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  1. Gypsy moths creamed my white birch last year, only had two branches with leafs this year, I give it one more year and its firewood.
  2. Ha, we did the same thing at grammar school, there was a row of chestnuts and we'd throw sticks to knock them down and have chestnut fights, fun times until someone got hit in the eye.
  3. No no we don't want that jinx snow, save it for true winter
  4. Rain doesn't affect my well water but my well is 300' deep, is yours shallow?
  5. Put a little honey on your ding ding and stick it in the nest, you will get your answer.
  6. I drove from Palmer to Sturbridge staying in the storm the whole time, good lightning show but didn't see hail
  7. Was wondering that myself but not according to the HRRR
  8. One of my favorites in the area, we have our tournament there quite often.
  9. Always cooler up there, 800+ feet elevation, I worked at Old Sturbridge Village back in those days.
  10. Town beach is located on Muddy Pond, Lake Bungee has a lot of homes on it so I took a guess.
  11. They gave both teams a shot in the ninth to end it and neither did, its over for tonight.