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  1. I love the upstate forum in winter but summer is very dull. Lake snows keep it really busy in winter
  2. First big cool shot coming in 10 days
  3. They get to forecast lake snow too. Warren county area.
  4. Go to buffalo. You would love it. Lake snows abound
  5. This pattern holds up goin to be a epic winter.
  6. Anyone notice some leaves changing. Don't remember ever this early. A lot of trees have gone from dark green to light green. And some yellowing
  7. Storms look to be goin sepercell ahead of big squall line
  8. Looks like cold front is catching up to best instability. Looking down barrel of a gun on lake erie.
  9. Looks like your goin to get hit 3 times there in South buffalo. Then more coming up lake Erie. May be a very long day in western ny. Storms do look nasty
  10. Nice pics. Keep an coming
  11. Why they crazy. Wind hail. Structure?
  12. Would not be surprised if there are a couple tornados in area today if some more discrete storms fire ahead of main line
  13. Now a watch is out. Took em long enough
  14. Lots of warnings out across area. Even see a tornado warning in Ohio. All while storm prediction center sleeps apparently
  15. Looking like a very active day for severe weather.