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  1. Just not sure if DXR officially keeps records.
  2. Maybe they represent the immediate coast but DXR is more representative for areas above the Merritt.
  3. doesn’t have it anymore?
  4. Great, cancel winter if Judah is on the PV gets disturbed in Dec train.
  5. Average is ok too, especially with how December’s have been recently.
  6. Nice to have a pattern where lows roll across the country unaffected by perfectly timed shortwaves while avoiding scooter shit streaks. Models generally are more stable at d4/5 with that look, imo.
  7. There are upper class neighborhoods that have the same issues as lower and middle class, they just hide it the best. Point is, we are all facing the same an extent.
  8. -nao showing up has been fairly consistent though.
  9. Patience, it’s not even winter yet.
  10. Yea, we need those heights flipped in the pac but west zones can do well with that look if the atl hangs on.
  11. Just get him a dollar menu double cheeseburger so he doesn’t blow away.