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  1. Depth below 7” now with the temp at 34 and sunny. Too bad the sleet wasn’t on top.
  2. 9" total snow here, has slightly settled but an 8" depth right now. A bit of a gradient around here it seems as I was just down near the Cheshire line and they def had a bit less there... maybe more like 5-6" depth.
  3. Snow has tapered completely here... 9 inches. Possibly final as it looks like the best is now east.
  4. Wow, really? Radar seemed like it was decent down there for a while. Moderate snow now... the end seems to be beginning.
  5. Seems like it's built back west... still heavy snow here. May hit double digits if this goes on.
  6. Very close to the western edge but still ripping. Now up to 8.1" with 1.5" new since 12:55 AM.
  7. Ripping here again. Looks like things have really filled in around E CT and RI too.
  8. Picking back up here... looks like that northern HFD county band is slipping south.
  9. 1.3" new since 10:50 PM with moderate snow. 6.6" total so far.
  10. I think we end around 7-7.5" total... unless another band like the one earlier comes through here.
  11. 1" new since 9:25 PM with moderate to heavy snow. 5.3" total so far.
  12. Been steady moderate here the past half hour or so... looks like northern HFD county is really cashing in.
  13. Pretty light ATM but looks like stuff to the NE is strengthening a bit.
  14. Another heavier burst going on here right now. Sitting steady at 28 degrees.
  15. Measured 1.6" yesterday and about 2.7" today so far. Not as impressive now but keep this moderate stuff up for a few more hours and we got a respectable total.