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  1. Just need the goofus to verify so we can make it a meh event.
  2. First frost, but still a bit too much wind to bottom out like the rad pits. 33.4° so far, but CON was 28° before mixing back out. Looks like I’ll go into November for the first time without a freeze.
  3. 37.7° this morning. Mitch went below freezing this morning and Gene got close.
  4. Yeah, but I haven't used it in like 6-7 years.
  5. Hopefully a good harvest for dryslot in Janeuary.
  6. We pray. It'd be epic if we can go Sep and Oct up here without hitting 32F.
  7. Lots of showers this afternoon/evening. Briefly made it up to 68F...back to 56.8F now.
  8. Yeah that was the plan, but I was hoping someone here had used them and had a review to provide. I used AD&G out of Franklin for a decade and loved them. Whenever we got low I'd call and they were there within a couple of hours...there was never really a need to lock into any recurring fixed plans. I usually try to get filled when the driveway thaws out a bit too since it can be a disaster for the trucks when it's glaciated. We got the letter in the mail out of the blue yesterday saying our account was transferred there...just wanted to research them out before I commit to them.
  9. Yeah I was on there last night and there's no Dead River Co. prices.
  10. Anyone here use Dead River for heating oil? The guys where I get mine retired and sold everything off to them. Just curious how their pricing is compared to the competition.
  11. Still no 30s here. Min of 40.1F...lots of clouds and wind overnight.
  12. Pretty meh season locally. It's as if the leaves change 1 day and the next day they drop. The oaks have clumps of color amongst the green and they're following the same trajectory as the maples...color and then drop within a few days. So there's a lot of leaf drop now with some sprinkled color and a lot of green oaks. It's been a fairly narrow window for decent color.
  13. Only 43.9 here too with some clouds and a breeze. Southbury Hollow?
  14. I can’t find the 61-90 data right now but the growing season for CON used to be late May into mid September. Heck look at the difference the last 10 years made at CON… Last 32°, First 32°, growing season 1981-2010: May 19, Sep 24, 127 days 1991-2020: May 8, Oct 3, 146 days Of course that’s an average so we still get freezes near June and freezes in mid September like last year. I’m not trying to bust your balls, but 4/15 is early no matter how you slice it. Maybe you get away with it one year, but there’s times where we can pull off a freeze that time of year even with CAA mixing.
  15. Yeah the growing season at CON has been increasing for every new normal period. Someone is hitting the bloody marys early today.
  16. 4/15 isn’t close to climo even where you are. Heck we can get highs below freezing in mid April…nm lows.
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