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  1. Got about 0.3" from that period of snow. 2.5" storm total.
  2. Had about 2.2” here last night before it mostly changed over around 2:30. @The 4 Seasons
  3. Measured about 1.6” around 10 minutes ago here. Up to 27.8F now.
  4. Moderate snow... eyeballing around half an inch. 22.3F
  5. 9.2" of feathers here in Southington. @The 4 Seasons Congrats on the 12"+ those who got it... impressive.
  6. Ended up with 1.2” in Southington. Appears to be almost entirely intact with the temp sitting at 28 and clouds — looks like it’ll be a White Christmas here.
  7. Eyeballing about half an inch here. Snowing pretty nicely out there.
  8. 0.2" from the snow showers the past few hours. Flurries now.
  9. Snowing at a decent clip here... non-paved surfaces coating up pretty nicely.
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