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  1. Got out of bed at 7am to about 0.5" snow on the ground. Didn't expect that.
  2. Would somebody please explain to me what a wave break is as applied to meteorolgy?
  3. perfect ridge placement
  4. besides the euro, the 500's on the jma and ukie look promising for the 12th/13th.
  5. looks like I got between 1/4 and 1/2" of snow
  6. i wonder if Mt. Holly follows our observations.
  7. moderate accummulating snow. large flakes. 32F
  8. ice pellets with an occassional flake. 32.3
  9. What radar app do you use? Reslly liked the images you posted.
  10. I feel your lain. I live about 5 miles norheast of Flemington. A little over 1 inch. Snowing hard now though.
  11. 1" so far. Can't figure out why I seem so far behind you guys in Pa.
  12. The orange band on COD radar means business. Pouring snow here now.
  13. Heavy snow. 0.50" so far. Got a late start. 24/22