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  1. I was there for a couple days before an Alaska cruise in June and it was also drizzly for both days. On the way back from the cruise it was a 70 degree sunny day, that was the day we went home.
  2. I watched one of those shows, lucky to be alive or something like that and a guy out west fell head first into a hole near a tree. He couldn't move but got damn lucky someone later in the day noticed something sticking out of the snow and he got help and he got out. That has to be a terrifying way to go.
  3. Used to ski there all the time when I was in School, they had night skiing, so we'd go after class, 45 minutes away and get a few good runs in. This was back in the 80s so we had to go when we got some snow. Fun little mountain.
  4. Did you ever head up higher to experience the big snows?
  5. He's pissed at the bad winter and is taking it out on him like a child would.
  6. Imagine hours of 5 inches per hour? You can get over two feet between breakfast and lunch.
  7. I would too, road trip but you'd have to be there a couple days in advance, no one's getting there now.
  8. With high winds, that's a real blizzard.
  9. I used flex seal to block a leak on my stone fireplace, it's help up well. Depending on the size of your leaks you might be better of using flex seal, flex tape should work too.
  10. Not sure what the gusts were but there was a lot of debris on the road on my way home tonight, even saw a few trees down on the side of the road. Dropped 12 degrees in the last hour.
  11. That was a popular thing to do back then.
  12. Wild ride coming home tonight, tree branches and trees in the road. My yard's gonna be a mess tomorrow when I get up.
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