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  1. Huge downpours and some pretty big gusts. Saw the lights flicker a couple times here.
  2. Been pouring here for a solid 45 minutes here on the NW side of Southington, and still going right now.
  3. It sort of just looks like a 21-22 total snowfall map using the “elevation” to denote where it’s the highest. Pretty confusing.
  4. 0.9", moderate snow/sleet. Radar is not inspiring.
  5. Heavy snow, sleet washing out again. Pavement caving now as well. 32.2F
  6. Some pingers mixing back in, but mostly snow. Coating up quick with this stuff now.
  7. All snow right now with huge flakes. Looks like we're gonna play with the sleet a little more going by dual pol. 32.6F
  8. Now 33.1F and more snow than sleet, starting to accumulate a little on cold surfaces.
  9. You got it... just updated it. 24 hours later and it's all pretty much gone outside shaded north facing spots.
  10. Just a few flakes in the air now... 3.6" final here with 0.4" the past 2 hours. I wager near 4.5" up around my workplace near the Bristol line.
  11. That was a different tier... about 20" of rat. Certainly better than that, at least. Looks like one last real burst about to move in on radar.
  12. 3.2" here as of about 5:20 PM... lines up. Similar amount to '18-19 barring a late season bowling ball. Looks like light snows continue for some time longer... maybe nab a few more tenths.
  13. Had just about 4" on the north end of Southington around 310 ft at 4:45 PM. Looks like a little less a few miles south at home and at 220 ft... guessing between 3-3.5" but will measure. Light snow.
  14. A little under 3” on non-paved surfaces. Moderate snow.
  15. Legit heavy stuff overhead at the moment, beautiful flakes and 1/4 mile visibility.
  16. Visibility around half a mile here with fat flakes… roads caving. Eyeballing around 1.5” or so.
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