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  1. Do you understand the difference between global vs local?
  2. If you look at the bag's application instructions regarding how much fertilizer to apply per 1000 sq ft or how many square ft the bag will cover, you will find that the amount of nitrogen applied will be close to the same.
  3. I didn't realize your location averaged around 36" of snow/year. I only average about 25". Congrats.
  4. I haven't seen a thread specifically for reporting total snowfall for this winter. Please direct me to it if there is one. I got a total of 17 " with the largest on Jan. 7 with 4.75". Overall the winter, if you like snow, was terrible here. And what snow I had occurred primarily at night which to me is a total bummer.
  5. All snow for the last 20 min. Sticking on the grass and deck but not on paved roads. Guessing moderate rates. 31F
  6. If things go as modeled there should be some heavy snow in our area during the late morning/early afternoon hours. I don't care how much accumulates as long as I can enjoy the snowfall.
  7. I've had 14.5" of snow this winter. Unbelievable.
  8. Sound about like 40% of our voters.
  9. Tree branches are coated with about 1/8" of ice. Actually look really pretty. Road are just wet.
  10. Pivotal is very user friendly on a desktop because of the keyboard shortcuts but I find it cumbersome on my tablet or phone.
  11. It's been snowing here for about 1 1/2 hours. Everything is coated except for treated areas. Nice surprise. 31F
  12. Looks like a lot of that 10-1 total is from sleet.
  13. You and I are close to the same latitude/ longitude. I like seeing your posts because we seem to both share a similar outcome with the winter storms. I definitely feel your pain.
  14. Measured 4 inches. 1/2" from the frontal snow yesterday and 3.5" from the coastal.
  15. I liked Tip's post saying that the dual lows at this point is just a reflection of computer algorithms. I believe there have been a lot of comments saying it looks unrealistic. This storm's evolution should be a test of the model's capability in the relative short term. Over the years there have been numerous times the models have shown the "chasing the convection scenario". It would be interesting to know the statistics on the ultimate outcome.
  16. Snowing here. Nice to see some snow during daylight.
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