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  1. I noticed several species in my yard, red ones, brown ones white ones, all look poisonous except some of the white ones.
  2. When I went fishing in June in New York the deckhand bought a new truck last year. He was offered 10g more than he paid from the dealer, he declined because he knew he couldn't replace it.
  3. I did too, they were fat and juicy, had too many, the animals got some, maybe I should have made some wine.
  4. is that lobster, scallops and calamari?
  5. In the ten miles I drove it went from downpour to almost nothing back to downpour, very streaky.
  6. They don't need much space to squeeze in, the problem is you don't know how big the nest is since it's hidden.
  7. With mushrooms it's the steak and everything, I guess you would hold the peppers.
  8. They're still in town, just a different spot, Zoe's Pizza is there now, Dryslot reminded me of them because I used to get a steak, cheese, pepper and onion grinder all the time.
  9. Sprint interval training? That's what I do, it's helped immensely getting me into shape.
  10. Same here, don't like milk, never drank it even when I was a kid, I like yogurt and have a little red meat now and then. Mostly fish and chicken for meat. My wife's really into eating healthy so I am by association.
  11. It's admirable what you do but you can still get good exercise not getting up at 4:30 am and a slice of pizza every now and then won't kill you.
  12. I've had pigs feet, lambs tongue, frog legs but I draw the line somewhere.
  13. Pretty sure I won't try the haggis, I'm italian and I used to work at a restaurant that had tripe on the menu, never tried it and never will.
  14. Same thing with me, the Doc called it something else but that's what it is.
  15. We plan on going to in a year or two, we've been to England a couple times, want to see Ireland and Scotland, maybe Wales if there's time.
  16. Same here, my sister comes close so I look forward to that when I visit her in Maine.
  17. Sox have control of his contract for two more years
  18. Dumb play by the center fielder there
  19. Damn, so close, that would have cost you some money if the clubhouse was full. I'd gladly dish out $200-300 in drinks for a hole in one.
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