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  1. Agree 100%. Interior SE Mass is kind of a pit for winds. I’d be pretty surprised if we say anything more than a few gusts approaching 50. I can’t wait to verify reality with all these weenie gust maps. My guess is there will be a lot of disappointment in those products (as there usually is).
  2. Yeah I wouldn’t expect much out your way. The models have been slowly but steadily walking back rain amounts.
  3. The greats are always in mid season form. Always working on my craft.
  4. Zzzzzzz. 1-3” of rain and winds that will undoubtedly underproduce.
  5. Can’t wait until late spring where it looks like the surface of Mars.
  6. This will end up a general 1-3” inches of rain this week… high spot sees 4
  7. Wait, those Uber mega totals aren’t going to pan out? I’m stunned!
  8. We ended up parking in some dance studio parking lot right after the seasonal store. Everything was jammed up further by the time we got here
  9. Is there any advantage to parking further down route 1 and walking up to the stadium?
  10. Thanks…… We weren’t sure when we were supposed to go, but looks like earlier the better
  11. Anyone have any suggestions for parking at Gillette stadium tomorrow. Going to be my first game
  12. Was just looking back at pics from last October 30th… pretty wild event… several inches of snow and even some sticking to pavement. Feels like this year couldn’t be any more different
  13. LOL… yeah… it seems pretty straightforward. Of course I have a Bradford white with an integrated anode so it’s more complicated, but I’m buying a sharkbite connection and just cutting the pipe. The reviews are really good, especially for people with smelly hot water from wells
  14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07TSL3V6M?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_image anyone use this, or know anyone who has? as everyone knows, I’ve been battling my well water since we moved in. My hot water reeks, and my cold water seems fine. I was told to replace the hot water tank anode rod, as that can cause the smell, as it erodes quickly on well water.
  15. I’d prefer not to have it obviously, but it definitely blends in and looks better than other weeds. Unless you are standing in my yard, it’s really hard to tell
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