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  1. No power here wind absolutely roared way worse then Sandy or Irene... trees down everywhere.... this one lived up to the hype
  2. Nbd totally white out there now 8pm on May 9th lol
  3. Just bumped up to 39 Deg....doesn’t scream snow
  4. Yea asphalt paving is one part of my business....we usually stop all residential work by November as temps drop, too difficult if not impossible to do a quality job especially in a residential situation where the finish is key. Commercial work is different as it is usually two course so the first layer can be put down in less then perfect conditions.
  5. Man sun broke out here what a beaut of a day!
  6. Good day to get out and clean up debris from the wind, wax the truck, drive around with the windows down
  7. Pounding huge sleet pellets ....crazy lightning and thunder on and off last half hour
  8. December by a mile.... by March I’m ready for Morch and Torch
  9. 1” here on my paved driveway probably more on grassy areas snowing pretty hard attm
  10. How long for the heavy stuff in the Farmington valley? Phone radar won’t load for sh#t
  11. Wow DOT with a pusher, over here in district 4 they only have the normal buckets to plow with
  12. Man this winter has really taken its toll on some folks
  13. Finally snowing moderately and about 1/4” down
  14. Northwest Hartford county and not even a flake yet we’ll see
  15. Man just watched Ryan what a snowfall forecast of yore 6-12” in northwest ct where it belongs lol
  16. Love when a model run comes in and shows a bomb and Ryan is on air, you can see the excitement
  17. Could be quite a few cars waiting for that......what is it 30 miles between exits or something