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  1. He calls it like he sees it. We hope he’s right. While 40/70’s outlook isn’t as extreme, the general background idea is similar.
  2. It’s going to be memorable folks.
  3. I thought it would. Similar ideas to yours.
  4. Death Valley radiating?
  5. The weakening of the block crushes any hopes s or e of orh for wintry chances this month. oh well, maybe it comes back when we can really use it in higher precentage situations in DJFM.
  6. Tranquilizers help.
  7. The upper air look supported it before a solution spitted it out. Not saying lock it up but it makes sense.
  8. Meterology
  9. Yea, euro probably a hair better at that lead time. If it showed a snowy solution we wouldn’t, shouldn‘t be any happier.
  10. Aren’t you one of them who obsesses with each cycle that spikes slightly warmer?
  11. Yup. Been honking, eventually people will turn to see what for.
  12. To an extent, maybe. You won’t have weed breweries popping up all over the region woth their own strands. Hasnt been the case in CO. There’s a limit to it, and highly regulated.
  13. And some said weeklies were worth worrying about. Stay the course, should have a good start to winter unlike the past several.
  14. Beer is fashionable, apparently. I’ll drink my old man beer, thanks. Need to legalize the natural green though. It starts in Mass, it will spread throughout New England shortly after. Too much money to be made by the states, once they get off their high horse, and realize the huge economic boost it will provide. Not to mention lower petty crime and arrests. Off topic, but you know how I feel about my “drugs”.