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  1. It's a great system but expensive to install. What you getting for a wood stove Spanks?
  2. Ticks too, been pulling 2-3 a day off my cat, don't want those little bastages in my house.
  3. My sister in Maine had the Mitsubishi's installed a couple years ago. Her furnace broke down and she used them for heat. She got the furnace fixed but I keep telling her to use the mini-splits instead of the furnace.. She has a nice wood stove too that helps quite a bit.
  4. Did a glider ride in Stowe a couple years ago, its not only claustrophobic I left my stomach somewhere in the hills. He started off slowly gliding then started swooping around. Overall fun but won't do it again.
  5. Looking forward to Rays winter outlook, I have a feeling he might say early winter moderating Jan into Feb.
  6. Definitely a nip in the air once the sun goes down. Fall's here, just need a good frost.
  7. Don't forgot tons of acorns, caterpillars and fat squirrels.
  8. Lucky you didn't catch any of the spray, I almost did trying to get my dog away from the skunk. BTW good Pat's game or should I say interesting game?
  9. Might be time to take a weekend and go up, last time I went in October the top half of the mountain was white.
  10. What you using? When mine got skunked I mixed dawn, peroxide and baking soda, worked real well, then I used douche to get around her eyes and face since she got sprayed in the face. House still smelled for awhile but its wasn't too bad.
  11. I wouldn't do that, I think he has some good innings in his arm still.
  12. Cora talked about that, his change up is his best pitch and the hardest to get the feel for after Tommy John, he came back too soon. Someone like Evoldi whose pitch is the fastball can come back quicker. We got 3 innings out of him and going to need him to get better to win anything.
  13. This partly explains the hold ups in the port Lazy crane operators making $250,000 a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say (yahoo.com)
  14. Sorry to hear that, glad you reached out to someone, you have a friend to call or want to talk to us? After I lost my mother I had to seek a therapist, started drinking too much and needed help. I hear you brother.
  15. Usually 4 cords, last year only 3. I like dry seasoned wood.
  16. Sorry Brian, just had to put a cat down, my favorite, small blind tiger, I hate losing any of our pets, dogs or cats,
  17. 2800 sf, the most I use in a year is 5 cords but I like to be ahead.
  18. My wife flipped ours on just to get the house comfortable.
  19. I'm going to burn a lot of wood this year, I have about 8 cords ready so I'll use very little oil.
  20. Growing up we had 6 kids and my parents living in a two family they owned with my aunt and uncle, only my father worked at the post office and we were fine. Went on vacation once a year, York Beach was popular. I think the mortgage was $74 and they split that with my aunt and uncle. We didn't have a lot but ate well and had fun, those days are gone.
  21. My wife's job is like that only they review you every year and decide whether its 1-6%, she's got 6% for years now.
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