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  1. Had them a month ago, I put down WP Demon around the perimeter of my house and havent seen any since.
  2. Miller lite or Bud light will do, had a couple tonight after golf.
  3. Im surprised at what you guys pay for electric in Connecticut, takes me two months of running the AC to get a bill you guys get in a month.
  4. Similar to what my wife's company is doing, one week she'll go in for 2 days and 3 from home then 3 in and 2 from home.
  5. The center is near you now isn't it?
  6. Lost a lot of meat after one power outage, have a good size genny now, its something you don't think of but its a waste of good food and money.
  7. Bring it to my house, I can keep you busy for a day.
  8. If I only had a smoker, its going in the wood stove so it will have a purpose.
  9. Just surveyed the damage in my yard, a good size maple came down and my weeping cherry is really weeping, not much left but the trunk and a few branches. Gonna need the chainsaw this weekend.
  10. I was saying the same thing them Bam! sideways rain then when the sun came out the wind was pretty good. My yard is a mess with branches, no trees down yet.
  11. Should have paid more attention to this, been busy and figured it was a miss, I should have checked the genny and got it ready. Maybe I scramble tomorrow.
  12. During the 15 snow blitz they had some of the deepest snow in the region.
  13. You down to two Pits and one Pit on the market, you must be buying another Pit?