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  1. Its the one with the tee up high and you're looking down at the green. Looks like the price went down from 10 years ago.
  2. Did you stop at Stowe while you were up there?
  3. I lost 5 big hemlocks to that, 4-5 years ago.
  4. Good idea, or you could put naked girls on your screen like the rest of us
  5. Im pretty sure I saw a show on her missing, it is a weird story.
  6. I guess I can spend Sunday with my wife, we'll try another weekend.
  7. I think some parts of the park are over 11k, I started feeling it at about 8k driving up Pikes at one of the stop offs.
  8. Yes, won two tournaments there, won a shirt and a pair of golf shoes, very nice course. Wait til you see one of the par 3s, my partner hit the cup on a fly and took a chunk of grass from around the hole, it ended up 3 inches from the cup.
  9. I got attacked by a few yesterday when I was out on appts, boy they are annoying.
  10. Maybe buy a can of oxygen before you go up, I couldn't take 5 steps without being out of breath when I got up top.
  11. Decent score, most of those tournaments come down to putting, if you can hit 2-3 long putts you can win.
  12. Decent downpour with some wind and a little lightning, nothing big but a good drink for the lawn.
  13. I see a line developing, will it hold together to make it down here?
  14. If we need a 4th I may have someone, hopefully though we get 4 from the board.
  15. There's been some chilly mornings, I don't put on the heat but put on a sweatshirt when I get out of bed.
  16. Plenty of room still for a vehicle, my SIL freaked out when I drove up to the top. My wife and sister had anxiety when I drove up Pikes Peak.
  17. I'm in if we get enough guys, that course is usually in great shape, they take good care of it. One of my favorite courses in my area, a little expensive but you get what you pay for.
  18. Get some plumbing tape and take it off and put it back on with tape.
  19. Surprised they didnt find you in a backyard in Windsor
  20. He had a full head of hair but was fat and probably sweaty.
  21. That's not Omaha, I've had those guys come by my house with the same bull line, I like your vegetarian line, I'll have to use it next time one of those clowns drops by. Omaha's a reputable company with a great product, they don't operate like that.
  22. I laughed at that one too, what are the odds? 1000 to 1.
  23. I miss hit a drive yesterday and hit a low line drive, it ended up almost where my good drives do.
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