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  1. I heard there's a protest in Webster MA this Saturday, not sure where it is. My sister in law lives there's Ill try and get an updated from her.
  2. The restaurants in downtown Putnam have been doing well, they have a lot of outdoor space and they've been packed on Fridays and weekends. We've been out last couple of weekends, felt good to go out and have a meal.
  3. My neighbors well ran dry about 10 years ago, cost him $4,000 for a new one, they went down 250 feet.
  4. Yeah, that's not a big deal, have the family over for a cookout, don't hug no biggie.
  5. I see quite a few people wearing masks around here that doesn't cover their nose.
  6. I just said the same thing to my wife
  7. Your stuck holding a bag full of worthless stock.
  8. Yeah, but Ill be watching, went out to dinner tonight, felt great to have a nice meal outside, weather was great.
  9. When's the estimated start Whiz? I read about the format, couldn't find a date for starting.
  10. Wait for the next covid check
  11. You think he would change course seeing what's happening.
  12. I dont eat donuts anymore but when I did I always hit Congdons, my sister lives down the road
  13. Lets get out there and if people use their heads things should be ok. I think most people are on board now, up until last week I still saw a lot of people without masks, I even saw people without masks after the fining period.
  14. The weekend is not the time to go, I try and go on times like late Tues or weds morning or even early afternoon and it hasn't been bad, the weekends are not worth waiting in line for me.