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  1. Yea. I like Morikawa’s slow takeaway. No coincidence he’s one of the best iron players.
  2. MA: The Ranch in Southwick and Crumpin Fox in Bernadston. I’ve heard Pine Hills is awesome but I haven’t played it yet.
  3. 3 CT courses off the top of my head...Wintonbury Hills in Bloomfield. Fox Hopyard in East Haddam. Oxford Greens in Oxford.
  4. Actually...Try not to swing hard with irons. I think most of my flush shots have a slower tempo where I’m not trying to max it out but more focused on pure contact.
  5. Me too. I always had a tendency to roll my elbow during my backswing so the video you mention has helped me to be mindful to keep it pointing down as much as possible.
  6. Wizzy’s girlfriend thought she’s finally ‘auditioning’ but instead Wizzy has his pants off next to the tripod for a completely different she is unfortunately all too familiar with.
  7. I hope concierge removed the electrical items from Wizzy’s room.
  8. I’m been changing my thought process lately...going away from some things I learned last season and over the winter... and I find this guy to be simple but technical. Here is a good video on transition, which is where I struggle and probably many of us do. Follow him on youtube.
  9. 83/75. Sticky but at least it’s sunny.
  10. We did not play Bethpage Black. We’ll do it at some point later this summer. My friends played it twice, says it’s worth every penny to experience it. That’s awesome you get to play with your kid. A perfect sport/game to do so. Who’s better? I hope I can share it with one of mine when they get older.
  11. I know nailing forecasts for everyone is not easy and it’s generally better to keep the public more aware and safer, especially how dumb people are, but they should have adjusted their forecasts last night or at least this morning when it was pretty clear this was NBD for anyone NE of NYC.
  12. Yea. It was something track worthy at least. The track over NJ and W of NYC will pan out. I thought this was a weak/bad forecast by the NHC and NWS offices. The flood and TS warnings NE of NYC was uncalled for but not many will mind or notice.