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  1. Looking forward to get some practices in this week before golf season begins in april. My local range does a good job of snow removal so another warm day or two should open up things up again.
  2. Beauty day, melt it. Just need a good rainstorm to eventually rinse all the gunk. After several cutters into first week of Mar, we should have a chance at a good stretch to close this out.
  3. He weighs the same as the chickens, so he wont sink.
  4. Always keep an avalanche survival kit on you.
  5. Clowns.
  6. We can only hope gefs is somewhat right with an epo and nao ridging start to March.
  7. You don't have to be such a internet bully about it. Do the euro pbp of the flexing east coast ridge next week.
  8. Please keep us posted when a model actually shows something remotely close to a semblance of winter.
  9. I want nothing to do with Waterbury or any of its surrounding "burbs". No offense to my friend H2O.
  10. Cape Cod and the Islands of MA are obviously my first choice. But if that does not work, Barkhamsted CT is where I'd like to be.
  11. Yea, true about Southington. The wife and I will be house hunting this spring, we have to move east a bit to be closer to her mom in WeHa, she likes Southington, but I am pointing her up the map into true weenieville haha.
  12. Thank you Captain Pick Apart Posts. Obviously, the opposite is true too. The 30miles north hurt in Jan16, was the difference between 6" and 16".
  13. In God's country obviously, playing tic tac toe with MPM.
  14. You could say once in a lifetime but that all depends how long one lives lol. 100" in a coastal SNE region within a month or so, if you do a daily breakdown...that shows you the ridiculousness of it.