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  1. I've been watching your cam. Thanks for posting the link. How deep is the snow when it covers that closest black dome-shaped thing?
  2. I really like your informative posts. If you get the chance, please transfer to the Mount Holley office.
  3. The responses to this poster, his suspension, the support of our mets, and overall comaraderie are what make this a special subforum. I hope we never merge.
  4. Mike, This poster is obviously a total loser. Please don't get suckered in to his trolling. You and your colleagues do a fantastic job.
  5. When you get your degree please find a job as far away from here as possible.
  6. 4.75" of fluff. I wish they all shoveled so easy.
  7. since I've had 3 events that total at most 0.3" I would love 0.5-3.0".
  8. I love snow but I like the fact that the Sierras are getting pounded with snow, even though it is to the detriment of the northeast. We depend on California for a good share of our fruits and vegetables. Also, their snowpack should lessen the severity of wildfires. I'm not concerned about the outlook for January as in my experience February has most often been the best month for snow. I most enjoy watching the snow fall, although I realize in your area snowpack seems to be just as, if not more important.
  9. Got choked up reading your post. I can relate to what you are going through. My dad had bypass surgery and I was allowed to see him in the recovery room, with all the life support equipment hooked up. It was heart wrenching. Good news is he lived another 30 years.
  10. In my experience that is the most frequent January scenario. Give me February for snow any day.
  11. Ralph in this forum is Ray of the New England forum. Lol
  12. Thank you. I had never seen the term until Ray started using it. It's not in the NWS list of acronyms. Didn't have any luck with a google search either.
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