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  1. Every house I inspected today had water in their basement and all of then said I never got water in my basement.
  2. I only remember one voice crying drought.
  3. Feels like September out there this morning.
  4. The meh leaked through my fireplace and stained the ceiling on the way down.
  5. Pouring dogs and cats here luckily no water in the basement this time, yet.
  6. Looks like its coming in earlier than it did yesterday, no golf tomorrow.
  7. It's painful to watch the games right now.
  8. I bought some gummies supposedly for pain and had wicked anxiety, I took just one gummy so that was the end of that.
  9. Mine was a mess too but I took her to training and she got much better quick, used to freak out if we were outside and it rained, she still hates rain but doesn't freak out like she used to. She's the sweetest dog to people, she loves everyone, she's a little more picky on what dogs she likes.
  10. Mine came from Arkansas, my brothers from Tennesee, lot of dogs from the south end up here.
  11. We looked in North Berwick and like some areas, it's also 10-15 minutes from my sisters and not far from the beaches. I use to always have two dogs but after I lost the last one my brother adopted a dog so my dog and his dog play every night then we take them for a walk so she has a playmate. He takes my dog when we go on vacation so it works out great.
  12. Sox are up 10-2 in the 6th and I'm not comfortable, bullpen time.
  13. My next dog is going to be a black lab, miss my two yellow labs, they were such great dogs.
  14. My sisters in Cape Neddick, we want to be somewhat close to her.
  15. Do you mean Bridgton? Not sure I can sell my wife on that area but we'll take a look,
  16. Heading to Maine tomorrow morning to babysit my sisters two dogs for 3 days, she has a golden and a rescue hound, not sure what he is, about 60lbs and looks like the dog in the last picture.
  17. Awesome Ginxy, your dogs or fosters?
  18. That's what I thought but still better than where I am. If I move north it's going to be in a good snow spot. My wife's leaning toward Maine so I'm scoping out places not too far from the coast and not too far north. Again, anyplace there is better than here.
  19. Got to 93 here, not sure what the dews were as I was in my car all day, I'll be in Maine again for the next three days so should be nice up there.
  20. I hope something like that's available in two years when I'm ready to retire, love the place. Have to ask PF how that area is for snow first.
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