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  1. Love the weenie curling and pointing left. Shows the bombing potential quite nicely there.
  2. The whole thing? Wow, congrats on being a big boy. I must have missed Will being concerned though. I guess he texted you his deep dark fears at d5?
  3. You missed an all time game last night when you passed out drunk again. Now you’re hungover and can’t comprehend posts.
  4. Check the other thread, it’s….interesting lol.
  5. We’re not even close to nam range yet where it will send it up the hudson at some point.
  6. At this lead time, I’d rate anything from an interior crusher to a grazer as probable.
  7. Yea…we need you to keep downplaying these don’t happen to nina’s. Keep the reverse juju in play for another 5 days.
  8. I’ll quit the board if that happens again. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this has more room to come west. Nothing to stop this from going up the CT river or even the hudson.
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