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  1. A torchy 84.3° F max today (Monday), but 1.30" of convective rain saved the day! It couldn't have come at a better time as the lawn was just beginning to show signs of water stress, especially in the sunny areas. The cells started initiating to my east by noon, but the boundary slowly moved west and basically stalled over me for several hours producing waves of showers and even some thunder and lightning before eventually dissipating from the loss of solar heating and subsequent reduction in instability. It's so nice to win the rain lottery!
  2. I like the statistical analysis! Since I've only been at my present location for two full winters, I don't have a big enough dataset to compute letter grades to the nearest tenth of an inch yet. I too will factor in other things like overall temperatures and snow retention into the final grade. Average or below average temperatures with the amount of snow I had would've put into the high C, low B range, but with the mild pattern and frequent rain/ice events it was a tough winter for the snow mobilers and skiers. January was pretty much a total loss and although things did recover in February, it wasn't great for either activity. Then come March and COVID-19 started shutting things down. My sigma values here are probably larger than up your way as I am more dependent on synoptic snows than the northern Greens or Whites that get more upslope and consistent cold. I will get upslope on occasion as well, but not like up north.
  3. D+/C- season here with a 143.5" season total. Yes, I have very high expectations...an a A range winter needs to drop at least 200". I would've given the winter a full letter grade higher if it weren't for the lack of consistent cold and the frequent rain and mixer events. Snow pack retention was below normal as well, especially with January's brutal mega torch that pretty much wiped out all of the November and December snow. Oh well, on to next season.
  4. 79°/64° F off a high of 82° F. Awful, I hate it, especially since there's so little breeze. I didn't reach or exceed 80° F until July 4th last year. Black flies have been brutal lately, but don't seem quite as bad today due to the heat. No deer flies yet, but they won't be far behind with this type of weather.
  5. Typically 850 to 900 mb, but I've seen blocked or slightly blocked flow occur if there's more of a northerly component to the wind in the low levels or weaker westerly flow without much evidence of an inversion. The stronger the cross barrier component of the wind and, of course, the lower the stability, the higher the Froude number will be. Looking back on it in more detail, there was likely some synoptic forcing mechanism that was enhanced by upslope behind those totals as opposed to just pure upslope. Many of these backside events are wrap around comma heads with NW flow, but the maxes with this one seemed a bit further west than usual. Shaftsbury, VT (10.5") and Cambridge, NY (12") are not typically spots that jackpot in these setups. Usually it's a bit to the east near the crest of the spine. How much of this was the result of synoptics vs. upslope is difficult to pin down and would make for a good case study subject. I measured 7.5-8" in Woodford at 10 AM, so the 8.5" report from 7:30 AM is legit. Even the east side of Bennington at 900' had 6-7". I finished with 5.0", but the Deerfield Valley towns just to my east had less than an inch. Very sharp gradients that were not as dependent on elevation as I would've anticipated.
  6. I'll head up to Woodford in a little to see if that 8.5" is legit, but I think it is. Likely some blocked upslope going on the west side of the Taconics and Greens that led to those 8-9" totals.
  7. 5.0" looks to be the final here as the sun comes out. Tough to measure due to the winds blowing around dry, fluffy nature of the snow. It's wet at the bottom. Depths ranged from 4.5" to 5.5". Had a low temperature of 22.6° F at 8 AM with a midnight "high" of 29.2° F. I wonder if I verify a subfreezing high today? It'll be close since that May sun is intense. Although May snow is not uncommon here (I had 3.3" last year on the 14th of the month), this type of snow is. It's like midwinter.
  8. A dime a dozen. Lots of homes and lots for sale...
  9. I only exceeded 80° F 4 times last summer, all in July. Max was 83.0° F on July 20th. I'm sure there have been numerous summers here that have failed to reach 80° F.
  10. 137.4". This will likely be the final season total unless we get something in May, which isn't all that uncommon here.
  11. 2.9" here. Disappointment. Measured at 6:30 AM before any melting started. Radars looked good for a bit in the late evening last night when I posted but then the dry slot moved back in. We had light snow through the night from upslope, but I don't upslope as efficiently with a NE wind compared to up by Mt. Snow or Stratton. Needs to be more E to SE here.
  12. Dumpity, dump! It's puking snow now with good snow growth. Close to an inch.
  13. 30.9° F with a sleety snow. Ground is white, maybe a 1/2"? Quite windy too. I'm missing out on the good dynamics so far, but it's cold and windy giving it a wintry feel.
  14. Sneaky warm nose way up there at 700-750 mb on the NAM down here. Verbatim it's rain to snow to sleet then back to snow since we wet bulb before warming aloft. Low levels are absolutely frigid though with at or below freezing surface temps. Could be ice pellets and 31° F here while it's snow at 34° F in Dendrite's area.
  15. 18z NAM is a little cooler FWIW. We'll see what 00z does.