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  1. I almost pulled the trigger on the Ford last year but decided to wait another year or two, I'll be keeping an eye out for a used Tacoma in the meantime, maybe I'll get lucky. I liked the Ford for the same reasons you just stated.
  2. I have an area like that between me and my neighbor, he said it's an underground spring. We both use that area to dump leaves and branches because it's too soggy to grow grass.
  3. I have rain with cat paws mixed in at 40
  4. One of the dogs I got as a puppy was afraid to go down stairs, even when she was older and 70lbs she was hesitant.
  5. What a dichotomy between southern NE and Northern NE, you guys ended up with an OK winter and we had a dud.
  6. Or hit the wrong part of the bat, that's a stinger.
  7. I had a couple 6's and they were just as good as the 4's in my opinion, I think I had 3 of the 4s and 2 of the 6s. The gas mileage on the 6 was the same as the 4's or maybe 1 mpg less.
  8. That's all I've owned since 1991, never had a problem unless you count the drunk driver that totaled one and a huge deer totaled another. I think it was 2019 or 2020 Toyota came out with the two door but only for that one year. If I can one of them on the market, I might get one.
  9. I second this post, give us a taste of Winter Wolfie.
  10. I have a wild violet problem, nothing I've tried has worked , best I've done is limit them spreading. Anyone know how to take care of them?
  11. I'm at 45 right now, should I wait for 50 to put some seed down?
  12. One of the places I have on my list of places to visit. Did Colorado last year so this might be next. I'd like to go in winter but have to see the Park.
  13. Ive been doing it every weekend, it's my Sunday chore.
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