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  1. I forget you’re no longer in Springfield so congrats, you called 6-10” there.
  2. None of us are. We had 3-6” for Ditty which he’ll beat but conservative amounts was the play but not that conservative like some outlets were going.
  3. We tried to tell ya but look at 925 which TT doesn’t have.
  4. Looks like a razor sharp cutoff there. I bet if you took a short drive east during lunch it is pounding.
  5. My 6-10” for you looks good unless you crush all day?
  6. Sullivan County NH, east of 91 between Keene and Lebanon.
  7. least I placed him in a separate room. lol.
  8. I’ve been naked since I woke up and saw my wet lawn.
  9. Looks like it tries to turn the hills over just before or around midnight. I think you’re map looks good.
  10. Waze is reporting a speeding Corola heading west on the pike.