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  1. Haven’t seen Will or Scott mention that, so for now I’m hoping no lol
  2. Snow is obviously a wildcard, even if great patterns, but I’d be pretty disappointed if there wasn’t a region wide snow event by Christmas given the look come the second week of December
  3. 2012 was like a dusting here and 2017 was less than an inch, I’d call it more like a coating, not even sure it was measurable. This are has done well overall, but definitely in a relative screw zone for that time period. Even just NW of here did better in 2017. A quick search says we have a white Christmas here roughly 30% of the time, so it’s been a while
  4. I’m pretty sure that was the last white Christmas we had here locally. So it’s been 12 years. I’d say we are due here, even with not so great white Christmas averages
  5. Really? We have it at work. We spray it on our boots specifically, so the tickets can’t get up into the clothing.
  6. Mowed the lawn for hopefully the last time today
  7. Yup. It’s a fine winter look in the extended. Never any guarantees.
  8. I’m not sure why people are so upset about a relaxation in a timeframe when our snow climo is garbage even in the best circumstances. People should be happy things look to be turning a corner towards the second week of December when climo chances increase
  9. I would bet my life that if we are buried in snow by 12/10, people will move on to lamenting the look around the holidays, probably
  10. Dispensaries are going to be like the frozen yogurt kick from 10-15 years ago. Those places started popping up everywhere, seemingly overnight, and most are now gone
  11. Heh, kind of looks like a….. eh never mind.
  12. That is precip type, look at the backside
  13. Yeah we kid, but I think we are waiting a while here locally
  14. The train is like the MBTA. Trains on fire, people jumping into the Charles River from the tracks
  15. It’s been like a decade or more since we’ve had a good start to winter here lol
  16. Congrats to the Moose up near the Canadian border, they are the only ones that have a shot with this
  17. It doesn’t matter, no cold air to be found anywhere near us on that Canadian solution. Rains to maines
  18. Getting close to a pig look setting up as we head towards December is not good
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