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  1. I usually want the navy to show a storm too before I’m all in. Until then, stay conservative friend.
  2. We’ve been fighting it the past couple winters. It’s not parked all season so we’ve been getting by, especially when the atlantic is favorable, we get our chances. But the pac has been working against us for years now.
  3. Ha, it’s free. But with all the great knowledge here, you don’t need a weenie emailing you every sunday night. My family and friends don’t have that luxury.
  4. Agree but I expect that to be the case often this season, especially the first half.
  5. Next 7 days is our best chance to grab something of significance before the pig sits on our weenies for the rest of Dec.
  6. Unfortunately the better bet is on the pig. Transient, maybe…but we will have to fight it all winter imwo.
  7. It’s pretty cool how it happens too. It wasn’t taught. The kid wants to watch tornado’s on youtube and wants me to pull up any radar so he can see “red and yellow thunderstorms.” Lol. The flakes yesterday weren’t pure though. They looked mangled but enough to get him excited as the deck lights showcased them enough. I don’t think we are that different. You definitely radiate better there though.
  8. We actually had flakes for a few min. My son went bonkers and frantically asked Mommy where his hat and gloves were yelling, “winter is here.” By the time he put them on, it was gone…and he was bummed. I told him it will come on again but “bigger”…I pray I didn’t lie to the little weenie.
  9. Me neither. I just don’t see anything special. Yea, it will snow…of course, but see sawing between one favorable tele to the other is always touchy. I like eastern NewEng though especially towards coastal Maine. Will-Ray-Jeff zone will have a great season imwo.
  10. Cold/dry then warm/wet type of winter setting up for SoP crew.
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