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  1. A packed Yankee Stadium 12 times in April, oh my.
  2. Yup. Just cases below but the text data on deaths follows suit.
  3. My shitty acidic soil suppresses early growth. Nowhere near first mow besides a patch here or there. I limed the crap out of it last week though. Wanted to aerate but local rental shop is closed. Going to be another meh maintenance season with other projects going on...until I can completely focus on it in the years to come.
  4. Yea:
  5. ATL makes sense but would like to see a heat map.
  6. Even if we are flattening, it’s still going to take a week or two to be on the downside and then another week or so before we can realistically slowly open up again. Otherwise, it trapezoids through the spring. Obviously, it depends on the area. This was never projected be evenly distributed throughout the country, even our region.
  7. Can you smell the 234hr gfs?
  8. Yea. We are enslaved to the numbers while reports are surfacing that home deaths have increased but they are saving tests for the sick and still alive. No way to know if they are covid related. So, numbers are only get us so far and though recent data suggest we could be doesn’t paint the whole picture. Long ways to go.
  9. Hopefully this won’t lead to a hotspot:
  10. I just want a competent leader dedicated for the greater good of our society, in charge, regardless of party affiliation. Pretty simple actually. You be well my friend, we’ll get through this together.
  11. Clearly Ohio did not follow the law of the land and should be punished for it.
  12. We know your ignorance but we still love you.
  13. And you we’re wrong with your original attack on me. Deal with that agony for a change.