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  1. But I know we are relatively cooked through the first week in April. I was asking more for the long range like the back half of the month....we better not continue this all month then come May, we go straight to summer high dews. Nobody likes that type of quick flip.
  2. She is right, This type of stuff is like being in purgatory.
  3. Moving on to spring down here.
  4. Is there any hope for mid April onward? This is brutal. The late Feb heatwave had better vibes in here than this.
  5. Depressing. 40F with drizzle. Only so many shows we can watch on a weekend before I go get the rope from the basement.
  6. Its the folks who dont like the warm months I refer to. 30s and 40s is wrist slit worthy, why I question those who want a below normal April. May is the best month out here, I hardly spend much time indoors that month. Golf, soccer, parks, picnics, more golf....winter is my favorite obv but geez it can wait until it gets here again. Until then, we enjoy.
  7. Anyone who doesnt enjoy spring needs to get checked. Enjoy the outdoors a bit, get off your monitors and screens.
  8. but they say March is no longer a winter month.
  9. Not sure why the seasons in seasons crowd are depressed. This is right up their alley. The coc lovers, on the other hand, have hung themselves already.
  10. gfs shows it, euro looks like it has something. Havent looked at ens but jma maybe is on something?
  11. "Listen, Linda listen"...If I cant have it then neither can you.
  12. In Ben Knoll and JMA weeklies we trust for D10+ signal.
  13. Stuffed but looks like I lost the key. I shall find it in May hopefully.
  14. --Runnawayiceberg dislikes this--
  15. You need to run for office.