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  1. Snowed pretty heavily for a minute or so there... caught me off guard.
  2. In my 10 minute drive home it went up like 11 degrees while going from dead calm to roaring. Never saw it coming.
  3. Slowly falling back down as the wind continues... 74.8F. Went from around 64 to the high of 78.2 in like 30 minutes.
  4. Just got gusty here in the past 20 minutes and the temperature spiked several degrees to 77.6F.
  5. Looks like about 0.4" from the snow showers the past few hours.
  6. Coming down at a decent clip still. 27.5F
  7. Snowing here... coating on the ground.
  8. Looks like I'll be stuck at 0.4" away now too... lol. Hopefully we get another event.
  9. Slushy mess outside now after the rain. 0.8" of snow earlier this afternoon here @The 4 Seasons
  10. Yup. Looks like 0.8” will do it here... rain/snow mix.
  11. Ripping with about 3/4 of an inch... see how much longer this lasts. 33.2F
  12. Heavy snow continues... flakes getting pretty huge. Main road covered as well.
  13. Ripping. Driveway getting completely covered now.
  14. Pavement beginning to cave a little with the temp down to 33.4F. Heavy snow, looks like a slushy few tenths on non-paved surfaces.
  15. Down to 34.2F with heavy snow at the moment. Cold surfaces getting a little slushy.