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  1. Reminds me of that movie when John Candy and Steve Martin were going the wrong way and car is yelling at then you're going the wrong way, and he says how do they know where I'm going, he's drunk.
  2. We got lucky, for a second or two I thought that was it, life over, I thought my wife was dead. To only get what we got I consider us lucky. Shook us up that's for sure.
  3. Me and my wife got hit head on at 45 in Shrewsbury, she almost went through the windshield, to this day she has back problems she never had, I do too but always had them. It was a drunk driver that came into out lane one week after he got out of jail for DUI.
  4. When I was younger I used to get dizzy spells/lightheaded and that's what they had me do.
  5. Great news Jerry, we were all pulling for a good outcome.
  6. Hopefully he just ate a bad taco, my grandmother though she was having a heart attack once and it turned out to be indigestion, that said I have no idea of Jerry's symptoms.
  7. This place cracks me up sometimes, especially when there's something to track, good comedy. Hope to get a Jerry update today, hope he's doing alright.
  8. Maybe spending time with his family, nice day today, good weather to do things around the house.
  9. You guys give up to easily, still time for a good shift, it's only Sunday.
  10. Just seeing something going on with Jerry, hope you're well Jerry we need you back here asap, it's wintertime after all.
  11. Noticed that on radar, was wondering if it was hitting the ground.
  12. We had a skim coat the other day on the small and medium size ponds but that's gone. Some years down here you don't get enough ice to fish on the bigger lakes the whole year, and some years you get thick ice. I remember chopping through two feet to cut my holes on year.
  13. Buffalo's home team too, when I first looked at the forecast it looked like warm and rain but the front's moving through quicker.
  14. Should be a good temp drop once it comes through here, wasn't expecting that tonight.
  15. I was picturing the Christmas tree on fire in Christmas Vacation and the cat getting toasted.
  16. I remember him in the 80's didn't realize he was there that long. My father used to say he had an orgasm when a big snow storm was coming.
  17. Jerry;'s Birthday today? Happy birthday young man and a great dude.
  18. Your ponds ice up yet? I saw some ice on the ponds this morning, even some of the bigger lakes had a skim coat in areas.
  19. Every now and then one would slow down below Long Island and we'd get buried, nothing wrong with the 3-4 inchers either.
  20. Might be an interesting Monday night game for the Pats in Buffalo
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