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  1. How many 48-60” blizzards will George forecast for this winter?
  2. https://www.epa.gov/climate-indicators/climate-change-indicators-snowfall
  3. I would like to see have seen and included years after 07 but this is interesting. Change in snowfall 1930-2007:
  4. You will rebuild and come back stronger.
  5. Too much coc for you to handle this month.
  6. Start drinking because we’re exhausting our qpf now.
  7. Insane event and so much damage especially epa/nj.
  8. We can only pray for a similar qpf distribution come December.
  9. Thanks bud. I’m sure you posted ‘torch’ many times…I’m upset I missed those memories. It was an intense summer for us though but we’re winding down now. Football and hoodies incoming.
  10. I use it but if I’m outside of 15ft or so I pick a spot before the hole instead.
  11. The best warm season month incoming…before the gradual step down to weenieland.
  12. Well high tide is roughly 8am there so..
  13. They usually do when it’s rounding into a NA trough from the GOM. Models tend to underestimate it.
  14. Yea but I think this comes in on the eastern end of the envelope.
  15. I think if makes LF around Port Fourchon.
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