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  1. I thought so but at this lead time just another solution. We’re close.
  2. This. Very very close for us. Like 1C off from a roof collapser.
  3. gfs handing 30 burgers for the interior.
  4. It’s stronger so at least more dynamics at play for interior.
  5. Looks further south with the ull and pops the secondary earlier. Could be a hugger with the secondary though.
  6. Oh America...getting left behind.
  7. We’ll see. Nothing to sweat over yet. Another 48hrs before we narrow the posts.
  8. I’d like to see the high keep trending in a more westward/favorable position. Need all the cold air available even if the h5 tracks S of LI. We have a shot though, and that’s good enough.
  9. Yea. I’m catching up and see a lot of agony over d6 op runs. I’ll lay in ‘the bush’ until Wed/Thur maybe...when it warrants the micro analysis. Just good to hang something, a biggie potential, to track. Half the fun.
  10. Especially when the bomb d11-15 pattern evaporated right before our eyes. Better to focus on a legit threat inside d7 instead.
  11. If we can somehow lock this in like Saturday’s event at d5...
  12. The mean tracks h5 over nne...far from great.
  13. We can only pray it pulls off a JMA Feb06 score.
  14. cmc looks like it’s doubling down.
  15. I’m fine with that. In a shit season, just give me one big one. I’m sure you don’t care that the winter of 15/16 was bad for you overall.
  16. Feb 06 was in the midst of an awful pattern and a subpar winter overall. It can be done.
  17. Fair enough. Most guys say Feb and especially March could be our best month. I’d like an early warm spring but I’d also like to get a big storm or two and if that means Mar 25th...I welcome it. We’ll see.
  18. There aren’t many seasonal folks calling for an early spring. Is that what your friend Cranky is saying?
  19. 4.0” new. 15.5” season. Limping.