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  1. I got nada, the models were pretty accurate having the cut off just south of me.
  2. I agree with all of that except I think Dale's older and wanted to cut back, his kids are grown so no college to pay for and he's got the Bruins gig.
  3. Happy Bday Wolfie, lets hope you get some snow for your Bday
  4. Strip joints up here are closed, social distancing and all.
  5. The sucky January made it worse even though the records will show it was average.
  6. Im usually on the road between 10-2 and I listen to Zoe and Bertrand, agree with you on the other guys, Mazz the spazz is unlistenable.
  7. I didn't know any either, knew some of the country and I listen to sports radio all day.
  8. My wife has a pretty good stack of 70's albums that she's hung onto, maybe I should try craigslist.
  9. Looks more active towards the second half of the month, probably rain.
  10. My nephew sent pics from this afternoon from Longmont, looks like about 20 and still snowing.
  11. Agree, that's an awesome photo taken at the right time.
  12. Still winter in the north, hoping to get a squall or flurry here.
  13. I see that on radar, looks like snow showers are coming into our area.
  14. I remember going to the Worcester Centrum to watch him on a closed circuit fight, he should have got the decision but didn't.
  15. My nephew in Colorado is getting pounded right now, not sure if he'll get the 5 feet but 2-3 looks like a given.
  16. Somebody tossed a cig butt into the mulch?
  17. I think he's doing the reverse psychology thing, works sometimes
  18. I thought you were a couple inches below you low range?
  19. I agree, another 10-12 inches and we're at a C, also you would have nailed it this winter even though I think at this point you pretty much did. Now get us to 100+ next winter.
  20. My nephew is right there, lucky dude