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  1. How much you got?

    Looks like chance of snow is finally over. 44.35" for the winter. 20" more than last winter.
  2. Light snow. 31F
  3. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    I really want the DC area to get crushed on this one even if it means I miss out.
  4. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    I spent more time tracking stuff in December than I have in some entire seasons. This winter has been ridiculous as far as trackig goes.
  5. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    I think we have a good chance to see some snow this weekend but am actually more interested in the following event. That one looks like it has a lot more potential when looking at the H5 evolution.
  6. Ralph, Start a fishing thread. I'm a bluefishing fan. Don't eat the big ones but hard to beat the fight.
  7. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Really close to something big on the 2nd event.
  8. April 2nd Snow Observations

    The jackpot areas it seems were in that band that went from NYC southwest thru parts of Somerset and Hunterdon counties in Nj and parts of Bucks in Pa. I was lucky this time to be in it. Just goes to show that in most of our storms it's where the bands set up which will determine snow amounts and this really is almost a nowcasting type thing.
  9. April 2nd Snow Observations

    Ray, Did you have a relative named William Martin who was a weather observer in Long Branch? I just finished a book by James Turner called " Seven Superstorms of the Northeast" in which he is frequently mentioned.
  10. April 2nd Snow Observations

    5.5". Steady light snow. 34F. Excellent event.
  11. April 2nd Snow Observations

    4.75". Hvy snow band has moved out. Currently lgt/mod snow. 32F
  12. April 2nd Snow Observations

    4" and still heavy snow.
  13. April 2nd Snow Observations

    I can't believe I'm under yellow returns. Sn+++.
  14. April 2nd Snow Observations

    3.0" and hvy snow. 31F
  15. April 2nd Snow Observations

    1.25". Currently heavy snow. 31F