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  1. Another storm nor easter next weekend more flooding on Lake ontario. Will not be good. Already very bad there already. Especially sodus point to niagara county
  2. Looks like a good chance for light accumulation of snow Sunday night. Plus lake shore counties under flood watches again Friday. Then again Sunday monday. The lake shore is goin to be changed in a big way. Amazing
  3. Need to get a few storms ahead of squall line.. whatever does develop will be hauling.
  4. If things clear out in am chance for mod risk?
  5. Based on freebie maps on euro snow looks possible around here next week. South Shore flooding will get worse. Bad now in Greece ny. Talking about calling out national gaurd.
  6. Snow later in week? Anyone got euro. Plus lake ontario goin to take a real beating.
  7. Only 5 more months till new snow season. In the mean time hope to get some mega thunderstorms maybe a outbreak or 2 this year. We are overdue.
  8. North ga has cad. And south ga is fairly stable now after decent storm today but nothing major
  9. Sref average 5 inches but storm still goin way after that
  10. What it showing dave?
  11. Canadian has 12 south of city. So roc is in between best snow on the Canadian and euro.
  12. Anything is cool this time of year
  13. Cool thanks.
  14. How much snow in roc on that run?
  15. Think ice may be a issue somewhere. Can't tell surface on euro