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  1. Some flooded underpasses and road closures. I haven’t heard of any structural failures or life rescues yet though but INeedRain is on standby…
  2. City flooding is fascinating to see from afar but it’s awful for those that live below or right at street level.
  3. 3.10” and pounding. May reach warning level amounts if this keeps up thru the afternoon.
  4. MJO loves this weather but I have yet to seem him out there taking pics and enjoying it. And did IneedRain chase this or is he hunkered down indoors as well?
  5. Yea I didn’t mean we won’t. Extreme wct, west of me like dxr will get in on the heaviest stuff flowing into SENY though. I’m surprised how much the mass pike west of Boston is getting though.
  6. I think We should escape the worst for most of CT. radar seems to be positioning the heaviest axis into SENY.
  7. It is, you’re good. thanks for the juju I suppose…but you’re not allowed to start another one until there’s a snow threat.
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