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  1. Respectable for october.
  2. Line looks to be stronger now. Warning for roc
  3. Would not say insane. But at least some excitement. This is the most boring fall I can remember. Hope it changes come november
  4. Estimated wind gusts?
  5. Largest warning I ever seen now.
  6. Still some sun here in roc
  7. Warning for buffalo.
  8. Nasty line starting near cleveland.
  9. Some sever storms later today. Low top squall line coming.
  10. 2.3 at Kroc. Winter looks to be stormy I think and hit hard after a warm fall
  11. Couple inches of rain. Looks like we will be returning to a active wet pattern
  12. Get em every few years
  13. Thinking Kroc gets 130 to 140 this year. I am on east side in Wayne county. Thinking 160 in walworth
  14. Eye contracting may be starting a turn nw
  15. 15 feet in keys. Was that forecasted that high for there?