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  1. Been pouring here for a solid 45 minutes here on the NW side of Southington, and still going right now.
  2. It sort of just looks like a 21-22 total snowfall map using the “elevation” to denote where it’s the highest. Pretty confusing.
  3. 0.9", moderate snow/sleet. Radar is not inspiring.
  4. Heavy snow, sleet washing out again. Pavement caving now as well. 32.2F
  5. Some pingers mixing back in, but mostly snow. Coating up quick with this stuff now.
  6. All snow right now with huge flakes. Looks like we're gonna play with the sleet a little more going by dual pol. 32.6F
  7. Now 33.1F and more snow than sleet, starting to accumulate a little on cold surfaces.
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