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  1. I was wondering the same thing, is it a barn?
  2. Fished there many times, it is beautiful but I'm aware of the history.
  3. Looks awesome for the price, Im sure Will or Dendrite know more about the snow chances.
  4. Kind of humid tonight, enough of this.
  5. Mass has outlawed flavored tobacco, skoal and the others, but they still sell the ones with no flavor.
  6. Im still picking tomatoes and peppers, Im high, not as high as you but havent radiated enough to get below 32.
  7. A couple years ago there was a fire at a wood pellet factory in Canada, needless to say that lasted a good while.
  8. You probably only need another 3 feet, I have seen 3 feet make a world of difference.
  9. I just picked quite a few too, made a good chili. Got a good drenching today though.
  10. Those elm stoves throw some heat, the window is a pie plate. My BK burned long but was undersized ffor my house, the PH is the highest BTU stove I could fin d with a 6 inch flue. I get 12+ hour burns in shoulder season but mid winter I do a full load overnight, 1/2-2/3 load at about 11am and the load it full in the afternoon. Burn usually 4 cords, 2015 I burned 5 but that was a brutal (but great) stretch at the end.
  11. Sugar maple is great firewood. I got two cords one year.
  12. What do you have for a stove? I used to have a Blaze King Princess and switched to a Woodstock Progress Hybrid Soapstone. Both are great stoves.