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  1. I think I had my deepest pack that year, too bad we had the melt but my driveway piles would have made Kevin envious.
  2. Got that on my phone this morning for my area too.
  3. Thought I was going to get caught before I finished but the lines moving slow, it did get windy for a little while.
  4. Can the Sox give the Rays some payback with a 7-1 deficit?
  5. Neither of us WS caliber, agree with you on that point.
  6. But if they win you look at you differently, don't you?
  7. Been horrible all year, let's see if they can pull one out of their ass
  8. Hit my ball near one of those in Myrtle Beach, it was a new Pro V1 but I let him have it and dropped.
  9. Crist on a cracker, can't they make a game easy to watch, they're all nail biters. Give Otto some rest, he's toast right now.
  10. Wow is right, the sun can be brutal, I remember sitting in the right field box seats in a day game and couldn't believe how the right fielder could see a fly ball, it's brutal. That said Sale wasn't on today, gave up too many baserunners.
  11. I remember Garciaparra used to get criticized for swinging at the first pitch but he had a 400+ avg when he did. Not always a bad thing.
  12. My wife was talking about this earlier, I guess she saw something on the news. We're looking for our retirement spot and we'd rather move north than south, 90% sure it will be somewhere in Maine but keeping an open mind.
  13. I accidently found the forum doing a search for models and this site came up, I jumped on board and learned 100 times more than I knew in a year from all the smart posters here.
  14. There's a lot more of us than I thought, when I was a kid I was the only weather nut in the neighborhood.
  15. I used to run a dethatcher across my lawn with my tractor, used to make a difference, I should get my lazy ass out there and do it again.
  16. You've come a long was since I first met you Grasshopper, you're doing well for yourself.
  17. They're a bit short on relievers this year, maybe next year we can get a couple more solid arms and another good positional player with a bat. Starters looking ok next year but wouldn't hurt to sign another good arm.
  18. Big win for the Sox tonight, 1/2 game behind the Yanks and 4 up for last wild card spot.
  19. Was in your area last week, we stayed in Boothbay. Really like the area too.
  20. I feel old, 60, looking for a retirement location, we have Maine picked out just looking for the best spot.
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