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  1. That should get Wolfie off the Tobin for now
  2. All vehicles have problems/recalls, its how they handle it that counts.
  3. Long time ago and they either paid you above market value for your vehicle or repaired it depending on the year. If Toyota makes a mistake they more than make up for it, in my experience.
  4. I'm a bit short this year, could use a couple cord, how far you deliver.? Looks like a few chances coming up in the next two weeks, things are bound to bounce our way eventually.
  5. Toyota Tacoma, have had 5 of them, best vehicles I've ever owned.
  6. The Brock Star, is he staying with the sox? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. I was wearing tshirts first week if March, dont think that will happen this year.
  8. You guys give up to easily, still time left for us.
  9. This is not the overly optimistic James I'm used to reading.
  10. A front coming through with squalls, I'm having some here too.
  11. Just made it to 4, typical SWFE.
  12. Just under 4 inches, temp has creeped up to 27, just light snow so might hit 4 for the final.