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  1. Yea…the real story is not on Faux Entertainment: https://www.milwaukeeindependent.com/thom-hartmann/price-gas-trumps-manipulation-oil-policies-reaped-profits-putin-fossil-fuel-benefactors/
  2. Maybe Dak will injure his groin in practice and Rush takes them to the playoffs.
  3. It’s astonishing how civilization can make progress in the face of social and political ineptitude. Aliens just chillin and smilin above…
  4. Ron Washington is very proud of you.
  5. Oct looks quite troughy. Hopefully we don’t blow our load early.
  6. 1.50” - 5 day total, since Saturday. Ray’s favorite kind of storm.
  7. It’s more than a few showers..is what he’s trying to tell ya.
  8. Continuous rains. Great forecast by EEDIT.
  9. If the cold season will be as localized as this year’s warm season, I’ll lose a few stands of hair and a few finger nails. Up to 0.84” on the day now.
  10. …families fleeing their homes walking hundreds of miles in search of fresh water.
  11. You have to have credibility first, in order to lose it...
  12. But by the weirdo's tweets this summeh, you would have thought this warm season was the driest of all time. vids of his bare hands sifting through soil and shirtless pics mimicking Andy Dufresne...he was on the brink of mental collapse.
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