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  1. Roc is on pace for wettest month ever. Believe we are sitting at number 5 for July at 7.37. 9.7 is record for July and I believe for any month ever.
  2. If nam had a clue would be getting another 4 inches overnight. Lol
  3. About 2.5 inches. Expect another half inch or so more overnight.
  4. Latest nam 3km. Rap is similar. I just got nam ed again. Lol
  5. 2.1 inches at rochester as of 2 pm. Looks like heaviest rain coming in between now and 8 pm. Another 1 to 2 inches likely.
  6. Could definitely see 3 inches being widespread.
  7. Nam spitting out 3 to 6 inches through sunday.
  8. Imagine still believing the covid hoax.
  9. Yeah its called fudging the numbers for global warming lie.
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