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  1. Super windy out right now. I've been trying some IPA's and to my surprise there's quite a few I like. Almost all bars and restaurants have a good selection now.
  2. Can't buy it in Mass so I bought some when I was in Maine. Problem is its poison for cats so if you have cats you have to be real careful.
  3. Do you treat your clothes before you go out? They also have hunting clothes that are treated so you went get ticks.
  4. He'll do a total 180 when things start going our way.
  5. I'm surprised more people just don't grow it, I'm in tons of houses every year and I see a few people growing. I don't use it but if I did my cheap ass would grow it.
  6. So, you're not happy because the models look good two weeks out because it might not happen, but would you be unhappy if they looked terrible two weeks out?
  7. They were making money by the truck full when they first opened.
  8. The backstraps are good, the rest my cousin makes burgers, sausage and stews, I don't hunt but he does.
  9. Don't need records, just below average cold will do.
  10. You guys have ice on your ponds? We have a thin coat down here.
  11. I was born April 2nd so not sure I can count the April Fools storm, my father said the day I was born was an ice storm. Maybe why I like winter weather so much.
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