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  1. Gfs has chances for mix snow through end of may
  2. Looks like may will be way below normal temps
  3. Basically a once in a lifetime event if models are correct.
  4. When is gfs ever impressive with lake snow. Lol
  5. Interesting if you put on kutchie map Boston hills benifits with several inches as everyone else looses a inch or 2.
  6. Impressive kc got 3 inches with basically a cold frontal passage.
  7. There is alot of smaller trees with fairly significant leave out.
  8. Hrrr actually shows some really impressive lake snows after storm. Lol
  9. Considering time of year and leaves coming out on some trees a winter storm warning should be out for entire forecast area for 4 to 8 inches.
  10. Nam still playin catchup. Much more in line with globals now on 12z