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  1. Once again they slip north of me, I just want a little water for the grass and plants.
  2. Again, tstorms going north of me, looks like Worcester gets hit.
  3. What are your symptoms? Second time I got it, symptoms were milder than the first time.
  4. Probably sweated a lot, need to replenish with some ice cold beers.
  5. Seems all these showers that pop up find a way to miss me, got a sprinkle yesterday but anything meaningful has missed north or south.
  6. That's the time when we usually golf, before the heat and crowds hit, only thing is we have to travel to a mid point somewhere.
  7. I did something similar and has healed a bit but still have pain. May have to look into some type of surgery at this point. I haven't golfed in a year because of it, really annoying.
  8. Looks like we dry out for a while starting Thursday, would like a nice low humidity day to do some yard work.
  9. You seem to be a pretty good golfer, maybe we can hook up some time with Ken and Iceberg
  10. Getting there, going to hit some balls on the range this week.
  11. If you haven't tried it yet I suggest dinner at Ports of Italy, awesome place.
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