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  1. I can't remember the last time my area has had almost complete snow cover for a whole month. Great winter.
  2. Ralph, you were sure right about this one.
  3. Looks like it's about over. 5" and never got any sleet or rain.
  4. Wow. 2"/hr rates. One hour since last post which was 1.75". One hour later and 3.75" now and still heavy snow but I'm right on the rain line. Just beautiful outside.
  5. 1.75" and currently mod/hvy snow. 33.7F
  6. I'm probably wierd in this respect, but I get more enjoyment out of seeing the snow fall0 than how much if any accumulates. Age I guess, although I've got a tractor/loader so accumulation is not really a problem.
  7. Looks to me that by late afternoon we may end up with only an inch or two of additional snow accumulation due to a possible period of rain. In any case I'm going to enjoy another round of snow coming during daylight hours. This has been a great winter in that respect.
  8. On the Nam or GFS, looking at the "positive snow depth change" usually is much more realistic but not as fun to look at.
  9. Your sounds about right. I'm about 10 miles north of you and measured 3.5",with very little sleet. Being north was no advantage, I missed out on the thump this morning.
  10. Snow/sleet mix. 3.5" snow. 24F
  11. 3" so far. Moderate/heavy snow. 24F
  12. At least at my location the yellow band on Cod radar was just a result of big flakes, not higher rates. Bummer.
  13. heavy snow now and about to get into the yellows. Should be fun. 1.75"
  14. Moderate snow with nice sized flakes but only 1" so far. 22F
  15. Lgt/mod snow with small flakes. O.5". 22F
  16. How are you doing down there in Texas?
  17. 34" to date. Sure beats last winter.
  18. When you don't even need a moderator you know it's laid back. Lol. This is a great subforum. I think Ant agrees, since he's posting here alot.