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  1. 3.4" of wet snow this morning. Winding down now. Started as 0.4" of rain at 31-32° F, but it didn't accrete. Flakes were huge for a bit this morning as the best lift and snow growth came through. Photo from just before 8 AM.
  2. 2.7° F this morning. Absolutely glorious!!! The radiators will really mount up tonight. Widespread subzero temps in NNE's cold spots tonight?
  3. 1.0" snow, 0.17" liquid equivalent snow and rain. Underachiever, but I wasn't expecting much to begin with. I may go down to near 0° F tonight, which is incredible for this early in the cold season.
  4. Enjoy it up north folks. Maybe a get a couple of inches on the backside tomorrow morning, but this is not a S VT storm. Watching the potential for some freezing rain down here later today and tonight.
  5. 1.4" total. Still some random flurries dancing around. Winter has arrived...
  6. Steady snow and 32.6° F with a slushy coating on the grassy surfaces. It was cold rain occasionally mixed with mangled flakes much of the day, but it finally made the transition to all snow about an hour ago. 0.25" of rain before changeover.
  7. Anything less than 100" is a ratter in my books. The ratter of all ratters in these parts was without a doubt '15-'16. I'll gladly take another '11-'12 any day over that year. Last winter wasn't bad with ~150", but I would've happily swapped November for December. Novie was crazy, December stunk, January after the first week was okay, February and March meh at best.
  8. Shot this about a week ago on the lane beside my property before the big windstorm took almost all of them down. Just a few stragglers left now on the Beeches and Aspens. The golden yellows of the Norway Maples are coming out in the valleys with the mostly bare hills all around.
  9. Sell. Maybe a slushy coating or an inch if it goes over to snow at all, which I'd consider a win this early in the season.
  10. I'd say we're just about at peak here. Not sure what this talk about muted colors is all about, it's gorgeous here. Lots of reds and oranges again this year.
  11. Almost peak here above 2K in S VT. Should peak within the next few days. Nice color, but still some greens while a few of my red maples are starting to go past peak already. Last year it seemed like everything changed at once and then dropped at once.
  12. I actually like the new skin, and more importantly, it functions much better. The old one made my Macbook get warm and the fan running a marathon. I'd have to open Safari just to view AmWx as it would run better in Safari than in Chrome, which is my default browser. The US has so many infrastructure problems in general, not just the northeast. Perhaps if the wealthy folks and corporations were forced to actually pay their fair share of taxes, we could solve a lot of these problems. The sky is the limit with socialism...how about a bullet train like the ones in Japan that runs from the Berkshires to Boston or NYC. That would be a huge boon for our economy out here, which struggles big time. Houses sell for way under market value and/or sit on the market for years.
  13. What's happened to this forum? I remember it having a cold, snow bias pretty much all the time. I guess I'm still one of the hardcore old school cold and snow lovers on here. I'd slam the button for a -12 anomaly every month of the year without hesitation and for >200" snow each winter.
  14. Full on moderate color happening here now. Lots of reds emerging. We're about a week ahead of last year at this time, which peaked October 5th-8th. Took these with my drone earlier today.
  15. Welcome to my world from about Mother's Day to Father's Day. They are insane! Clouds of them! DEET is useless against the little buggers too. The deer flies start about early June, so there's about a 1-2 week period where they overlap, and that's the peak of bug season. Living in a mostly spruce/fir grove, there are plenty of vernal pools and shady spots for them to reproduce and take shelter. Then there's a period of horse flies that starts about mid July and runs through mid August. Very large flies, but they aren't nearly as aggressive as the deer flies, and they tend to go for the legs where as the deer flies go for the head or arms. No mosquitos this year though due to the dryer summer we've had. Virtually no biting insects now, thank God. One of the small downsides to living in the woods of NNE (well, CNE if you go strictly by my latitude).