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  1. wxmanmitch

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Welcome to my world from about Mother's Day to Father's Day. They are insane! Clouds of them! DEET is useless against the little buggers too. The deer flies start about early June, so there's about a 1-2 week period where they overlap, and that's the peak of bug season. Living in a mostly spruce/fir grove, there are plenty of vernal pools and shady spots for them to reproduce and take shelter. Then there's a period of horse flies that starts about mid July and runs through mid August. Very large flies, but they aren't nearly as aggressive as the deer flies, and they tend to go for the legs where as the deer flies go for the head or arms. No mosquitos this year though due to the dryer summer we've had. Virtually no biting insects now, thank God. One of the small downsides to living in the woods of NNE (well, CNE if you go strictly by my latitude).
  2. wxmanmitch

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    Wow, congrats! 9/10 is not at all early for your first subfreezing low there, correct? I recall you getting frost/freeze in June, July, and August in past years. You radiate really well. 49.1° F low here. It clouded up overnight, so not much drop. I can't radiate, but I've had lots of 40s at night and the leaves are definitely starting to turn. Low diurnal temperatures and CAD dominate here.
  3. wxmanmitch

    August 2019 Discussion

    Don't move to Bennington. The highlands of S VT have done pretty well IMO, with the notable exception of the infamous '15-'16 futility winter. I'd rather join James down in Harwich than live in Bennington...it's that bad. Horrendous shadowing there on E flow and they don't usually get much more than flurries, light snow from the upslope on W flow. At least Harwich can get some big storms once in a while, even if they're not all snow. Pittsfield shadows on E flow too, but not as badly, and they do better on W to NW flow events. I think this is true. I did well with the trio of storms in March '18 and there have been some decent events here in the past few years. It's been a tough stretch in the CT River Valley since the Nemo blizzard in 2013, which had a nicely placed deform band. Albany isn't as bad as many make it out to be. It's in a good spot for synoptic snows, and is too far west to get bad shadowing on most E flow events. They can actually upslope slightly on NE flows (i.e. March 2, 2018) with highlands to the SW of them. Retention is terrible being in the Hudson Valley and they don't do well with elevation type events, but the ~58" average there is respectable. I've seen many events where ALB beat out PSF, AQW, and DDH simply because of terrain effects.
  4. wxmanmitch

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Paper birch.
  5. wxmanmitch

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    I had this big guy stop by a couple of times last month. Looks like the same bear as far as I can tell. He's been a nuisance getting into people's trash and stuff. There are signs warning people not to leave trash and garbage unattended. VT Fish and Wildlife tried to track and catch him last year to no avail. I also had a double fox sighting at the end of the clip. Pretty cool how another enters as the first departs.
  6. wxmanmitch

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Black flies -> deer flies -> mosquitoes -> horse flies. The next blood sucking insect season (and yes, the seasons overlap too) has arrived and it is horse flies. Although not as aggressive as the deer flies, these mofos are huge and hurt if they manage to land on you for a bite. Despite the bugs, this weather is super comfortable. The dew points are everything in these parts. Anything under 60° F is good, less than 50° F outstanding.
  7. wxmanmitch

    Big New England heat 7/19-21

    83.0° F high today, which is my max so far this year. The big story with this airmass is the dews, just awful! Topped out at 77° F on my Davis. Down to 66.8° F after 0.10" of rain from convection, so no > 70° F minimum today despite having a "low" of 71.5° F last night.
  8. wxmanmitch

    Big New England heat 7/19-21

    Thick cloud cover this morning, 73.8°/72° F. Low clouds too...possibly some upslope going on with the cross barrier flow along with the MCS debris? It was clear with hazy sun at 7:30 AM. Overnight low was a whopping 71.5° F.
  9. wxmanmitch

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Nice day today with a high of just 67° F. Soaking it all in because the next few days are going to be pure misery! NWS P&C forecast has me at 87° F Saturday. Drizzle and clouds sure beat the heat any day.
  10. wxmanmitch

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    0.21", but it gives the grass a needed drink. The water table is still high, so I don't want/need much. Dew point topped out at a whopping 74° F around noon today, which has to be pretty rare for this location. Total misery. I got a brief taste of what DC points south are like the whole summer.
  11. wxmanmitch

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Still no 80° F here with a max of 78.7° F. My Davis is in full sun until around 3 PM too, although with the FARS there's not a big difference between what it reports in the shade vs. sun. We may have some upper level cloud junk around tomorrow, so we may not do it tomorrow either. We'll see.
  12. wxmanmitch

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Wow...can't believe it's July already. Where's the time going? We're one step closer to winter. Comfortable day today, but the tough weather is just around the corner. It's coming, like it or not. July and August can be difficult months for me weatherwise and have me longing for that glorious, but dark, rainy November day where the street lights come on in the middle of the afternoon. Those types of days are the prelude to the greatest season...
  13. wxmanmitch

    June 2019 Discussion

    I don't think that window will be open if it's cold enough to be running the pellet stove. No permit was needed, but I will let insurance know. Installers followed code. They weren't aware of anything pertaining to vent distance from window. Stove had to be a certain distance from walls and couldn't be vented under the porch. It's about 3 feet away.
  14. wxmanmitch

    June 2019 Discussion

    We install...a pellet stove. To make a long story short, I was going to do a wood stove, but I didn't want a metal chimney on the outside wall of the front of my house. Going through the roof wasn't an option because I have a double roof as I have a roof over a roof because of my front porch. The double porch roof is over my living room. Pellet stove just vents through the wall. Don't need AC here. Likely never will. 77.6° F high today. Indoor temperature at 70° F.
  15. wxmanmitch

    NNE Warm Season Thread

    1.34" through the tipper today. Quite a good soaking, but not enough to cause problems. Meanwhile everything is so beautiful after a fresh rainfall at the height of the green season. I stopped at the peat sphagnum bog a short walk from the house. It looks solid, but I wouldn't dare walk on it. I bet those dwarf red spruces are a lot older than their size would suggest.