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  1. Crept down to 31.8F here this morning. Pretty awesome out right now at a sunny 62F.
  2. Not sure the last time there's been constant thunder for this long, over 2 hours now. Rain stopped but it must have been pouring for 45 minutes or so.
  3. Been quite the light show here. Nonstop thunder for over an hour with occasional downpours.
  4. It was 1.5-2" an hour around 12-3 am here, missed out on the crazy stuff though. Not particularly memorable but highlight of the winter (barring some big storm yet to come) I suppose.
  5. We finished at about 11" in Southington. @The 4 Seasons
  6. At least 7.5-8" here and pouring snow, ~2" an hour rates
  7. 2.1" of paste here. Coming down borderline heavy.
  8. Looks like near 1" of wet snow on cold surfaces.
  9. Steady moderate snow, down to 32F. Accumulating nicely on cold surfaces but pavement is still struggling.
  10. Steady light snow, cold surfaces getting coated. 34F