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  1. Haven’t looked at enough to make pinpoint forecasts…I just know to take the under on your numbers.
  2. Idk…haven’t been following the warnings. But the main core of the LLJ passes through 00-06z.
  3. Yeah the rain will act to strengthen an already existing inversion. Obviously with convection you can get some stronger downdrafts that can mix down to the sfc. My strongest downsloping is usually with abundant virga and very light precip reaching the ground. That evaporative cooling can give the downdrafts a little extra boost. Overall the higher and more mixed the layer is from the sfc the better off you’ll be. The coast this time of year gets good mixing in these systems with flow off of the warmer waters.
  4. lol…I’ll take the way under for the deep interior under that 50-60.
  5. Interior weenies want big wind so bad, but it's where wind goes to die. It'll be pretty breezy, but the core of the LLJ is much further east and the colder sfc temps will allow for less mixing than coastal locales. Of course the innie weenies will be abusing the Beaufort scale and report 60mph estimated gusts as a few rotted oak branches come down.
  6. 60kt sustained @ 975 blowing off toupees in PYM.
  7. Wish we could mix that down as well as the Cape.
  8. Wife and kids trying to hold the leaky windows shut as the walls shake while DIT is counting weenies in his REM sleep.
  9. Surprisingly breezy up here. The showers are occasionally heavy even though they don’t look impressive on radar. Good luck further south…looks nasty. Should be run of the mill here.
  10. Ukie sends that LLJ right up to coastal NH...70kt at 925.
  11. We wedge and we're trying to ship it down to NE CT.
  12. QPF getting sliced and diced at 12z. Still a heavy event for some, but none of those exotic near-record breaking totals.
  13. There's a lot of dry air up in ME for the isallobaric/ageo flow to advect into the interior up here. Maybe the coast stays a bit more mixed, but as of now it looks like a wedged low 40s +RA.
  14. NAM is fairly meh for most. Interior is going to be way too wedged. Hopefully the GFS wins. 6-10" over 24hrs is impactful but boring. I need the heavy convective rates with 2"/hr to get really excited by rain.
  15. Hoping for a little dry air to work in from Maine up here to minimize the rain.
  16. Your lawn is a savanna right now. The top of the blades are tickling your temp sensor.
  17. Just need the goofus to verify so we can make it a meh event.
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