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  1. Some will get a couple inches, this winter that's something.
  2. I'm 36 but I see lower temps south of me MesoWest Surface Weather Maps (utah.edu)
  3. I think I might get in on a couple inches, I like to have a pack even a small pack when the arctic air comes blowing through. Looks good for Kevin and Ginxy.
  4. I had a lab that always did that in the snow too, she loved snow, I remember getting some 20 inch storms and I'd open the door and they'd be a big drift in front and she would just plow through and run all around, miss that dog so much, bigger snow wienie than me.
  5. Sometimes you get good news, you wouldn't believe the amount I spent at Tufts last year for our pets and none turned out well.
  6. I'll take 1-2 and like it, gotta take what we can get this year while we hope and pray for a bomb. CMC doesn't look too bad for the next 10 days.
  7. I have about 2 inches of crusty snow but the towns north me with higher elevation have decent snow covering and the snow was blowing around yesterday. I love those days when snow blows and drifts and its cold, that's winter.
  8. One year I bought Blizzak snow tires for my Toyota Tacoma, I could go through two feet of snow with those tires with no problem but it costs $500 for 4 so I stick with all season now.
  9. My first car was a 72 Torino, red with a black Landau top, loved that car.
  10. Place we went last year in Vermont was $140 for 2 hours, I'd like to buy one but not sure I would use it enough to justify the cost.
  11. I tried to scrape my driveway the best I could but still ended up with a coating of ice and last night a half inch fell on top. I think it melts tomorrow but slippery out there today.
  12. The met on Spectrum this morning did the same thing about this weekend. Didn't even mention the Thursday possibility.
  13. I'd like to have an inch or two before the cold blast gets here.
  14. The half inch I got tonight is going to do a good job of covering up black ice.
  15. First time I ever heard taint was from Dennis Leary but he wasn't talking about weather.
  16. All iced up and it's snowing lightly, looks to be expanding on radar, maybe pick up a half inch if I'm lucky.
  17. I have a bout the same size pack before this storm, only now its waterlogged and going to turn to ice.
  18. We don't want a direct hit right now, it's got time to make it's moves.
  19. I'm going to have ice too but at least it won't be an inch thick.
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