MADIS can struggle with coastal locations with the magnitude of the error and can slightly drift as more stations come online. But large, sharp jumps are still a red flag and that image definitely shows there was a step change that fits the ~2F too warm I mentioned.
  11. Up here that would be a nice cold, raw rain with a NE wind at 5mph.
  12. Would appreciate some sun today. Even a glimpse.
  13. It’s 68 right now…maybe just needed the ob to update?
  14. -7 850s into upstate NY/VT Fri morning. There's going to be some legit SHSN in VT/N NH...could even get a mangled frozen hydrometeor here if anything can make it to the foothills. Just need that to verify.
  15. I keep waiting for the goofus to back off a hair with the cold later this week, but it's actually gotten colder.
  16. I can envision this map, minus 30 degrees, with overrunning in winter. Some pingers up here. ZR CON to ORH. And then pack cryin' for its mama at 990ft.
  17. The boundary in September the winter will remember
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