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  1. He was pissed last night along with some other guys; Bill hasn't done a good job with coaches giving these guys a chance to succeed.
  2. Happy Birthday Jerry, wish you had snow to celebrate
  3. That would be a good solid coating and give us the winter vibe.
  4. When something good pops up it's going to come out of nowhere a few days before. We just watch and wait.
  5. While you're dreaming why don't you have this storm stall off the coast and snow til New Year's Eve.
  6. I remember the night before when the GFS came out you guys were high fiving, and we were all saying WTF.
  7. Just in time for the grinch storm to wipe out our pack
  8. Lucky, don't have much of that around here, got about 1/4 cord one year.
  9. No, bare ground at your place near the coast 2-3 feet inland, we get it.
  10. Didn't it snow on the day of one of the GTG's?
  11. I just want a good solid cover for the Holidays, 6-12 would be good, more is better, I like bone chilling cold, I know a lot of you guys don't but single digits at night with snow cover is great. Of course, I'd like 2015 to happen in December and last til March but that's not gonna happen.
  12. There's some good firewood, is it black locust?
  13. I was just in an unlucky spot for the Boxing day storm, overall it wasn't a bad storm. I'd take my chances with another one like it.
  14. Super windy out right now. I've been trying some IPA's and to my surprise there's quite a few I like. Almost all bars and restaurants have a good selection now.
  15. Can't buy it in Mass so I bought some when I was in Maine. Problem is its poison for cats so if you have cats you have to be real careful.
  16. Do you treat your clothes before you go out? They also have hunting clothes that are treated so you went get ticks.
  17. Is there still a black market for weed?
  18. He'll do a total 180 when things start going our way.
  19. I'm surprised more people just don't grow it, I'm in tons of houses every year and I see a few people growing. I don't use it but if I did my cheap ass would grow it.
  20. So, you're not happy because the models look good two weeks out because it might not happen, but would you be unhappy if they looked terrible two weeks out?
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