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  1. At least it looks and feels like winter
  2. Just started here too, another day, another coating
  3. I'm white, maybe 1/4 inch but looks like winter. Be nice to get a thicker pack though.
  4. You got a healthy pack now, it wasn't long ago it was 5-6 inches.
  5. Same in Worcester, three deckers were going for 100k in 08-10 and now they're 500K+, rents have doubled since then, I know a couple of smart guys that bought 10 and the other guy bought 12 for 100K and under, now they're living la vida loca. You could have bought 1 or 2 and doing well right now, I kick myself.
  6. Gonna have to spend a weekend at powderfreak land soon, need to see some winter and the wife needs a weekend away.
  7. Anyone else just get the accuweather channel? Just got it this week on my cable package. Don't know yet if its better than the weather channel.
  8. I agree with that, that area is certainly different than where I work in central Mass and western Mass is a different market then cent Mass.
  9. Nice flurry in sturbridge earlier, whitened the ground and roads were slippery. Looked like winter.
  10. Dont know about 5 years, these boom periods generally last 5 years and we're almost 5 years now. People have short memories but I'll admit this latest boom is different
  11. If I knew that I'd be a millionaire, guess is this spring.
  12. We caught a lot of pike but I wouldn't eat them, was afraid to choke on a bone.
  13. Same here, more buyers than sellers, so if you sell your place for a nice price you have to pay for your new place and you have a lot of competition. If you could sell and find a rental or temporary place to live you could wait it out and buy back when things cool down. I;ve seen this cycle play out a few times in my career and it's always the same story albeit on a larger scale each time.
  14. Yeah, they made it much harder to break in, after you do all the course work you need to be a trainee and the problem is finding someone who has time to train you. There were plenty of appraisers back in the 2001-2005 boom but after the slowdown half of them left the profession. It was good for the one's that stayed because it was less volume but only 50% of appraisers still working. During that time they made the requirements much more stringent.