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  1. The major COC stretch since 5/9 has certainly helped. Seasons behaving like seasons, be thankful for mid spring.
  2. Well the point is lets not wrap ourselves around a piece of paper written by a bunch of colonizers hundreds of years ago and say/think this is an unmovable “right” and thus it cannot be amended to calculate for present day life. Yes, people will always kill people but we can easily curb mass shootings and gun violence like so many other countries have.
  3. Yea and America does it the best with easy access to military style weapons.
  4. America, #1 baby….in gun violence and mass shootings. Oh and the amount of billionaires. Everything else, we’re at the bottom. But hey, don’t speak out about it because they’ll tell you to go back to where you came from or “if you don’t like it, leave.” The world watches and cringes again and again. It’s pathetic and shameful, yet we do nothing.
  5. It’s been here since April…remember the summeh has arrived and here to stay visions?
  6. I found it to be enjoyable actually. The inexperienced but talented up top with a top 5 player making a back 9 surge. Then the bonus 3hole playoff…
  7. Sure it would have, it would have been short of the creek. Driver brings it into play. He hit driver on Saturday there, great, but it’s sunday and you have a one shot lead. Let’s not pull a Phil Mickelson at the US Open…and that’s exactly what happened. Terrible course management but somewhat expected from the inexperience.
  8. Everyone is enjoying it. 67/48, another checkmark for the rooster.
  9. Some meltdowns but mostly Mito. I have no idea why his caddie didn’t hand him a 3w on the 18th tee.
  10. We did not have thunder, lightning, or rain. Just dangerous looking skies. Bust. Yea, everyone is out there enjoying this one today and more incoming. Spring.
  11. Nice pics Cory. I haven’t heard thunder or seen any lightning either.
  12. I’m not sure what the reasons are, it’s been a fairly dry start to the season indicated by that David clown on his knees rubbing his hands through the top later. But I hate those blood sucking vampires. I’ll do anything to keep them off our property.
  13. We get our property sprayed by tick ranger as we’re surrounded by woods. They use a cedar oil based mix. They spray 4 times a season and it’s fairly inexpensive. We had ticks in April before the first spray, nothing since. They give discounts to referrals too for both parties so anyone interested should find a current customer who referred them.
  14. Nice. Interesting here as the dews creeped down the past hour, the temp creeped up. 92/64 now.
  15. Nice. In 12hrs, you can shutemdown and open windows.
  16. Rory on fire! -4 thru 5. Ugh the triple from yesterday is going to be a killer.
  17. 86/69 here and overcast, meh. An Underperformed two day warm wave here.
  18. Yea, beauty incoming. No sign of sustained summeh until MDW and even that is still a toss up.
  19. The PGA snuck up on me so I didn’t have time to dig in earlier in the week but it’s been a good tournament so far. Tiger WD was obvious after his brutal Saturday. It’s painful watching him. Leaderboard full of inexperience per say but they’re all really good players. I like seeing it randoms, to the general public, fighting for it today. I wish Rory didn’t have the triple bogey yesterday, otherwise he’d still be in it. He fought back on the back 9 to get to E. In fact, he should have been all the way back -3 but his putter failed him too many times again.
  20. Yea. Majority low dew days upcoming, it’s a special spring stretch.
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