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  1. I dont think I have ever atleast in 10 years seen a winter outlook from them with cold anywhere.
  2. Anyone notice noaa never predicts cold anywhere ever.
  3. To bad not a month later. South shore foot easy
  4. Starting to get to that time of year. I do consider november the start of winter. And dont get to excited about snow until then. Hope every one in the sub forum gets a big snow year.
  5. Sept oct are usually the best weather of the year. From a sensible standpoint. I am not sensible bring on winter
  6. Interesting as another record snowstorm coming to north south Dakota. 2 weeks after record snowstorm in Montana. Pattern of a wild winter setting up? Think this will be a volatile winter with lots of storms? Already seeing it out west probally getting there winter in sept oct into november. Seeing a flip in november to the east I hope.
  7. Gotta love looking at snowstorms in September. It's like foreplay for us in ny
  8. Blizzard expected in Montana. 3 feet or more expected. Nws in Montana saying could set a new benchmark for wind cold and snow in September. Wind chills to minus 15.
  9. Been showing this for a week in some form or fashion. Been awhile since I posted. From east side of rochester. Here is to fall winter season coming up. Think this me me a wild one for upstate. Lots of action this winter. More cold that not and plenty of snow. Warm water south of Alaska and near Greenland supports a focusing me mechanism of mean trof over great lake east coast.
  10. Reminds me of November couple years ago.