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  1. October may be very active for tropics. That ridge in october spells trouble.
  2. I forsee winter in November. Been hearing alot about early winter.
  3. Welcome to forum. You picked the best area other than the tug hill to be for snow in entire country thats populated
  4. Official data should be collected outside major constructed areas.
  5. For the upcoming snow season has the gfs been doing better than. The euro since the upgrade. I wanna say it has been. But don't have any data.
  6. How much water can lake hold before it all overspills.
  7. Oh but is it a reliable report? Some people just wanna act smarter than they are. Nothing against you I believe it. Just saying some people are just goofy.
  8. Keep backfilling over new orleans. Slidell is in serious trouble now too.
  9. Was just going to say winds switching other side of lake going to surge now
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