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  1. Seems the last two winters the same worries during January and February were going on. I ended up getting half my total snow during March.
  2. Snow very light right now. 1.25" so far. 24F. Roads snow covered.
  3. Snow just started up again after being in that that snow hole.
  4. Fun while it lasted. Just fine, light snow now.
  5. Wow, snow moved in fast. Moderate at this time. 23/14.
  6. I guess we're putting obs here? 24/5. Probably going to lose some snow while the column moistens.
  7. Lol. Cmc redevelops a low off Virginia.
  8. What is a full latutude trough? Does it have to cover a minimum number of degrees to fall in that category?
  9. 0.5". What a surprise to wake up to.
  10. Freezing rain overnight. The branches on my pines are bent to the ground. 32F
  11. 18z GFS on the 21-22nd is a thing of beauty. Very nice miller A. Snowy.
  12. 0.75" snow. There was probably some compaction during the event.
  13. Seems all the models are showing a few inches of snow Wednesday. Would be nice.