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  1. Kind of craps out as it reaches us though
  2. Lol.... I would never move to the north shore... I guess it’s a preference thing, and I grew up here as well. there are a lot of nice places to live down here, that aren’t as congested.
  3. Suns out guns out at work in Easton.
  4. Bridgewater, Raynham, west Bridgewater area isn’t bad at all.
  5. I think the school thing is way overblown generally. If your kid is smart, they’ll excel. I went to school in Taunton, so did my wife, and we both turned out just fine, and I’d have no problem sending my kids there. Taunton by no means would be considered a good school district.
  6. Tomorrow’s snow has pretty predictably gone poof on the latest hrrr runs
  7. The NAM sisters aren’t really enthused for much outside of an inch in western Conn maybe
  8. Tomorrow looks like a CT down to like Southern RI and extreme SE Mass deal.... it kind of fizzles out for my area it seems like.
  9. I’m selling snow here tomorrow... maybe on the beaches
  10. I’ll take things that won’t happen for $100, Alex. I do like the whiff whiff cutter on the gfs... that something that will play out. Im ready for spring... need to prepare the site for the shed I ordered... ready for some warmer weather. Going to build a fire pit too.
  11. How does one break into that line of work? (Home appraiser). I had a family friend a while ago that mentioned what a good gig that was. Just curious
  12. Our house will probably never worth more, but the problem is, we’d easily be out is anywhere else by cash buyers etc etc. We could sell our home tomorrow, but where are we going to go?
  13. I’m glad we got into our house when we did in March 2019... the market basically exploded right after we bought. We got a great deal too. The house had been in litigation and sitting unfinished for a while while it was in court; and it was finally finished and we bought it basically brand new a month later. The sellers wanted nothing to do with doing any landscape or finishing anything else in the house so we bought it as is for like 20k less than market at least. It was plumbed for a third full bath downstairs so we finished that. We paid 400k and we could probably sell it tomorrow for close to 500k if not more.
  14. Bulbs are popping up all over my yard..... what a winter
  15. Fat lady is warming up, that is undeniable.... regardless of faux 10 day “threats”
  16. We should just get rid of the banter thread all together at this point. Everything is constantly deleted. It would be a lot easier
  17. Not trying to be a dink.... but it feels like Groundhog Day in here. I feel like for the last week... the first real threat is always 10 days away. That’s a flag
  18. Overnight runs left a lot to be desired. I don’t know, we are getting to the point where we are going to hAve to put up or shut up. Nothing seems to want to break right, except for an occasional Rainer.
  19. Too much red tape, per usual. Instead of just getting the shots in people, we are worried about jumping through hoops and having tiered approaches etc etc. it’s been about a month now, it’s clear that approach isn’t working, time to pivot.
  20. It seems kind of disingenuous for Fauci and company to poo poo 70% efficacy for a vaccine when not even 6 months ago we were told 60% would be “outstanding”. I don’t see the issue, especially if a lot of them are north of 90%... you’re still moving towards the same goal.
  21. Good day for it. Wash it in with these rain showers.