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  1. Restaurants are paying more too, they had to to get the worker back. When I was in Maine last month our waitress at one of the places were had dinner said she quit her corporate job because she makes $500 a night waitressing. She makes more money and works less hours.
  2. We have GDXJ in my wife's retirement account and has had a great return even with the ups and downs. I've made good money in gold stocks but they are volatile and it's probably best to take profits along the way.
  3. Are you thinking early cold and snow this year?
  4. This is great, I can finally get to one of these and meet everyone face to face.
  5. I'm loading up junior golds right now, they hit rock bottom and I think are gonna bounce back.
  6. Awesome, we've been looking too but not quite as far up as you are. I have nest and it's great. You going up in the winter?
  7. If I'm a Tampa fan I'm not to happy with the first basemen, he should have had that grounder from Shaw.
  8. Kike, comes through, another great game.
  9. Freaking Sox are going to give me a heart attack, now I need a drink.
  10. In addition, summer weather, winter weather? Narrow the goal posts for us.
  11. This is time of year I find them dead on my porch, my cat gets busy. I'd prefer he concentrate on the mice who have been shitting in my basement but I guess I'll have to do my part.
  12. They make a ton of money opening and closing the systems. One guy I met said he didn't have to put another system in and he could live off the ones he services.
  13. Yes and it's nice to see blue on the models, we're getting there.
  14. What a wild Sox game, one of the craziest I've seen. Pats game was a little crazy too.
  15. I felt a little shake at that time down here in southern Mass.
  16. Might be a stupid question but will the beak grow back?
  17. I pay some kids $250 to do it and I don't lose two weekends every fall and hit the golf course instead. I used to do a combination of chopping up leaves, bagging some and blowing some. Don't miss it.
  18. I remember going on a class trip in 1978 to Waldens Pond and the colors were the most vibrant I've ever seen. Not sure what the weather was that year leading up to the fall but I think it was the best I've ever seen.
  19. My neighbor had his car dinged all over so he had them all cut down, they can be a PIA. Deer love them.
  20. They're ridiculous this year, almost fell on my azz walking the dog. It's like walking on marbles.
  21. I remember one year it grew into December, not much but it did.
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