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  1. 4.0" final. Great start to the winter.
  2. I beleve it. You were sitting under that nice band for a good part of the day. Congratulations.
  3. Thanks. Up to an inch here now and light-moderate snow.
  4. Anyone in that band that runs sw to ne and cuts through northern NJ?
  5. Mod. snow. 0.5". 29.5/26
  6. moderate snow. It looks on radar (COD) that Philly is getting a nice shot.
  7. Light-moderate snow. 32/24
  8. Occasional snow grains. 32/21
  9. It's going to be a nice daytime snow which I really like. Amounts aren't that important unless we're talking feet.
  10. Happy birthday Jerry. I'll be joining you in 20 days.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  12. Do the hurricane models use some secret sauce for steering that is lacking for their globals?
  13. HRRR doesn't appear to have done too well on their 15Z run.