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  1. Indeed, it would. Indeed. LOL I love how we all know who "him" is. The title of this whole thread holds true.
  2. This was the "area of interest" I noticed.... Even the NWS can get their directions confused once in a while.
  3. LOL...regardless, we won't be in the blue at the end of those 11 days.
  4. They're connected with these. There's some fun layers you can do with these maps. Just zoom in and out, and change layers. CoCoRaHS Maps
  5. As noted above, I am guessing the lake effect did the typical NW flow thing and hit the Finger Lakes into SW Onondaga county... check out the Tully cam. We...were left dry.
  6. Tully somehow did waaaaaay better than the rest of Onondaga county. High elevation ftw again. gotsnowcams.com - New York - [email protected]@.com
  7. Looking at the Ontario webcam, it looks like you guys only have 4ish inches on the ground?! Is that true? You must have gotten sleeted on and missed the best stuff that Rochester got?
  8. Just looked at the reports that you referenced. Those totals, I'm assuming, are from the 24 hours starting at 7 am yesterday. So that doesn't include what fell Sunday night. So 7 to 8 inches for your locale seems right.
  9. Oh, yeah. LIke I said, I've done better than SYR this winter. I'm between 40 and 45 inches. Still well below normal, but better than Syracuse.
  10. Yeah, I think Syracuse will be in 4th place out of the 5. The table that wolfie reposted just shows some of my frustration. 3rd straight winter. Check out how poorly Syracuse did last winter too. (Rochester was on the bottom with us.)
  11. Oh, I was wrong...actually not being 'negative" enough... LOL. Almost 30 inches below normal to date (guessing snowfall to date will be up near 30 with the report).
  12. Yeah, I think I saw SYR is 20 inches below normal? Doing better than that here in the Northwest burbs.
  13. Hey, it just stinks when we're on our 3rd winter of being well below average to date...especially Syracuse itself. There's been lots of action. It's just not worked out for us. Like I said... NEXT. I don't want to dwell...just needed to vent. Apologies for "vomiting" it out there and trying to move on while everybody else is like, "What?"
  14. Yeah, I just don't see the northern stream allowing anything to move far enough north for us. If it does allow it, warm air seems to invade and our awful location gets skunked by low elevation, Great Lake warmth, Atlantic warmth (this past storm..lol), downsloping, etc... it's like we have to look at it and think, "What could go wrong?" Sorry, guys...I'm done. Discouraged and irritated with the high expectations I had of moving to Syracuse and the winters have sucked. I'd love to have actual meteorological discussion about it, but there really isn't anything else to discuss about it other than "bad luck" in terms of synoptic snowstorms. Perhaps it is rare to have a snowstorm here that isn't affected by warm slots, dry slots, downsloping, shear, elevation, etc.. Apparently, it used to be "the place to be" for snowstorms.
  15. Looks to me like the northern stream remains in Canada and the clippers miss us or we get showers/thaws...and the southern stream stays in the Mid-Atlantic and we get sniffed. The basic pattern we've had for years. Awful for Syracuse. The pictures and videos of Western New York look great. Glad you guys can claim a great snowstorm for the winter.
  16. It's hilarious when you look at Snowfall reports across the BGM and BUF areas. Every county got a GREAT snowstorm with double digits and then you see Onondaga, and it's like "Eh." Syracuse Synoptic Screw hole lives on. Oh, well... at least it's white out there.
  17. Actually, it wasn't far off. It had those couple inches at the beginning (which is what we got) and then several inches of lake enhanced (which is what we got). It was a little low on totals but very close.
  18. I wish I had two other locations I could go to based on the forecast.
  19. 12 inches "might" be pushing it...lake effect is so tricky. If we just get showery stuff, that will be hard to meet. If some banding sets up, there could be 4 additional inches to get there.
  20. @sferic, BGM just updated this as of 10:30 pm...which is kind of humorous, because this is what they had earlier this evening for an entire total tonight. So, we got a bonus from the lake enhancement. Now, if the lake effect doesn't set up overnight, then it was a win on their part. ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 AM EST TUESDAY... * WHAT...Lake effect snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph will cause blowing snow to drift.
  21. Yes. As the system moves away, winds are expected to turn more WNW, which is the best trajectory for Northern Onondaga county. Look at the radar, and you can already see those snow showers by Rochester turning on a more WNW flow.
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