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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion the mask mandates will be back in Massachusetts by later this evening. A nice 5pm Friday news dump from Chuck
  2. You know people are getting sick of the endless treadmill we are on when CNN anchors are striking a tone with Rochelle Walensky
  3. People should probably start to brace for the fact that this carousel is going to continue for many years, if not a lifetime.
  4. Testing asymptomatic vaccinated people might be the most ridiculous thing going.
  5. The cdc also said anyone who is fully vaccinated who has exposure to someone with covid needs to be tested. Another reverse from what they said 2 months ago. we are not going to get off this treadmill
  6. They’ve lost their bloody marbles down under. Masks outdoors and stay within 3 miles of your home? Kind of seems to be bordering on some sort of marshal law type deal?
  7. Are we going to be dry from like 2am 6am Friday morning?
  8. Heavy rain for about a half hour this morning on my route in Norwell. This was around 3am
  9. Baker didn’t rule out doing something today though. He was luke warm, but definitely didn’t dismiss it.
  10. My wife swears she has like hazy memory and brain fog at times since she had covid in feb. My only symptom was the loss of taste and smell, but she had mild flu like symptoms. I also feel from time to time like my memory is junk and I’m just a bit fuzzy. It’s easier to think this is a mind trick or anxiety than actually considering it’s real
  11. The CDC is a freaking disaster though…. Round and round we go.
  12. I would be good money masks will be making a comeback in many spots in Massachusetts, despite low covid numbers.
  13. Excise tax is ridiculous. I traded in my fusion in feb 2020 and it was hell to get an abatement from the city. And I didn’t see the actual money until the summer time.
  14. As has been mentioned… Provincetown mask mandates back in effect immediately, over a few hundred cases. Swell
  15. It’s coming, I’m telling y’all. It’s like a bad dream
  16. I’m vaxxed and had covid before getting the vaccine. I’m not really worried about it, I’m worried that my life is once again going to be negatively affected. Individual choice on the vaccines, but when I am going to be inconvenienced again, yeah I’m not happy.
  17. Right… but when nearly everyone in hospitals with covid is unvaccinated, it kind of draws attention to you know, being unvaccinated. Not exactly a great argument for folks concerned with vaccine effectiveness and side effects.
  18. The US is using different, generally better vaccines though. The numbers are what they are though. They can’t be explained away.
  19. I know everyone says the people not getting the vaccine aren’t pushing for masks or continued restrictions, which may very well be true. The problem is, the unvaccinated are driving all the important metrics that are leading to a potential return to restrictions and masks. It’s simply not up for debate. Hospitalizations and deaths are like 97% and 99% unvaccinated respectively at this point. Those are the important numbers, and they are being driven nearly exclusively unvaccinated individuals.
  20. What the heck is with the Jon Rahm situation?
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