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  1. Looks like the center is just about over Dix radar.
  2. 3ohr time difference on initialization. Not a fair comparison.
  3. 1/8" of snow in February. Unreal.
  4. Todays 06z GFS has a classic miller A at the end of the run. Beautiful. Good hit from D.C to Boston. First one I've seen modeled this year.
  5. Wow 8F; where did this come from? Looks like my mud will be solid for a day at least.
  6. The previous two winters, March has been the snowiest month here. I have a feeling this winter will be a repeat. Of course, unless the rest of February surprises us it wouldn't take much.
  7. Proves my point; you're another few miles north. J/k
  8. 5.5" here near Flemington. 2" in January. The advantages of latitude.
  9. Seems the last two winters the same worries during January and February were going on. I ended up getting half my total snow during March.