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  1. The good thing about two shitty winters in a row, and 2020 nostalgia, is that I have zero expectations this season.
  2. Kinda like when it snows in October...nothing to fear?
  3. The monthly mean may not show it but I remember getting pretty nervous in October when it looked bad up there. I probably ended up being right for the wrong reasons though. I just don’t like seeing any holes up there in the fall.
  4. In October. That’s my point. I know the correaltion is weak but it happenned.
  5. That’s what I was told last year when I was concerned but it turned out to be a big problem.
  6. Little piggies starting to rear their ugly tails in the LR.
  7. 1” ain’t bad though. Falls are usually wet too before we dry out for winter.
  8. Segregating the region into two separate forums incoming...
  9. Cool...rain coming. Basically...Fall in NewNeg.
  10. Oh yea. I guess Will doesn’t have to do that for us now and weens have access to...the 84hr rgem clown map, on standby.
  11. Just adding more marginal info to an already over crowded field.