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  1. Starting to see some oranges and reds and yellow, not there yet but the peepers will be out this weekend in Sturbridge.
  2. I wouldn't put money on the Sox but Cole's been getting hit lately, unless he faces the Sox. Could be a good game tonight if Evoldi has his stuff.
  3. Kidney stones are more in the groin and side, I passed 11 of those bastiges and had one zapped, not sure they can be confused with back pain.
  4. What a game for the Sox, Yanks and Sox Tuesday, none of these silly tie breaking games.
  5. My wife bought some back massager thinga-majiggy and it gives her relief for awhile but the pain keeps coming back. You made need a chiro too.
  6. Seems the worst that can happen is they have a play-in game with Seattle or Toronto.
  7. My wife's been complaining about the same thing, she went to the doctor, next is x-rays and a chiropractor, she thinks pinched nerve but hard to tell without x-rays.
  8. Quite the wild card race, coming down to the last day.
  9. My wife turned the heat on tonight, said it was too cold this morning, pretty early to turn it on, I think its usually in the middle of October average wise.
  10. I remember getting a frozen ass sitting on those aluminum benches back in the 70's. Went to a game in December after a foot of snow fell and they didn't clear the snow, just brushed it off the benches, coldest I've ever been I think and I've camped out in below zero weather. At least I had a fire camping.
  11. Some decent storms coming through now, looks like for awhile.
  12. Are they mini because it's early or does it mean something? I have a ton on my street, I'm turning them into much driving over them.
  13. I noticed several species in my yard, red ones, brown ones white ones, all look poisonous except some of the white ones.
  14. When I went fishing in June in New York the deckhand bought a new truck last year. He was offered 10g more than he paid from the dealer, he declined because he knew he couldn't replace it.
  15. I did too, they were fat and juicy, had too many, the animals got some, maybe I should have made some wine.
  16. is that lobster, scallops and calamari?
  17. In the ten miles I drove it went from downpour to almost nothing back to downpour, very streaky.
  18. They don't need much space to squeeze in, the problem is you don't know how big the nest is since it's hidden.
  19. With mushrooms it's the steak and everything, I guess you would hold the peppers.
  20. They're still in town, just a different spot, Zoe's Pizza is there now, Dryslot reminded me of them because I used to get a steak, cheese, pepper and onion grinder all the time.
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