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  1. 28.8° F with freezing drizzle. Not too concerned about it as the column is likely below freezing but not quite cold enough for nucleation in the SE flow upslope stratus deck. Getting increasingly breezy too.
  2. I like where I am for this event. NAM and GFS both pumping out 2-2.5" of QPF here the next 2 to 3 days. How much of it falls as solid vs. liquid will make a big difference with respect to snowfall. My gut tells me the front end is a 6-8" blue bomb here that turns to some light rain or drizzle in the dry slot tomorrow followed by several more inches of upslope on the backside tomorrow night into Sunday. As such, a foot plus is not out of the question here even if we do get a little rain tomorrow after the heavier precipitation moves out.
  3. New Jersey tags are plentiful as well, particularly up around Wilmington and Mt. Snow. They're the worst drivers though...
  4. I like my location in southern Vermont. Good snow and not terribly far from the big cities: 1.5 hours to Albany, 2 to Hartford, 3 to Boston, and 4 to NYC. Plus, all of the cultural and outdoor recreational options of the Berkshires and southern Vermont are nearby. I definitely tend to feel this part of New England is sometimes overlooked and unappreciated, especially by the Boston crowd. Connecticut and NYC area people are well represented here though.
  5. That 131.0" was for the 2020 calendar year. My 2019-20 snowfall total is in my signature.
  6. My 2020 weather stats: Total precipitation: 58.32" Total Snowfall: 131.0" Average Temperature: 43.6° F Lowest Temperature: -7.9° F on 2/15 Highest Temperature: 84.8° F on 7/19 I'm amazed at how high my precipitation total is given that Bennington just over the hill about 12 miles away had only 36.94" and Pittsfield, MA about 30 miles to my SSW had 37.41". This total is from a Stratus rain gauge and not from my Davis VP2 tipping bucket gauge.
  7. 2.0" of icy crap-o-rama here with 0.93 liquid equivalent. 0.2" of ice accretion after the 2" of snow and sleet. I also had about 0.2" of ice accretion two nights ago, so there was 0.4" total glaze. Fortunately only some twigs and small branches came down and no power issues. Glad to see a decent little 5-8" event for the north country since they largely missed out on the big storm two weeks ago.
  8. I sure do! I "measured" 45 inches in that event, but have since changed my measuring protocols to be consistent with CoCoRaHS methodology since I was clearing the board too much. I probably had somewhere in the 36-40" range. I clear the board once every 24 hours now.
  9. 23.0" with 2.11" of liquid the final here. I was surprised there was that much liquid in the snow given how cold the storm was. Maybe I'll core it again tomorrow to confirm that liquid equivalency...
  10. Yup, and Okemo too. Seeing some reports of around 36" up around Ludlow, VT.
  11. Wow! Looks like 18" or so here. Haven't gone out to measure yet. That death band wound up about 20-30 miles further north than modeled. Amazing storm.
  12. I literally have goosebumps right now after seeing the RDPS (RGEM) and the radar. Death band incoming and I may very well be very close to or under the pivot point. It's already pounding snow, although flakes are small to medium. 9.4° F.
  13. 4.0" final here. Wind is absolutely howling just above the surface with the occasional gust mixing down. Snow is blowing around all over the place making measuring difficult. 25.5° F.
  14. 3.2" of snow with 0.28" LE here. Light snow ongoing with dropping temps now at 29.7° F. Grateful to at least get something even though I missed out on the QPF bomb...