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  1. 0.2” or so... maybe 0.3”. Nice to see the ground white at least.
  2. Around the same at 9" at least here... far less impressive considering the type of event and the dry slot from hell. This is probably the only Norlun I can remember off hand here lol.
  3. 0.9" final at home, probably like 1.5" or so up by the Bristol line here.
  4. Some light snow again... looks like it's snowing decently like 2 miles NW of here again lol.
  5. They just did basically the same thing here... like 3 passes for a little over a half inch along with multiple passes for 0.7" on December 20th. Only came by once early in the 17th storm then didn't come back until several hours after the storm ended.
  6. Flurrying here... just outside the shredded remaining band. I bet my workplace 2 miles NW has a bit more.
  7. I won't hold my breath for it... what do you have there in New Britain?
  8. Only 0.6" here... looked like a little more. Swiss cheese radar FTL. Light snow.
  9. Ugly. Maybe the stuff in Fairfield county can hold together a bit as it goes ENE, but probably not much more otherwise.
  10. This is some good stuff right now... but looks like it won't last. Swiss cheese hole en route.
  11. Decent coating now... maybe the swiss cheese can deliver an inch or two. 31.5F
  12. Steady light snow with a dusting on everything but the road. Better growth now.