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  1. 80° F/64° F here. High of 81° F, which is my 4th 80°+ F day already this warm season. It's hot, but not terrible in the shade since there's a breeze and the dews are still tolerable. Deer flies are nothing short of awful though as I must've had no less than 8 or 10 of them swirling around me while mowing earlier. Black flies and mosquitoes pretty much non-existent midday, but they come out in abundance around 5-5:30 pm, making for what I call the Holy Trinity of biting insects: deer flies, black flies, and mosquitoes. Alas, such is the price one must pay for being in a spot that likely averages around 12 feet of snowfall per winter...
  2. There was no accumulation at my spot, not even on my white snow board. Dover tends to cool a little more efficiently on a NE flow than I do, which may explain the difference.
  3. I wasn't here in 2013, but I do think it must've snowed here then as it did up on the mountain summits.
  4. Rain and snow mix here, 36.0° F. I've had periods of wet flakes mixed in during the heavier bouts of precipitation since around 1 AM. This is the latest trace of snow I've ever observed in my lifetime. Amazing stuff!
  5. While I need/want some rain for newly planted grass seed, too much at once is worse than none at all since you can water. That said, does anyone have tips for minimizing or preventing erosion and grass seed wash-away from heavy rain? NAM nails my location with a torrential squall line around 7-8 PM tomorrow and I have a whole bunch of loose top soil and grass seed that I don't want to lose. Ugh...
  6. High end category 3 black fly conditions, category 5 pollen. Between the two, it's damn near impossible to be outside right now. Can we just skip to September please?
  7. 137.8" season total, grade: C. It wasn't a terrible winter, but it wasn't good either. Highlights: A nice mid-December storm even though the jackpot as about 30-40 miles north of here, elevation storm in mid-January followed by a week of upslope snow showers, a month straight of subfreezing temperatures (1/16 to 2/16), and a decent wind driven snowstorm in early February. Max snow depth of 32" in late February. No torch rainy cutters after the Christmas one. Problems: Christmas cutter, boring early January, and a snowless March and early April. No blockbuster/historic storms here either.
  8. Went to investigate an area of thin grass and discovered this when I put a shovel in it. What's the best grub control and when should it be applied?
  9. 32.4° F with light snow. No accumulation.
  10. Where was this in the winter, dammit!? It's been pouring upslope rain since about 12 noon with ~0.6" through my tipper since then. Rainfall rates have reached 0.25" per hour at times. Down to 39.8° F so it's getting closer...
  11. It doesn't go NE until above 500 mb and low level winds are robust, so I suspect blocking will be minimal. NAM has a pronounced inversion near 850 mb (HRRR a bit less so), which is above mountain top level so I expect snow will make it over the spine a bit with the heaviest near the crest. Typically an inversion near or below 900 mb will result in a more blocked flow whereas unblocked flow will have a higher inversion or none at all.
  12. Sound like my place every year around Memorial Day...
  13. Just when I thought I was done, the models (18z HRRR shown) offer up some considerable flakeage here tomorrow night. A potent inverted trough rotating in from the N, along with a strong cross barrier flow and a veering wind profile (W at surface to NE aloft) could result in some significant upslope rippage along the spine of the Greens. I suspect it'll be rain here before going to non-accumulating snow and then to sticking snow that yields up to 2-3" of accumulation on grassy surfaces as the temperatures drop. The summits of Mt. Snow and Stratton could walk away with 6-10" if trends hold.
  14. 137.4" here at 2,230' elevation 5 miles NW of Readsboro, VT (or 5 miles SE of Woodford).
  15. What hotel did you stay at? No where near that much here with 8.5". I was skunked last night too which is why I didn't get more than 8.5". Meh snowfall rates even though it was cold enough to efficiently accumulate. It's been snowing all day at varying intensities, but it's been "treadmill" snow: snowing fast enough to not lose snow to compaction and melting, but too slow for much of a net gain during the day. We are gaining a little now with this narrow band on top of me right now though as we've lost a lot of the solar insolation.
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