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  1. dmcginvt

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    1.5 inches so far in montpelier
  2. dmcginvt

    NNE Fall Thread

    I think that met is clearly expecting a photo from you in 2 days .SHORT TERM /WEDNESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY/... As of 444 PM EDT Monday."Wouldn`t be surprised to see an image from Mt Mansfield with 3-6 inches total from Tuesday night through Wednesday."
  3. Went for a snowshoe and found snow
  4. i was driving down the road one day (someone hit a possum), nope, deep snow
  5. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    At first it seems like the data doesnt match but its because yours show it so much better and Im just an idiot.
  6. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    I dont see all those reports on your report though even after selecting 72 hour. What am I doing wrong? The answer is i'm just a tool! And fool.
  7. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    Thanks but it doesnt have as much info as https://www.weather.gov/btv/spotterReports wish it did beause it's a much better presentation
  8. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    Green River Reservoir approx 1300'. This boardwalk had zero snow on it 2.5 weeks ago sterling Valley gorge rd
  9. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    It was above freezing most of the day in the village of Waterbury. It snowed all day and never accumulated.
  10. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    I recall whan PF moved to somewhere near MRG. And his goal was to get the snow. He found it, by getting hired by Stowe. Yay!!. Move to the snow Eyewall!! Mt Baker is calling you name!!
  11. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    i am a passionate weenie who goes by his gut, but typically only posts after a few beers so it's nonsense. I know more about the weather than most around me, but on this forum I know nothing. I lurked on ne.weather in the 90's and 2000's, then easternwx and now americanwx. Even when PF was still in the Albany area (i think) (he had an amazing understanding of the local clime in Vermont) I knew he knew more than most mets at the time as afar as local climate went.. But everytime this situation happens no one seems to pick up on it, not even PF! It's a west trend everytime and btv goes 3-6, 4-8. 5-10, 6-12, 8-16. It happens everytime a model shows a low is coming up the e coast an going over the canal and everyone (the models) agrees except the euro. It's a rare synoptic snowfall that happens in VT as opposed to the nickel and dime. Hey Eyewall, it usually overperforms with a low froude number < .5 that indicates blocked and hit the cpv on the backside. You get shadowed initially in the easterly flow but then that blocked flow equals bonus snow. You might get more Thurs into Sat than you get weds. Either way I love you all. Also as a met you are even more weenie than me eyewall, knock it off and move to the Garfield area of Morrisville\Hyde Park if you want snow.
  12. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    yup crazy squall leaving Stowe tonight around 6:45 (lower village)
  13. dmcginvt

    NNE Spring Thread

    will confirm 4 inches in the village of waterbury,
  14. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    Damn, wish I knew you were coming, I would have had you bring some snapper soup and cape may salts from the lobster house
  15. dmcginvt

    NNE Winter Thread

    Just drove from Stowe to Waterbury, confirmed cranking and simply lovely out there. Roads in good shape though, the boys in big orange trucks are doing a fine job. Also from the AFD, this line is great! GEM/GFS and ECMWF show favorable upslope flow of 25 to 35 knots and plenty of deep moisture across our region on Thursday...so free refills along the western slopes and northern dacks looks likely.