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  1. This course doesn’t seem to set up well for Bryson. It’s long sure but what I’ve read/watched is it will require a great short game with flops and finesse shots since the greens mostly fall away from the pins like a dome. This is the total opposite of wingfoot. The analysts could be wrong though and after the past couple majors, Bryson has gotten a lot easier to root for so I hope he does well.
  2. Yes Scottie is obvious so besides him. Xander is overpriced so from a betting perspective, I’m fading him.
  3. The WAR is starting to assert itself in the LR.
  4. That’s the key, yup. Need it dry. Last summeh was one of the worst warm seasons I can ever recall.
  5. Besides Scottie, who do you guys like? My plays are Morikawa and Hideki then a couple dark horse darts in Burns, Im, and Henley.
  6. High noons are the best tasting hard seltzer's out there too. No other brand comes close. My wife won’t drink Truly’s or anything else.
  7. Yes. Nice layout. Lots of different holes. Played it two years ago during the 2022 drought so it didn’t look the best but still played fun…
  8. Man #1: It’s really steamy out. Are the burgers ready? Griller: yea this is great. I just flipped them. Hey, can you place a cool towel on my backside real quick, I got some sweat trickling down… Man #1: this is the best summer ever!
  9. The only activity one can do in 90/75 stuff is pool/beach. Everything else is awful unless folks enjoy burly men sweating profusely while grilling burgers on the deck…
  10. It’s been a great stretch for those that enjoy outdoor activities. Eventually that ends and any yardwork can only be done very early in the mornings while afternoon soccer practices need two ply on standby…exciting.
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