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  1. I see why the Mainers think it's a bad year, they're way below average while we're above here in southern New England. Jan sucked but had a pack most of Feb although not a big pack. Jan being a dud makes me look at it as a bad year but overall I guess not.
  2. What do you usually do when you lose one?
  3. I remember doing a house in Wilbraham in 1993 and the snow was up to my waist, I was younger then so got through. I had to use snow shoes in 2015 to get around houses.
  4. Italy is great, I have family there but travelled all the way from Naples to Venice. My wife went to Iceland with a friend and wants mw to go there with her, not that expensive either.
  5. The Dicks near me has an indoor range where you can try clubs and get fitted. Probably not open now with covid, I noticed the closed the putting area.
  6. I have to get one of those. how many KW is yours?
  7. Have you been to the new one in Woodstock CT?
  8. I love that, didn't get snow here last night so just howling winds and I'm gonna guess a hundred branches to pick up later.
  9. Congrats Ray, how many you plan on having?
  10. Sure, I've bought a couple sets there and woods, now we have a Golfers Warehouse too but seems to be about the same prices so I buy at both places.
  11. My house must be well insulated, I only hear anything when I open the door and its roaring.
  12. That's awesome, they're just missing me to the south.
  13. I should pick up some more firewood tomorrow by the sound of the wind. Got the chainsaw ready.
  14. Down to 28, haven't seen a flake yet but looks like I might soon.
  15. Winds are roaring here, the models had me right in the thick of it.
  16. My golf partner has the Epic, its a nice club, he hits it well.
  17. 07 sucked too, 18 inch pack on Christmas Eve down to bare ground Christmas day. I remember going to my BIL's on Christmas eve in the pouring rain carrying gifts.
  18. Will, do you think Central Mass gets in on those squalls?
  19. Wasn't there a guy looking to move into the Worcester area and wanted a good spot, I'd target Paxton, I've been in rain and when I get to Paxton its frozen in April so not surprised they get more and it's not too far from Worcester.
  20. I was in Paxton this afternoon, they still have a great snow pack with good piles, looks better than the pic Will posted of Winter Hill