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  1. I thought you were a couple inches below you low range?
  2. I agree, another 10-12 inches and we're at a C, also you would have nailed it this winter even though I think at this point you pretty much did. Now get us to 100+ next winter.
  3. My nephew is right there, lucky dude
  4. I got the flu shot once in my life and felt like crap the day I got it and got the flu that year year anyway. I will get the covid shot when its available though.
  5. My nephew in Denver saying they might get 2 feet plus
  6. We usually start off in a southern CT course for the first time. They're usually a couple weeks ahead of us up here. Going to Matunuck Friday but going for the oysters not golf.
  7. Not bad, I'd take it, my local course is opening this week so hope to get out soon.
  8. Have you ever seen Jimmy and George in the same room? or thread I should say.
  9. One more storm, just one decent one and I'll be content, then I hope it warms up so Im not golfing in the freezing cold.
  10. I had a 4 wheel drive Tacoma back then that would go through anything so I didn't even bother to shovel my driveway, two days later it was down to pavement.
  11. Did you shovel all that? No Blower?
  12. Jesus Ray, that's damn close as is, might as well root for a foot and hit your top end.
  13. I prefer snow to start at the beginning of Jan, that way you can have a pack for most of the winter. Even a 10-12 incher in Jan would have went a long way to improving the grade this winter.
  14. I see why the Mainers think it's a bad year, they're way below average while we're above here in southern New England. Jan sucked but had a pack most of Feb although not a big pack. Jan being a dud makes me look at it as a bad year but overall I guess not.
  15. What do you usually do when you lose one?
  16. Are you in the restaurant business?
  17. I remember doing a house in Wilbraham in 1993 and the snow was up to my waist, I was younger then so got through. I had to use snow shoes in 2015 to get around houses.
  18. Italy is great, I have family there but travelled all the way from Naples to Venice. My wife went to Iceland with a friend and wants mw to go there with her, not that expensive either.
  19. The Dicks near me has an indoor range where you can try clubs and get fitted. Probably not open now with covid, I noticed the closed the putting area.
  20. I wish it was my driveway
  21. I have to get one of those. how many KW is yours?
  22. Have you been to the new one in Woodstock CT?