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  1. I pray for that. Couple of years it was 40 and drizzle and it was miserable as much as I love golf. Hoping to hit the nice days in between the glop this year.
  2. Going to have to wear my winter gloves for golf I think. As long as there's no drizzle it's not too bad.
  3. Funny you say that because I'm similar, I seemed to lose it and struggle through August but usually find it again by the end of the year.
  4. Only a wienie would have a dream like that, I had a dream too but I won't post the details.
  5. Projected low of 26, 34 right now, have the wood stove cranking.
  6. Good way to look at it but I pick up the bad habits easy, I'm going to try and hit the range more often this year, really helped my game when I used to stop by a couple times and week and hit a bucket.
  7. Seems the first couple of weeks I stay true to fundamentals, nice easy swing, slow everything down. Then after a decent round or two I try ramping it up and it ends up making things worse.
  8. My wife just her second one last friday, she felt like she the flu for a day.
  9. Have you've seen the tic prices for Sox opening day? Crazy
  10. 1976 got snowed out. I was laying in a hospital bed in Boston sox looking forward to watching the game.
  11. Or maybe Oregon or Washington state. I like 80 and dry, don't even mind 90+ and dry, just hate humidity.
  12. I have an accurate, got it for Chritmas one year, it's pretty decent.
  13. Going to have to look at big ones to get a clean look otherwise the shroud wont cover the opening. You could always manufacture something out of metal if you have to.
  14. Couple of questions, how much heat do you want from the stove, main heating or supplementary;? How big is your fireplace? Mines big so I could a free stander in front and vent it up the flue, I get much more heat than my smaller blaze king insert and I like the looks better. One of my favorite inserts is the PE Summit, one of the best stoves on the market.
  15. My uncle and his friend out in Conn one year at this time of year, walked onto the middle of the pond and fished, called it a day and when they got near shore there was about 6 feet of open water sale place they walked on ice that morning, they their gear across the water and just walked through it.
  16. I went into a house once that had water up to the top basement step, I almost walked into it but caught it in time. Indoor swimming pool.
  17. It's the excess power your panels make, they buy it back.
  18. I think that's all included, I've been to quite a few houses since they came out and that's about what they all tell me they cost give a take a few thousand. I'm looking into too, even if you broke even on your electric bill for 5 years you still get free power after 5 years and a lot of people tell me they get money back.
  19. Keep in mind the upped the regs for wood stove efficiency this year so a brand that was good might not be as good as before until they work the kinks out. Jotul is a good brand. I/m not crazy about VC but their Montpelier is good, regency makes a good stove, Pacific Energy has a good reputation. I used to own a Blaze King insert and loved it. I have a Woodstove Progress Hybrid now buts it's a free stander. hearth.com will have reviews of every stove ever made.
  20. I thought the same thing Dave wasn't sure how to look it up either.
  21. That's a Tesla home battery, with some of those you don't need a generator, also if its cloudy and you don't produce much solar gain you can have the excess stored from the more sunny days.
  22. I've come to the conclusion that's the way to go, not many people knew but Fannie Mae was giving out 5 year 0% loans to install solar.
  23. You have a whole house stand by?