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  1. The higher elevations of WV, like Snowshoe, are at 8 to 12 inches of snow on the day.
  2. Wow! 8 years already?! Time goes fast.
  3. Wow, what a difference! Always jealous of your winter wonderland. Last year looks like it ended super early.
  4. Haha! If it was like that forecast for Sunday into Monday ALL Summer, the season would be much more pleasurable.
  5. Lol... I don't believe in voodoo, but I still warned you guys... lol... Just awful ... Ma Nature hates me. It's like she is going through a bitter divorce with Syracuse and me.
  6. Going for a 4th house in New York state? We'll have to spend the winter snowfall chasing via the "Tour de Feric"
  7. Lol...we only get heavy training precipitation when it's rain. During the winter if it's below freezing, the precipitation falls off the hills from the south and vanishes. Three winters in a row. But next winter will be better................. Right?
  8. Oh, look at that. Yet another situation where now that it's warm enough, the heaviest synoptic precipitation is NORTH of Syracuse...
  9. Three consecutive winters of busts in the Syracuse region. A trifecta of crap.
  10. BUF and SYR...always the top two warmest. Rochester almost always the coolest. The "new normal" or thermometer issues?
  11. To each their own. I do find you "Let it be heavy snow or all heat" guys interesting though...lol. Dave and I are the true winter freaks. Humidity is my least favorite weather condition ever. Hate it. I actually enjoyed the week I spent in Florida during winter break a few years ago. Very low humidity combined with the lower sun angle made for very nice weather. But 7 months of heat and high humidity sounds like torture to me.
  12. Started with White Rain early this morning, then changed to wet snow with a slush coating in places, then drizzle for a couple hours early this afternoon, and now back to snow as this banding moves in from the north. Perhaps we'll get another covering this evening.
  13. I was thinking about you today. Congrats! I hope you're enjoying the honeymoon.
  14. Snowflakes finally started mixing in around 2 and now we've had some legit bursts of snow in the past half hour.
  15. I'm already counting down the days til Fall. lol I would be ok with 6 months of Fall-like weather with highs in the 60s/lows in the 40s and then FULL ON snow-filled winter for 6 months. The UP of Michigan is calling me...
  16. 12Z model runs kill me. Snow all across Western and Central NY, especially southern tier, white nothing here in the awful lake plain/mohawk valley. If you hate winter weather and stay in Upstate NY, seriously live here.
  17. Snow in Buffalo and Rochester while it rains in Saharasizzlecuse Death Valley? Shocking...
  18. We are getting ridiculously strong wind gusts here right now ahead of these showers.
  19. Models showing the same jackpots for snow the upcoming couple days and into April over Cazenovia and Southern Onondaga/Northern Cortland counties. That area has seen waaaaaaay more snow than Death Valley just several miles away this winter.
  20. 4th consecutive day of some snow on the ground... keeping the winter appeal (for me).
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