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  1. Not sure how thick it is but I would fertilize, little trick I learned is between doing step 1 and step 2 is to put down a thin coat of starter fertilizer to keep it green.
  2. Several good meals there.
  3. You own or lease? I'm looking into now.
  4. Was out a couple hours ago, still dewey, Dr Dew must be running around naked.
  5. Heading back to Lake Ontario June 6 for 3 days, different species this time of the year, last year we got King Salmon.
  6. I planted a peach, pear and apple 4 years ago, been getting a ton of peaches, some pears and no apples, didn't realize I needed mate for the apple so I got a delicious tree, supposed to be good for mating and got a few apples finally last year. Next I want to plant a cherry tree, they do well here, just have to pick them before the birds get them.
  7. We bought one last year, money well spent.
  8. Me and my brother have built up a good gym over the years in his basement, weights, dumbbells, leg machine and a lat machine. We work out when we want and have a TV down there and watch the Sox or Bruins while we work out. Also have a treadmill.
  9. Seresto is the best collar I ever got, in the last three years my dog has had two ticks and they were dead when I took them off. For $60 it's well worth it. Before Seresto I'd pull 10-20 off her a year and that was using the drops. My last two dogs got lyme even using a topical.
  10. I know a few people that put them in their wood pile and say it works well. A good cat helps too.
  11. I bet I could get double that for my flatulence.
  12. They really load those barges up
  13. I put in a dogwood 3 years ago, ,rule of thumb is first year it sleeps, second year it creeps third year it leaps and has held true.
  14. We will too soon, wish I had a composite deck. We did buy a power washer so we save there.
  15. I had a stump grinded last fall, was thinking of putting sod over the area, last time I did in another area it came in nice.
  16. Heard a lot of birds chirping when I took the dog for a walk
  17. My first glove looked like one of these Baseball Glove Dating Guide 1930-1939 (keymancollectibles.com)
  18. we did that, used a super pinky and one of those skinny yellow bats and we would wrap in electrical tape so it was stiffer and lasted longer.
  19. We refinanced and lopped a couple years off and lowered the payment and got enough cash for a new roof on plus extra.
  20. My wife takes care of our mortgage but I remember her complaining now and then about that.
  21. You're generous, I had it at a C but after this month I'm downgrading to C-
  22. Noyes going with 2-3 inches for most of SNE, although he said wet roads and a slushy accumulation.
  23. What was the depth up north where you go?