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  1. Same here, I had a dead hickory come down in a wind storm and its not rotten, it got hit by lightning and is still solid. My brother is in the process of having trees taking down, hickory, oak, ash and cherry, I should be all set for at least two years once I get everything cut and split. All free, well except for my labor and chainsaw gas. I still have a few standing dead in my yard, if I get ambitious this summer I have a couple more cords there.
  2. I've been hearing that too but don't have a scientific survey to confirm. I haven't had it so my shot so should be a piece of cake.
  3. I agree with that 100%, if we're talking this generation. All time its Orr, Bird, Pedro, Brady.
  4. I had -18 after yesterday I didn't there was a chance.
  5. I only have three guys who made the cut, I have Spieth and he's near the top but even if he wins I dont have enough.
  6. I remember on a par 3 sliced my tee shot into the tall grass, while i was in there looking for my ball I found a fairly new putter.
  7. Haven't we've been hearing that people that have had covid have had problems with the vaccine?
  8. Greens are slick, I saw one guy putting for an eagle from about 30 feet, he just tapped the ball and it zoomed past the hole, off the green into the water. He ended up going from putting for eagle to a bogey.
  9. My wife wants to go back just a couple days so she can hang out with her friends from work, they go out for lunch and dinner a lot so she kind of misses that. I wouldn't mind having the house to myself a couple days a week either. I've been home full time since 2006.
  10. Football players are always banging heads, hockey players take mostly body shots, but I don't think they're immune, look what happened to Mark Savard, had to quit at a young age from so many concussions.
  11. My wife's more productive working from home and so are her coworkers, the company is just going to have them on site two days a week starting in June and they may stay at that permanently.
  12. My picks are not looking good at this point. eh it's only $20.
  13. Oops WATCH: Rory McIlroy hits his dad with errant approach shot at Masters (golf.com)
  14. After Aaron Hernandez hung himself they studied his brain and he has CTE, I think they said it was pretty advanced and he was only 27.