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  1. Max Sustained: 140 Max Sustained at Landfall: 120 Landfall Pressure: 950 Landfall Location: South of Morgan city
  2. Got another 2.6" since 7am yesterday. Total so far is 4.5"
  3. Anybody from Warren county, NJ care to report current obs. Looks like you have been hammered for a while.
  4. As much as I respect your understanding of meteorology, your posts make my head hurt. Would you please present your knowledge in a form that everyday weenies can understand?
  5. Seems billion dollar disasters are a dime a dozen nowdays.
  6. Not sure you're being completely honest. LOL
  7. Intensity guidance seems to have underestimated storm strength the last several years although if my recollection is right they have mostly been in the Gulf.
  8. What a fantastic thunderstorm yesterday evening. Best in years. There were really no strong winds but numerous close lightning strikes. The rain came down in sheets and the final total was 5.46". Lots of road flooding.
  9. Thought it might get to 100 but only got to 99. Lol
  10. Temp currently 92. DP 72. Just brutal. I'll bet it's close to 100 by 3pm.
  11. My daughter got accepted to Northeaster's grad program iin speech and language pathology. I would appreciate any suggestions as to affordable housing. She has a car.
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