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  1. Thank goodness the troll clown nurse didn’t start a thread for once. Good times ahead for winter lovers.
  2. Perfect solutions at d10, you know where it goes from here. Chance of a coastal though, we watch and wait.
  3. I always laugh when you say you deserve it.
  4. I don’t. Thanks for your support.
  5. I forgot it’s d10 still lol. Hunting for the big one can make the snow goggles quite foggy.
  6. Thought gfs would cut but is the slower solution better? ie better airmass overhead?
  7. For most, possible. For Wizzy, it’s more likely during a rotating dark cloud with a rumble of thunder.
  8. That’s how reproductive life occurs. Once you find a girl to deal with all of your idiosyncrasies someday, it could happen to you too.
  9. Sometimes you go with it but when the dam breaks, it’s useless. Hopefully the dam breaks out west because that’s the key to the whole thing.
  10. A Wait and see approach is best after the last head fake. But I think that one was rushed by guidance and this one could be the shot. Reshuffling always seems to take longer than expected.
  11. So gfs big interior snows, cmc whiffs, and euro splits the difference.
  12. I thought this season would feature several big events but not a pack season with warm stretches and cutters. It’s all just an educated guess for me but 40/70 and Raindance have done well with tons of research...and they both think big coastals are likely ahead. Whether or not it produces for everyone, not likely. But if we get 2/3 good ones, even if I miss was still a solid seasonal forecast.
  13. We’re passionate about it (it’s why majority spend time tracking and posting) but yea, agree...nbd. I mean, anyone who has a hobby I’d hope would be very passionate for it. Otherwise, why are you doing it...just to pass time?
  14. Not sure why folks who hate winter come into this thread. Strange souls seeking attention by going against the grain. For the winter lovers who this thread is on one or two big snows before we turn the seasonal page.