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  1. It's a miracle I have power here... next street over is dark with a tree & lines in the road. Had to have flickered at least 10 times yesterday. A large chunk of Route 10 on Queen Street down to N Main Street is still without power and I haven't seen any trucks around here either today.
  2. Split down the middle with that last squall... lol. Can't complain in May I guess.
  3. On and off flakes in the air here... squalls keep narrowly missing to the north
  4. A few flakes flying in the air with the rain... latest I've personally seen. 36.8F
  5. A trace in Southington... flipped to snow for about 15 minutes before going back to rain.
  6. 20.6" total here... full blown ratter.
  7. Back over to a pouring rain
  8. Flipped over to giga flakes here. Trying its hardest to stick. 35.0F
  9. Haven’t measured but it’s gotta be like 1.5-2”... dumping snow outside
  10. Monstrous flakes falling outside. Even main roads getting white.
  11. Solid coating on basically everything, coming down pretty hard. 33.1F