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  1. What's your earliest date of fall snow Jspin. We get October snow down south, do you get Sept snow?
  2. I didn't submit a bid this time, had no feeling for who could win and looking at the leaderboard I think I saved $20.
  3. I was just down at the Maya Riviera, beautiful down there too.
  4. Isn't red mulch chopped up pallets dyed red?
  5. Im hooked too, my favorite part is when they build the shelters, some are really nice and some are simple.
  6. This post didn't age well although they got to the bullpen again and are up.
  7. The business they gain from that move will pay off in spades.
  8. I have a brother in law from Billlerica, heavy heavy accent, almost sounds like Billwicka
  9. Hottest place on earth today U.S. likely claims hottest place on Earth as heat tightens grip on more than 100 million (yahoo.com)
  10. You're not sweating, must be a dry heat.
  11. They're terrible this year, spray before you go outside, even in the lawn unless it's treated.
  12. Not sure what I got total but it poured for awhile.