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  1. Anyone here have Generator ?s /problem, feel free to DM. Might be a busy night.
  2. Does anybody know if the IBM or a similar power outage models are available to the public?
  3. SVT ice? I'm thinking more of sleet for the West River valley. Overdone like usual or it's a real ZR signal this time.
  4. Not really sure where to start, also not sure what I was just reading. Perhaps some type of doctoral study or professional counseling services? This thread is gold! Dying over here. Ribs hurt.
  5. Guess my generator business would be in "trouble". SVT looks prime on this run, we all know what happens this far out.
  6. I think we should do okay here in the southern greens even in the West River Valley..
  7. 00z GFS could be worse for SVT, I see some power issues, why do I feel like the last guy to go to sleep at a house party or who's sober when posting in here tonight, lol
  8. Come on up this way! Had to Brattleboro and head up route 30.
  9. Ludlow Vermont had 40", across from you here in Townshend we had 30"
  10. Here in SVT growing quite interested in the ice potential.
  11. 12 years lurking in here, feel like I know all the major players, hahaha, are we going to run out of time with this west/more amped trend?
  12. Here is SVT they fly in your eyes, up your nose and under your clothing as of late. July's 18" here helped hatch upland mosquito eggs which can lay dormant for 7 years.
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