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  1. Johnno

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Man what a start to the season, measured 9-10” in a couple spots, looks like we might have jacked for once here! Stuff was like concrete trying to move it.
  2. Johnno

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Listening to LCD dispatch sounds like Serious is damage in Brookfield, CLP cutting all power to the town, FD task forces enroute, request for 20 ambulances
  3. Johnno

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Co worker just called from granby when he got home, he said he’s never seen anything like it, tress defoliated and windows blown out on any vehicle that was outside
  4. Johnno

    May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Met Brad field posted tennis ball sized hail in west granby Ct, totally blown out car windows
  5. Johnno

    Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Nice! Right next door in Canton, my family owns quite a few acres of land in New Hartford
  6. OT but I did a spring clean up yesterday with my buddy after work and the customer was Bob Maxon, really nice guy and he even brought out some beers when we were done
  7. Over 3” here and roads are a mess, bigger impact then the last March event for sure
  8. Johnno

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    June 09 was a beaut too if memory serves, had just met my now wife and we had many rainy date nights
  9. Johnno

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    About 1” on the grass here, thankfully nothing on the asphalt surfaces
  10. Johnno

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    First flakes to moderate within 20 minutes, wish it would have just stayed away completely lol
  11. Man what a night to be a forecaster on tv yikes
  12. Seems typical of the last few years, from my point of view anyway, that’s why I like SWFE type deals where everyone gets a nice thump usually and the biggest challenge is how fast the sleet or rain comes in
  13. March Snow is serious bidness