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  1. And let's get rid of that SE ridge while we're at it. Holy smokes look at those screaming heights in the Atlantic. No other longitude on the whole planet has 582 dmat 40 N
  2. Decent flakes mixing in now at Museum of Science Boston
  3. Ripping biggest flakes and lowest visibility of the whole storm in Winchester. Probably right on the NW-moving coastal front now. Almost hoping the dryslot now in CT gets here before the change to rain, I'd prefer no precip to rain now
  4. Boston itself didn't cash in like W NE...only about 9" of slop
  5. one got the feeling in late 2011 that it was a lock to be a ratter...lots of 65-degree days and walking around Copley Square in shirt sleeves.
  6. Hey, why not have the whole planet be one ginormous Hadley cell. Like Mars or Titan. Meridional flow pole to pole.
  7. especially when we snow as DEN chinooks at 70F on Feb 1st.
  8. Hopefully (probably) resulting in lots of snow in the Sangre de Cristos...Some kind of correlation I read between early good S Colorado snows and good snow here. Looks encouraging in that variable.
  9. It's one of the reasons we're not well acquainted with depth hoar...that kind of deep snowpack is never around long enough.
  10. Solidly AN here...Gradient winter setting up?
  11. To be fair, they did OK on 2012-13 and 2013-14 even though they hosed 2009-12. NAtl blocking and the one-eyed pig...the two variables hardest to predict.
  12. That's quite the pasting for E ND on the GFS...Of course it is the GFS.
  13. Sucker looks like it'll recurve and bomb out again in the Bering Sea...just like 2014...hmmm...