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  1. Over 2 million shares… I’d take a modest increase lol.
  2. Do we think Shiba Inu meme coin is near the bottom? Was going to throw $50 in and see what happens
  3. The Raynham Taunton Easton triangle: where storms go to die. Here on the hock
  4. Could this unit Supplement central air? I like my bedroom really cool, but the rest of the house could Be warmer. Wonder if I put this in the bedroom and keep the central air higher
  5. I may have asked this before, but anyone here ever have a perforated eardrum? I perforated my eardrum when a stick stuck into my ear while walking in the woods. It perforated in 4 places. It never became infected and I never went to the doctor. The holes have healed quite a bit, and it appears they have moved ( this may just be the way it appears when the ear heals). Anyway, it’s been 7 weeks and it’s not completely healed, still 2 of the 4 holes remain, albeit much smaller. Do I need to give it more time? I will go to the doctors if it doesn’t heal eventually, but I’m trying t avoid a wasted trip where they tell me to “wait longer” for it to heal.
  6. My parents had mini splits in their last house. They aren’t bad looking unless you stick them in a totally ridiculous spot.
  7. Kind of muggy out. Could definitely see myself turning on the AC
  8. 79 degree pool without heating? That seems hard to believe
  9. I heard Kevin will be taking his place as chief met. Is this true @Damage In Tolland? Big if true
  10. Looks like dung for the most part here. I’m sure it’ll be windy too
  11. I emailed the attorney that did our closing, waiting for a response. In the meantime, I’m sending them a certified letter demanding they resolve the issue by May 15th, when payment is due on our policy.
  12. This weather flat out blows. The wind has been relentless here for days.
  13. Anyone familiar with real estate law want to answer a question for me? So our property insurance and taxes are paid through escrow. I got a notice yesterday that our insurance premium for the year is due on may 15th and hasn’t been paid. Mortgage company says they paid it, but insurance company never received it. So basically I’ve been on the phone all day getting the run around from both. In the end, from what I can research, if this stuff is in escrow, the mortgage company is legally bound to make these payments and can face penalties if they don’t; is this correct? So essentially; they have to correct this; or could be held liable.
  14. Peas and spinach have sprouted. Just waiting on potatoes pole beans and scallions
  15. Looks like at the very least it’ll be cloudy with misery mist
  16. Thanks, I may end up adding a second bag of them, as I’m not sure the yield is going to be as much as I originally thought when planning this out
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