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  1. Split down the middle with that last squall... lol. Can't complain in May I guess.
  2. On and off flakes in the air here... squalls keep narrowly missing to the north
  3. A few flakes flying in the air with the rain... latest I've personally seen. 36.8F
  4. A trace in Southington... flipped to snow for about 15 minutes before going back to rain.
  5. 20.6" total here... full blown ratter.
  6. Back over to a pouring rain
  7. Flipped over to giga flakes here. Trying its hardest to stick. 35.0F
  8. Haven’t measured but it’s gotta be like 1.5-2”... dumping snow outside
  9. Monstrous flakes falling outside. Even main roads getting white.
  10. Solid coating on basically everything, coming down pretty hard. 33.1F
  11. Moderate snow with decent growth. Dusting on the cartops. 34.6F