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  1. Man. Oostie just pimps majors. Not sure why I didn’t bet him. He’s like a Brooks light. Just needs to prevent a mistake like the US open but with two more days to go, anything can happen. Someone will make a charge tomorrow to though especially with a star studded leaderboard.
  2. Crump or The Ranch. I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t gotten around to scheduling a gtg so by all means please put one together.
  3. What’s up gamers. The Open Champ is on our doorstep. We had great success with the US Open. Coming in hot, let’s keep it going with house money…let’s push it. 100 unit card: JT +2000 (20 units) Westwood +5000 (20 units) Leishman +6600 (20 units) Berger +7000 (20 units) Kisner +15000 (10 units) Bradley +20000 (10 units) DK DFS lineup: Koepka, JT, Niemann, Garcia, Macintyre, Bradley Enjoy the early broadcast.
  4. Yea. That got played out by Friday but they kept going to it.
  5. The WAR is coming so don’t get all neurotic about the dryness…when there is WAR, there is tropical rains.
  6. Everyone flew it into the bunkers on the right and even missing to the right of the bunker is fine. Considering 18 is an easy birdie hole I don’t understand his thought process unless he tried to aim right and hooked it left…but it did not look like that on tv. Back to back major runner ups is crushing but he’s an elite player who’s made huge strides with his putter so should have plenty of chances.
  7. Rahm with the clutch putting. Oostie with another just not good enough major performance…tee shot on 17 was a head scratcher. Rahm +1050 = small cash but a cash nonetheless.
  8. Sick final rd. Like 10 players can win it.
  9. Rory making a move on moving day. What a packed and star studded leaderboard mixed in with some storybook journeyman.
  10. The back to back bogeys on the back 9 pumped the breaks on Casey so he had to ‘settle’ for a 67 instead.
  11. Casey on fire…his +4500 outright is back in play. -4 thru 9, Wow.
  12. Yea there were some fallers the last hour or so that pushed the line down.
  13. TP showed its teeth yesterday with some tough pin locations. CL pushed to +5 and even with the marine layer keeping the greens from getting lightning fast, only a few great rounds were had. I like the balance so far between super tough conditions but fair. It’s a true test imo. If Wolff can maintain his great ball striking, daddy will make mommy very happy on Sunday night.
  14. Oh yea. Moving one house over, behind us.
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