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  1. Thanks, I did find the lot in question in Searsburg. 256 acres for $229K. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/245-Route-8_Searsburg_VT_05363_M99787-41776?view=qv
  2. The S VT plateau is one of the most under appreciated snow belts in all of New England IMO and it can rival some of the big ones like the Rangeley, ME area. Like Will (ORH_wxman) mentioned average annual snowfall can be above 150" in these parts. 3 foot+ snow packs are not uncommon. I had ~150" last winter and probably 200-210" the year before. I moved here at the beginning of March 2018, so while my sample size is small, we did have a 4 and half foot pack in mid March that year. Who knows what it would've been if it weren't for the ridiculous late February torch that year too. I've had ~120" so far this season, which isn't all that bad despite being somewhat below normal. We've had considerably worse (i.e. '15-'16, '11-12, '05-'06, '01-'02). The big drawback this winter has been the frequent rains and torches, especially the one in the second week of January that nearly wiped out our snow pack from November and December. As it stands, the snowfall is about a C/C+, the winter overall a D+. My peak depth was in the high 20s back in late February so we did make a recovery in late January and February with frequent small to medium events, most of which included some rain or mix. There are some insane gradients around here, so be careful if snow is a top priority. As a rule of thumb, if you're above 2,000' and within a few miles of the 73° W longitude line, you'll do quite well. The Wardsboro, Jamaica, Dover, etc, area does well in nor'easters and with cold air damming overrunning events, but doesn't get as much as the backside W and NW upslope that Woodford, Searsburg, and my location in the far NE corner of Stamford does. I get a nice mix of snow from coastals, upslope, and overrunners. The nice thing about this location is not being too far away from the cities. Albany, NY is 90 minutes, Hartford, CT 2 hours, Boston 3-3.5 hours, and NYC 3.5-4 hours. The small cities of North Adams, MA are 20 minutes, Pittsfield, MA 50-55 minutes, and Bennington 30-35 minutes away, so there's none of this hour+ drive stuff just to go to a grocery store or Walmart supercenter like you might have up in Rangeley, ME or Pittsburg, NH. As for 30 acre+ plots, they are around if you look. There's a 49 acre plot at like 1,700-1,800' near here in Stamford that's $150K. It won't get quite as much snow as I do just up the hill at 2,230', but still does quite well. There's at least one more up on route 8 in Searsburg at 2,300'-2,400' just north of the wind turbines. It's a roadside sign, and I can't find it online, so I'm not sure what the price or acreage is. That is an absolutely crazy spot for snow...at least as good as my spot.
  3. The meteorology behind this incoming event fascinates me. It's basically a lot like the vast majority of events I've had this winter except rotated around 180°. So, basically a NEFE instead of a SWFE. WAA and overrunning from the NE instead of the SW with a big low to the SE as opposed to the NW. I start as wet snow and then go to freezing rain and rain like a lot of the events this winter. It'll be interesting to see how the terrain around here interacts with a veering NW to NE flow. Here's the SWFE in reverse (NEFE) sounding for 00z tomorrow night around here. Pretty neat.
  4. Snowing here. Started as some rain and sleet, but it's since gone over to some light snow. I wasn't expecting this. Wetbulb cooling FTW.
  5. Still some snow around these parts. 10.5" at the stake, but sunny spots are mostly bare again after melting off Monday's snow over the past few days. Some shady spots are still over 15".
  6. But I want some more snow!
  7. I hope I'm wrong about this, but this is what's likely coming to a hospital near you soon. A lot of pertinent points made in this video. https://nyti.ms/2vSAruQ
  8. Wow...I didn't think ticks existed in the N VT hills. Global warming FTL? I was under the assumption that they were pretty much a SNE problem except for maybe the warmer valleys like the Champlain and CT River along with the ME and NH coastlines. I haven't gotten one yet here...
  9. 6.2". We narrowly avoided sleet, but snowfall rates have dropped. Maybe I get another 2 or 3" before it winds down during the overnight hours?
  10. Just pounding out there now. 1.5" as of 4 PM, but it's likely approaching 2" per hour now. Maybe more? 24.5° F so it has the vibe of a midwinter snowstorm. Dense, but dry snow.
  11. 1.2" of frozen goobledygook with 0.71" liquid equivalent last night and early this morning. So close to being a decent 6-8 incher here, but like many other events in this garbage winter, no. I've had only one synoptic storm this winter besides the early December storm that has managed to produce >6" of snow and remain all snow, which was on 2/10 with 9". And that's debatable since it ended as light drizzle. I've only had two other synoptic all snowers, one on 12/17 and 1/18-19, but they were both < 6" with 4.3" and 5.2" respectively. 113.0" for the season. Winter grade as of now is a straight D. If we can get a good storm or two in the next couple of weeks I may bump it into the low to mid C range.
  12. 1.3" new. Plenty of room for social distancing here! I've had this fox that like to climb atop one of the rocks behind the house and nap lately. You can see it in the second photo.
  13. I wonder if they wind up grounding all air travel like they did on 9/11...
  14. I went back into my photo archives and found this shot I took exactly a year ago today. I then went out and took a shot of the same spot this year. What a difference!
  15. There's no green grass to be had in this Stamford. I list Heartwellville (a section of NW Readsboro) as my location since it's the closest CDP, but I'm technically in the town of Stamford just west of the town line with Readsboro. It's kind of weird since I have a Readsboro mailing address, zip code, and phone number, but my taxes go to Stamford. Anyway, there's still 15" at the stake. Some of the shady spots are about 20". The sunnier southern exposures are definitely thinner though and the rocks are now exposed there as they absorb and retain heat much better than the ground does. We are definitely about a full month ahead of schedule compared to last year and about a month and a half ahead of 2018. I may have totally bare ground by the 1st of April this year.