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  1. What 5 guys would you pick to win? I have to fill out my card tonight and looking for some help. I have Rory and Koepka so far, need 3 more. I like Finau too. There was one year where you took Ricky Fowler every time as it seemed he was in the running every week. Even if he didn't win he gave you some points.
  2. I'm planning on working from home for my second shot but haven't got the first yet so I may adjust my thinking.
  3. Used to love the Quabbin for smallies, caught some pretty nice ones, There's a relatively small pond in Charlton, its a weedy pond with a ton of lily pads, my friend lives on this pond and has a boat we've caught some 5-6 pound largemouths. The pond has little recreation, mainly just a few devout fisherman are on the pond.
  4. My home course has a pool where you throw $30 into a pool and if you get a hole in one you get $100 and all drinks for everyone there get paid by the pool. My partner got one, it would have cost him over $300, instead he went home with a $100.
  5. Have my appt May 6th for first dose.
  6. No, but sounds interesting. We have a pool for all the majors, you pick 5 guys and lowest score wins, you have to pick a winning score in case of tiebreaker, cost $20 and a lot of guys play so the pots are decent size. I can tell you if you don't have the winner in one of your five you're not going to win.
  7. Looks like the week I spent on San Francisco.
  8. I see a lot without masks too, are they not mandatory in Texas?
  9. Yeah, a little windy out there but nice warm sun.
  10. Its DIT's favorite fertilizer, I use Scott's with crabgrass control.
  11. Looking at pics of Cape Breton, pretty nasty storm Cape Breton bears brunt of freezing rain storm | CBC News
  12. Forsythias a blooming in the lower elevations here, isn't that time to put down your Lesco?
  13. I'm surprised Worcester is above normal, weird way to do it though. I suppose if I kept better track of every event at my house I'm probably right about normal.
  14. It did but seems to either shunted south or dries up before it gets here.
  15. We just did the same thing but have to go back in a summer month to see if we can stand the heat. We usually go down in October or March and its perfect weather.
  16. Some towns don't need a permit for a shed unless it a certain size, one town I know you only need a permit if its over 100 sf.
  17. No, I put one in without a permit. It's not a big deal if the town inspector found out, it's not like you'd spend a night in jail.
  18. Mine just greened up this week, you're way north of me, southern CT was probably green two weeks ago.
  19. Same as the link you posted earlier today Dave?
  20. I know someone just like that, terrified of covid.
  21. Where did you read that dave?
  22. I've played good golf for 8 holes and lost it on the ninth. I was at 34 with a par 4 ninth to play and got a 9 for a 43, should have broke 40 easily.
  23. I think his 8 seconds is the walk from home to the car. We bought my mother one one year.