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  1. Why do they use the same silly pic of a high dew melting snow day?
  2. They make one more enlightened, not dumber. I vote for beer instead.
  3. I’m expecting a wintry end to the season and I’ll go down with the ship if the geese continue to shat on me.
  4. Alone in a cold and dark house with a kitchen counter full of empty beer cans…sounds like a great time tonight.
  5. I think that was the winter where we got a nice storm in mid Novie and another one on like March 10th or something with almost nothing in between…?
  6. While persistence has merit and can be tough to snap sometimes, the past is not indicative of the future. Dec and Jan were vastly different too so while the sensible weather for SOP has been the same, how we got it was not…which is one reason why I can’t roll DJ forward to Feb. If Feb skunks us then I’ll just toss everything out the window moving forward and order a flock of geese from the vatican.com.
  7. I think it’s very difficult to have back to back months of it. Will would know the data but I find it hard to imagine we have ever gone below 2” in Jan and Feb.
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