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  1. Even the treated pavement giving up with this burst
  2. Invested in some Arlo WiFi cameras this year and have them facing the garage/driveway and the shed piece of mind now to have alerts and video footage, also a full gun safe doesn’t hurt......last spring at least a couple cars per weekend we’re getting stolen here in the Farmington Valley
  3. Best intensity and growth of the storm so far here, 1.5”
  4. That’s a nice bump for sure
  5. What a bitch that was to plow, will never forget
  6. 2.5”-3” nice pack freshener
  7. Best rates of the day right now probably not for long unfortunately
  8. Growth improving nice flakes now
  9. 1.5” here and basically shut off for now
  10. Shannon hoon, great talent gone too soon
  11. Finally snowing mod here, hopefully we can eek out a couple inches, eyeballing 1/2” so far
  12. 06z 12k nam looks nice too