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  1. Today is eerily similar to the days leading up to the April Fools 1997 storm: sunny and 61° F with some puffy cumulus clouds. Hard to believe I may be digging out from 1-2' of snow within 48 hours. Clown maps are overdone, especially in the valleys, but up here above 2.2K they may not be so far fetched...
  2. A birch bending, maple mauling, balsam fir snapping snowstorm looks like an increasing probability here. It'll be interesting to see how this trends with the high res guidance as we get closer. 12z 3-km NAM already has 8-12" of 10:1 snow here by the end of its run and it's just getting started! That snow will accumulate efficiently here above 2K with subfreezing low levels and good lift in the DGZ by 00z Friday.
  3. I'm at 126.7" so far for the winter. Although I have no way of knowing for sure because of limited to no climatological data around here, I was probably running a bit above average to date as of my birthday back on 2/22. I've had about 2" since then. Without anymore appreciable snow, I will likely finish the winter a bit below normal (assuming a 140-150" per year average). Alas, this winter is like that senior in high school that comes down with "senioritis" and slacks off too early, thereby dropping from a B/B+ season to a D+/C- season.
  4. 34° F and rain, and the models have shaved off both QPF and backside snow. Just awful! This March has been worse than watching paint dry. I always come into March with high expectations and visions of slow moving cutoff nor'easters that dump feet of snow in the elevated interior, and this one has been one of the biggest let downs ever. I've had an inch of snow in what can be an extremely snowy month, and is typically at least moderately snowy. What a total let down after what has been a decent winter that performed better than I had anticipated.
  5. Wow...what a difference over there. Had a high of 56° F, now back to 50° F. I'm actually cooler than the summits of Mt. Snow, Stratton, Haystack and Equinox right now thanks to my 20-24" snow pack keeping things cool. It's amazing how these shady spruce/fir stands can keep things cool, especially at this time of year.
  6. Cored my 27" snow pack and came up with 7.8" of LE. Season total stands at 126.6", which is likely close to average to date. I was running a bit above, but I've had only an inch so far this month.
  7. 1.2" of wet sleet on top of the 0.7" of snow from yesterday. Only about a tenth of an inch of ice accretion, so we definitely dodged a bullet.
  8. -SN, 25.2° F. 0.7" of snow today, but it's that type of snow that's on the verge of sleet with some aggregation and high fall velocities evident. There's a warm layer up there that's probably just barely above freezing and is not warm or thick enough to melt the flakes yet. Anyway, not looking forward to the sh** show that's arriving here by midnight. Hopefully I'll get more of my QPF as sleet than freezing rain, but the NAM is about 0.8" QPF freezing rain, HRRR about 0.5".
  9. Seems a bit high. Maybe they had better snow growth, but the radar didn't look all that different there. The west slope of the Berkshires did better because of the blocked SW flow. One of my Twitter followers said 6-7" in Dalton, MA.
  10. 3.7" with 0.37" LE. An exact 10 to 1 SLR! How often does that work out? Snow growth was not good today...just small flakes with a fine, white sand consistency. Snow depth at the stake is an even 30".
  11. Deep, deep winter. 25-26" OTG. My famous snow blower cuts are back. 3.0" new in the past 24 hours with 33.6" in the past week.
  12. It's pretty much the same as the aforementioned area in Woodford. Mt. Snow doesn't get as much of the W to NW flow upslope as Woodford or Searsburg Pass.
  13. The best snow is usually a bit east of the crest, which on VT-9 is just east of where that pond is on the left if heading eastbound. Woodford State Park over toward the VT-8 junction in Searsburg is typically where the max zone on VT-9 usually is. I'm on the east slope of a ~3,100' mountain so I get it good here also even though I'm about 5 miles south of VT-9. Anyway, I had another 3.0" overnight and into early this morning on 0.1" liquid making for a 30:1 ratio. 33.6" for the week and a 26" depth.
  14. This I was not aware of, that would explain it. I'll give her credit for measuring snow and living in such a challenging climate at that age. I was under the assumption it was just some snow nut who isn't aware of proper snow measuring protocol. Anyway, I've probably added a few tenths more since my last measure. Depth is at 25".
  15. I had 11.0" on the front end Saturday AM.