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  1. All my grass came back nice and green too, been mowing every week.
  2. I have an old barometer from my grandfather, well made and is still accurate.
  3. Im 68/63, nice with the car windows down a bit
  4. I prefer crab over lobster, when I went to the Nordic Lodge in Rhode Island I probably ate 5lbs of crab legs, my brother in law had 5 lobsters.
  5. Also was the first good winter after a long string of duds. The Dec storm really set the tone.
  6. Heard them over the golf course Sunday, thought it was a little early but maybe they know more than us.
  7. I had a hernia and at the same time extreme back pain, nothing I tried relieved it. Once I had the hernia surgery my back pain disappeared. The doctor didn't think the hernia had anything to do with the back pain but I disagree.
  8. Looks like the good stuff will miss me by about 10 miles.
  9. What is that you're holding? Looks like a two lb cheeseburger.
  10. Most of the new homes in my area, especially the high end ones are built with propane heat, the builders must know something.
  11. I remember one in the early 70's in my area in December near Christmas, I don't remember the extent just that we had no school and the trees in our yard were iced up pretty good,
  12. I went to pick up my black water hose in my lawn and almost grabbed one of those thinking it was the hose, they do get big.
  13. I dug a Rhody and gave it to my brother, we planted it at his house and no matter how much watering we did it looked like it died, the next year it came back to life, I was surprised I thought it was dead for good.
  14. Is the epicormic ones I'm supposed to trim off?
  15. A lot of my peaches are on the ground, didn't get many pears, have to properly trim the tree to get more fruit. The deer will be happy.
  16. I got out Wednesday, it was beautiful, shot a 44, had a blow up hole.
  17. Price in Maine where I was Tuesday was $5.99 lb, we stopped at a restaurant and I asked how much for the 1 1/4 lb boiled lobster and it was $52, I passed.
  18. It was cool last night when we finished our round, felt great.
  19. And that storm capped off an overall great winter here, 3 out of 4 years back then were damn good.
  20. Any dead bodies in barrels? I take my dog for walks up there, nice trails.
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