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  1. It's definitely the most snow I've ever seen in my life. My year on the Southern Tug didn't produce anything nearly so exciting. The next closest I've ever witnessed was my 2 winters living in the snowbelt of Muskoka in Ontario, Canada. Now, that place was AMAZING for consistent snowpack AND winter conditions. After living there, it's no surprise the winters of the Cuse come across as disappointing. lol
  2. My friends and I actually drove through the lake effect band on our way to Niagara Falls, Ontario. We were there for a couple days...and then I remember driving back, I think through Lancaster?...and thinking HOLY CRAP, I HAVE NEEEVVVER SEEN SO MUCH SNOW OR SUCH HUGE PILES IN MY LIFE!!! My inner-Jim Cantore came bouncing out.
  3. I love this word of encouragement! Hopefully we get that break from the "snow drought." Indeed! I would go on to say not just this summer, but last winter too! The cutoffs and contrasts have been pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing your weather stories! I love reading/learning how others become interested in the weather. Growing up in a non-lake effect belt, the March Superstorm of 1993, the winter of 93-94, and the Blizzard of 1996 in my hometown of Lancaster, PA are what ignited my passion for weather...especially snowstorms!
  4. Wow, you guys in Western NY are getting lots more weather action this week than over here. Your best storms of the summer, coming in September!
  5. In reality, things flow over from presidency to presidency...and ultimately we try to "praise" a current president for anything good happening as if THEY did it, and blame the previous president for anything "bad" that happens. Unless, of course, the current president does something which obviously doesn't seem to have any thought put into it. I can see this discussion isn't getting anywhere though. As usual, I'm going to drop out of the political discussion because I can feel my blood pressure rising, and it puts me in a bad mood. And, as usual, I apologize for getting involved. lol
  6. You think Biden and his administration had anything to do with that shrinking? And, that won't last long considering what they're about to do. Let's keep producing money and then handing more and more of it out. Yeah, let's see how that positively helps us in the years to come....
  7. Anybody have any quick data on how many below average Septembers the Northeast in general has seen this century? It's gotta be low...what a torch, relative to "normal," it seems to have become.
  8. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I certainly don't idolize the man and shake my head at the obsession people have with him. I hate this "lesser of 2 evils" mumbo jumbo that many Americans seem to base their voting on. Pretty sad, isn't it?
  9. I wonder if we'll get cold enough this winter to freeze all the puddles of tears and sweat I'm shedding in this new climate...
  10. Looks like a beautiful early Fall day today. This upcoming weekend and early next week looks like summer again.
  11. The pictures of the hail from Michigan that I am seeing on Facebook....Wow!
  12. You've been on top of these lake storms lately. lol... Thanks for keeping us updated! The 67 degrees currently feels fantastic. I simply love temps in the 60s! (Just not in winter...bahaha)
  13. Yes, I can. Thanks. My concerns reference the billions of dollars in debt we are in, and money just continues to be handed out. Where is all this money coming from? In addition, the pressures, taxes, regulations are very tough on the small businesses that so many citizens I love are having to close down. In my opinion and observation, our government is intentionally leading us into a situation where we as citizens HAVE to rely on them. As far as world leadership, Biden and his administration have greatly affected how the world perceives us as a "superpower" in their responses to Afghanistan, Mexico, etc... Talk about making us a laughing stock to the world. Russia and China immediately made their moves due to the departure. Perhaps that was inevitable, that they would make their moves...did Trump or Biden plan a way to deal with them? Any time other nations pushed, Trump pushed back. Biden? Nah. We don't hold much intimidation anymore in the grand scheme of world politics. Ethically? I know people have different perspectives of ethics, so I'm not even going there. This one is based more on personal ethics. To be clear, I do not "hate" Biden. I am genuinely concerned about the man's health...and it disgusts me that the democrats are using him as a pawn. When our "Commander in Chief" falls asleep during meetings, can't remember consistently what he is talking about, tries to get himself back on track by saying, "Look, ....." , and doesn't know where he is walking, I have concerns. Yes, I believe our nation has made a mockery of the presidency...and NOT just with Biden. My apologies, wolfie, as you mentioned this shouldn't be about politics. I figured I should respond to a question that was asked of me.
  14. Whew! Muggy one out there...looks like upper 60s for dewpoints. Not sure what average dew is for this time of year? (If there is one?) I am guessing lower to mid 50s?
  15. I don't get your passive aggressive responses towards me. I apologize that I get under your skin. It's not my intent at all. I appreciate you admitting you harped on Trump. I actually refrain from saying much about Biden on here, or in the "real world" in general. It's VERY clear he is not in a mentally healthy state to run our nation... And these "mystery handlers" behind him actually running things. That concerns me. Trump was the opposite. Everybody always knew who was running things with him and what was going on because he's a pompous loud mouth... but at least we knew what was going on.
  16. If you're referring to me, I don't have an agenda. This subforum has routinely been a Covid/political thread It's when people discuss how much the democrats suck that you and Delta get frisky. Many of us seem to be rational and moderate when it comes to politics, which I love. It's impossible to discuss politics with extremists on either side. I definitely lean on the conservative side, but there has been some great discussion on here that has helped me understand the thought processing and hearts of those who have a more liberal way of thinking.
  17. Again, speaking from a politically moderate position, how can people ignore the "elephant in the room" that this current administration is completely destroying our economy, world leadership position, and pretty much the ethical standards in which we make decisions. So disgusted.
  18. It's a gusty SW wind day, so I fully expect Sizzlercuse to outheat everybody again and make it 5 above forecasted highs. Already warmest and only 2 away from the "high" for today
  19. I have tried various latitudes. ELEVATION us going to be the key in trying to find any semblance of actual cooler weather... Anywhere that's flat involves heat tunneling and RUSHING north from the southern latitudes. This is true moreso now than ever. The amount of times the northern U.S. has been hotter than the south this summer is crazy. Latitude does not seem to be as significant as it used to be.
  20. Above normal, above normal, above normal... it's disgusting how warm we seem to have gotten over the past 5 years. Breaking heat records left and right And I don't think it's just a temporary blip. Gah.
  21. Lots of 80s incoming. Sniff, sniff. Sniffle. Have fun in your pools!
  22. The Sizzle Sizzle didn't fail here. Warmest in the state yet again...temp shot up 8 to 10 degrees the second SW flow kicked in. Yawn.
  23. Michiganders are ridiculously fast drivers. The awful driving habits of that state is one of the only things I DON'T miss about living there. I miss so much about living in West Michigan...but the drivers there suck. It's such a shame, because outside of the driving, so many Michiganders are such wonderful people. After our visit to see old friends there, we are considering moving back in the next few years.
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