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  1. I’m in Chatham right now and it is absolutely beautiful. 68 and not a cloud in the sky.
  2. I was on Route 3 driving up to NH earlier and hit some of the hardest rain I’ve ever driven in... Thought I was in South Louisiana not Chelmsford. This was at about 7:35.
  3. They're opening the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day weekend and yet people can't go ski Tuckermans... Ugh!
  4. BED sustained at 38, gusting to 52. Rare that you see that even with a tropical system.
  5. What is the elevation of the property?
  6. How much snow at the high elevations on Mt. Mansfield?
  7. Bennington isn't great for snow... Sandwiched between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks and pretty low elevation. Best area within an hour of PWM would be something around Bridgton. There are some nice lakes around there and you've got a smaller ski area (Shawnee Peak).
  8. Whitefield (what I assume you’re referring to)-Too much of a snow hole close to the river.
  9. Maine will likely have the cheapest and most rural land but has less "charm" than the villages of VT... Something up by Sugarloaf and Saddleback (soon to reopen)... Also can get property on a lake up there which is always nice for summer fun. It doesn't get quite as much snow as Northern VT, but it's far better in terms of retention.
  10. Just booked a last minute impulse trip to Montana for Presidents’ Day weekend. Flying into Missoula, going to ski three days. Probably one at Montana SnowBowl and two at Lost Trail. Lost Trail tickets are $49/day for 325” of snow per year and 1000 acres. Snow Bowl is $52/day for 300” and 900 acres. Can’t beat it.
  11. Just drove Westchester to Boston after work. Was hoping for bent trees on Mt Tolland, but nope, just a wet road.
  12. Snowing hard in NYC. Sticking to the roads on the UES. Looks like there will be a lull though after this initial band.
  13. Roads starting to whiten on the UES. First accumulating snowfall since I moved in December from Dallas so it’s nice to see!
  14. I skied Hunter yesterday.. It was hard but manageable until about noon and then just got really really slick after that. Still banged out 27 runs from 9:15-2... Not hard when you’re skiing fast and the high speed lifts have no lines!
  15. Anyone skied Hunter lately? Debating whether I want to drive up from the city in the AM to get some NYD turns in (I have the Peak Pass). Obviously expecting lots of ice/scratch but want to make sure trails are well covered...
  16. Pinging here on the UES in NYC... nice to post in these threads again after 5 winters in Texas.
  17. Sitting at gate at Logan heading back to DFW and watching the storm out of the big windows in Terminal B. It literally collapsed... Oh well, I see plenty of storms in DFW.
  18. I got evacuated off the summit double chair at Waterville Valley a few years ago. Kind of had always been a “bucket list” item for me but I have no real interest to have it happen again.
  19. I live right on the Plano/Frisco line at the DNT/Sam Rayburn and much like in Fort Worth, the temp is at 32 here but nothing is icing. Just wet and nasty.
  20. I don't post here much anymore as I'm no longer in college and don't make it back to Mass as much... But looks awesome! Very jealous... I'm planning a January/February ski trip (also hoping to ski a day or two around Xmas in NE). Probably going to ski four days.. Looking at interior BC... I've skied Fernie and Kicking Horse before and enjoyed both immensely. However, for this trip I'm looking at the powder highway (Whitewater and Red) and then the areas further north closer to Kelowna (Apex, Silverstar, Big White, Sun Peaks, etc)? Any thoughts on pros/cons between the two?
  21. Pretty nice thunderstorm here in Frisco for the first time in a while. Had some friends down in Addison that lost power.
  22. In London currently and it’s sunny and 83. Crazy.
  23. Some of the stupidest posts I’ve ever seen on this site.
  24. Grew up in Mass, went to school in Houston for the last 3.5 years and I’m starting a job in the Dallas area in July. The heat SUCKS during the summer, but you honestly get used to it. It’s weird, because being outside in heat doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but I can’t stand being back home in buildings/homes that lack air conditioning, even when it’s only 80-85. There’s plenty of CJ work between the prisons, CBP/ICE, etc, so perhaps look there if you want a job, cheaper COL, while still having the amenities and culture of big cities.