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  1. On what? He sinned in November and never confessed.
  2. We’re dominating play but give up two backside goals where we were caught sleeping. Sux.
  3. Lol: https://www.fifa.com/tournaments/mens/worldcup/qatar2022/news/fifa-world-cup-delivering-record-breaking-tv-audience-numbers
  4. You know the nfl world has been flipped upside down when the Jets are the better functioning franchise.
  5. Some folks are purposely stirring the pot but I like where we’re headed, and our odds. It’s +EV, take it every time.
  6. Just chew a few and sit back. It will snow again.
  7. While ya’ll reminisce and discuss the future. It Feels like deep brown winter out (38/27). You just wonder how pope’s coping in this wearing a robe and sandals.
  8. Yea. We sit back and watch it unfold while we beat the pope with a ruler.
  9. George always has to take it just a little further than necessary.
  10. You start wondering how high we can go for the second half of Dec. The floor keeps rising each day while the ceiling is opening up.
  11. Yea buddy. It’s been a great day. Hung on and got lucky in the end but we should have pounded them in the first half. Regardless, it’s all about the results. Big test coming on Saturday but at this point, we’re free rolling. Young team not expected to beat Holland, we have nothing to lose. LFG.
  12. He paid the $8, he’s a verified Chucky.
  13. Big ball man wears the pants around the house.
  14. Edibles may have helped craft that articulation…?
  15. Yup. The loud minority stand on the tallest podium.
  16. High arrest day at the precinct, congrats.
  17. Will Mauna Lau’s eruption have any impact climate wise?
  18. The biggest pope torch you can imagine obviously. Sandals, pina colada’s, and beach volleyball.
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