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  1. Canadian has 12 south of city. So roc is in between best snow on the Canadian and euro.
  2. Anything is cool this time of year
  3. Cool thanks.
  4. How much snow in roc on that run?
  5. Think ice may be a issue somewhere. Can't tell surface on euro
  6. Dave what euro show today? Ice?
  7. Dave what euro show today?
  8. Snowing in walworth. Hope it's stays just cold enough for that heavy precipitation to move into. May get a inch or so of slop
  9. Looks convective
  10. Sneaky Lil system today. Snow bombs falling from the sky now. Radar looks intense near buffalo
  11. And if possible the German. It did well with last storm. Not sure of its range though
  12. Ok thanks. And I though I was done model watching. Smh
  13. Canadian showed a similar type storm. Just farther north. How far out does ukie go
  14. I would imagine this late in season no better than 10 to 1 ratio
  15. What's liquid equivalent bgm