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  1. Storm just exploded over me in Winchester. Three nasty CG strikes in 2 min Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. sometimes those are positive strikes from the anvil, much more powerful and deadly than the more usual negative CG strikes (although anvil strikes are not the only way to get positive CG strikes)
  3. curious that the NAO forecast isn't so extreme...especially considering Dennis (915 mb tomorrow approaching Iceland-wtf) and the general pressure field hanging around there until Sunday
  4. Of course, immediately after that, we had a summer with no 90s in Boston (the first one ever) followed by 3 out of 4 winters being epic.
  5. Taal is a tropical volcano. Normally in such a case we'd have 8-12 months of tendency toward +NAO following the eruption, followed by colder. We had the same thing from June 1991 - March 1992 after Pinatubo (in almost the same region) erupted.
  6. Slurpee waves in Nantucket Sound? .
  7. Cue the dark yellow Venus surface flyover with continuous lightning and Patrick Stewart voiceover.
  8. and also how you run a LES event. Watch out Houghton, MI to Tug Hill if that happens.
  9. Took Pinatubo to do that. The snow we got in April 92 and the summer without a 90F at BOS we’re a result of that event, and followed 9 months of the obligatory NAO+ that accompanies a tropical volcanic eruption. .
  10. 0.5° per decade is the current rate I see most often quoted. So 200 years is 10° farther north or 600 n mi. Nova Scotia would be the new secondary cyclogenesis point in miller B's and we play the role that Hilton Head, SC plays now.
  11. sonic booms from SW-bound planes?
  12. HC expansion = amped -> damped.
  13. Also (may have been the same event) March 2012, when the NStar transformer blew on Scotia St in the Back Bay and we all walked around a darkened Boston in shirt sleeves.