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  1. The past several winters, especially this one, have been hard on the hill too. Not much lake effect and lots of thaws affecting them up there too. Many quitting the sled hobby because the winters have been so poor. The economy of the Tug is taking a beating.
  2. Yes, lots of bantering and berating each other over winter reports instead. Haha. I haven't stepped foot in OT since last May, as I was tired of the toxicity and the way it affected my mood. Quit cold turkey. lol Perhaps March will end up our snowiest month?
  3. Yep, the NW and WNW flows have been extremely minimal the past several winters. These SW flows keep benefitting Watertown and especially Buffalo. Syracuse averages almost 130 inches...and in the 4 winters I've been here, we haven't gotten near the 100 inch mark. Each winter it has gotten worse. With the synoptic track being crap and no cold air available, we're left yearning for more. Most of the short cold spells have included very dry air. It's been quite frustrating as nothing has been going our way.
  4. I think most of you know...we all moved over to a discord because we were sick of the mods/admin. micromanaging our discussions. It depends on what area of Upstate. The Buffalo crew thinks this is "one of the best winters ever" while the rest of us are irritated and just fed up with the model promises of better days and then they never come. The Synoptic pattern for Central New York pretty much since I've been here (4 winters now) has been absolutely abysmal. It's either been north of us or it's been south of us (you guys had a good winter, I think two years ago?) We've concluded that the Permaridge over the Atlantic with the boiling waters is causing us lots of issues. That, along with the continuous troughing into the Southwest and the Pacific flow. It's just been ugly, as you all know.
  5. Yeah, Buffalo is the only place that really benefits from the times cold air sweeps in on a SW flow. They have had 3 major lake effect dumpings this year. Some of the guys in the Buffalo region (southern burbs) in our Upstate group are up to 175 inches on the year! It's amazing how the band just fizzles before it gets to Rochester. Roc and Syracuse rely on the cold air coming from the North over Lake Ontario to give us good snows. As we know, that has been bigtime limited this season. This week, we're supposed to get some lake effect with the cold air briefly sweeping in.
  6. Just a "little bit" behind here in the Syracuse area. The 4th absolutely pathetic winter for here in the "snowbelt." This one has by far been the worst. They just keep getting crappier.
  7. Quite the zone. We were only 30 up here with light snow much of the day today. (Yesterday it was in the mid 40s with Seattle light rain...highs went well above forecasted.)
  8. It's been atrocious here in the snowbelt too. Average snow depth this month has been Three TENTHS of an inch and that's basically from a trivial pack we have had this week. We have almost as many inches of rain as we have had inches of snow this month. Awful. Worst winter is right.
  9. We've had 2 "plowable" "events" up here (Syracuse area) and they were like 3 to 4 inches. Other than that, it's been an inch here or there to get to our abysmal total in the lower 20s in inches. Truly awful winter in a string of awful winters.
  10. This is the 4th winter in a row I have deemed "Eternal November." And each "Eternal November" just gets worse and worse.
  11. Congrats on your "overperforming 'event'" NYC/Long Island crew!
  12. Haha! They actually still have some pack there that's survived the cutters, downpours, blowtorches, drunk Bills fans, etc...
  13. About 3 feet behind where we should be at this time of year in the Syracuse snowbelt. This string of awful winters here is definitely going to bring down the average.
  14. If the dude could measure the powder on the tip of his nose every day I guess it counts.
  15. The last round melted RAPIDLY in Buffalo. Pretty much after the cold air behind the systems moves out, the SW wind brings in the warm air pretty stoutly and the Pacific maritime air quickly does its dirty work. We desperately need a shakeup.
  16. Deficit continues to grow up here. What a string of utter crap winters in Syracuse.
  17. Since Monday? Try since Monday like 3 weeks ago here in the Lake Effect Cloud Belt.
  18. Here in the Syracuse/CNY area of Upstate NY we rely on NW flow to give us our snowfall off of Lake Ontario. We have been significantly below normal snowfall-wise for years...because the cold NW flow has been missing.
  19. I understand what you're saying. It's easier to go back on here and find discussion that you might have missed. On discord, you have to scroll up and up and try and find "the line" where you left off. I really appreciate the ability to easily post images, pictures, and videos on discord though.
  20. No, no, no, nooooooo. I like that kind of weather in the SUMMER. lol Winter needs to be COLD with lots of snow chances and jebwalks.
  21. Yeah, I was reading in your sub about the weak low showing up at night and it's still RAIN there. That's been the case up here as well the past several years. Just no cold. Mild, maritime air in the dead of winter with rain even when Lows pass well to the south. It's disgusting. Even in the northern U.S. now, you want to be above 1200 feet in elevation if you want to see some real winter weather outside of the rare cold spells that can possibly produce.
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