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  1. It's amazing what the ancient romans accomplished at the time.
  2. Nada here, got dark and looked like we had something coming but everything was north.
  3. I haven't played it in a while but always liked it, fast greens from what I remember.
  4. Here's some cams in Nantucket Nantucket Live Video Streaming Webcams of the Island
  5. It woke me up, it seemed most of it was south of me but we had a few rumbles here.
  6. A little more expensive but it's a great course, the new owner really did a great job with the course. We've had a couple of our year end tournaments there and it's a great course. I'm down for either.
  7. I'll go to the Ranch but if you want a suggestion for NE guys, Thompson Raceway, I think someone already mentioned the course earlier, nice 18 hole course with good burgers. I'm in anyplace you guys decide.
  8. Even if the high heat and humidity comes it won't last long, it's been a pleasant year to golf, only had one hot day.
  9. Front is 35, back is 36, bogey golf is an average night for me as depicted by my handicap, have broke 40 a few times but have also broken 50 on a terrible night. Last 3 weeks have been 41, 50, 41, good weather tonight so hoping I play better.
  10. Same thing happened to my brother in law, it grew in a pile of grass clippings
  11. Yes, there's four lanes and the lane to the left is only for those with an express pass. There would be traffic going slow and packed in the other three lanes and hardly anyone in the express lane so you can fly with the pass. It was worth it for the week, I'd have to ask my wife what it costs but maybe it's expensive for people that live there because there wasn't many people in that lane.
  12. If I did it again I'd do it the way you're doing it, we were tied to one spot so Rocky National Park was over two hours away, would have spent a night or two there if I wasn't booked in Denver the whole time. Boulder's a cool town, went to Colorado Springs, Pike's Peak and Red Rock. Also caught a ball game at Coors Field. Beautiful Park with plenty of leg room. Get the Express option for the highway, makes travel much quicker, worth every penny.
  13. Good idea, and I think the location is convenient for a lot of posters.
  14. We went in May, we had a few days in the 70's and two days in the 30's for highs with one day spitting snow all in Denver. The towns in a little higher elevations had several inches of snow.
  15. How long you going for Dave? We went the first week of May for 8 days, stayed in the Southern part of Denver, there's so much to see there we couldn't possibly cover it all in 8 days.
  16. Even Tiger used to do that, if he was hitting his 3 wood great that day he would set up where he could use it more often, it's a good strategy to score better.
  17. My sisters company had seats in the State Street Pavillion and behind the dugout, those are the best seats Ive ever had to watch the game. Almost every other seat sucked so no argument from me. Even the Monster seats have a big blind spot and they're very expensive.
  18. Went to a DH in the 70's with 3 friends, we had to wait in line because it was first come first serve and you saw both games for the price of one. Our seats were almost at the top maybe 3-4 rows below. It was high 90's and humid, we were drinking beer, btw were much cheaper back then and took our shirts off due to the heat. I paid for that move for a few days afterwards, I was burnt to a crisp and hungover from the cheap beer.
  19. Didn't see him there today so I'm not sure.
  20. Went to the Woodstock Winery/Brewery, Taylor Brooke, great beers and good wine, they had a food truck and live entertainment. Came home with a pack of Sash Away, a berry wine, very tasty.
  21. See the lone shower in your area, still sunny here.
  22. I had the right club and talked myself out of it, stupid, always go with your first inclination.
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