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  1. Pretty annoying. upton had mostly sunny in low 60s for this aftn during last nights package. Now its rain likely in upper 50s. If they cant get this right inside 12hrs, just shut the office down for winter.
  2. Terrible past two days. That dood at his CC MA USA golf trip must be cursing this morning as he tees off in this crap.
  3. Its actually sad imo. Its a reminder how ones psyche can be affected by all the pitfalls of life even with the world at the palm of your hands. In a way, this is close to me because I have an older brother who got in deep with drugs and ended up in prison. Not to Aarons extent, but It happens fast. We are the product of our environment and its not easy to shake ourselves from negative ones. Its very easy for someone with a great upbringing to say how can someone do this. But we are fragile beings who suffer. Most can get through it while some struggle. And if you dont have the proper support, that struggle eats you away. All the money and fame does not fix, it never will. My point is, we need to do a better job, as society as a whole, to care for one another. This goes from troubled home life to school bullying and to the streets. Theres a good series on netflix, "13 reasons why", is about a girl who commits suicide and why she did it. Its corny at times but the message is powerful. Im Tippy rambling now but things like this are deeper than a good ruidance comment. We should take a moment to learn from tragic events and help each other in any way we can.
  4. Aaron Hernandez, dead. Apparent suicide.
  5. The easiest start to a diet is to stop eating fried food, eat small portions/snacks every 3hrs, and sub out sugar drinks for water during meals and drink water in between. That's it. So an avg day: water 7am scrambled eggs, turkey sausage water 10am yogurt/fruit water 1pm no fried food lunch water 3pm protein bar water 6pm no fried food dinner water 9pm light snack water and sleep Sometimes we dont have time to cook so if you gotta fast food it, just get the grilled sandwiches but no fries no coke. Water! Dont deprive yourself with weak breakfasts either. Bacon egg n cheese that biatch on a wrap but no coffee, water!
  6. Thats a sweet mon thru fri look.
  7. Golf is serious business...I get it. Have the day off tomorrow, prob play 36 if my unfit butt can walk it.
  8. The eps disagrees with that. Still up in the air imo. Ive been looking at that weekend too for personal reasons myself. Should get a better idea after this weekend.
  9. The ens hint at something that weekend but regardless it looks troughy with a spring pattern se ma folks just adore....cool, clouds, wind, and drizzle.
  10. You're almost there, just shovel the rest lol. Looks like a nice course too.
  11. Days like this can be frustrating when you cant enjoy them though....being stuck in the office gazing out the window day dreaming about my iron play.
  12. How accurate are these? I was just in BDR for lunch and that 59 must be broken cuz it felt like 89.
  13. Sucks but they will get theres eventually. Karma bites hard. With that said, lesson learned here is....get an outdoor pitbull to guard the property.
  14. Boring is good this time of year.
  15. Now the dry out begins. Should get there in the next 5 days.