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  1. Western end of lake popping off now. Headeded southeast
  2. Not really just flurries.
  3. I know but get idea of pattern
  4. Gfs and Canadian show a monster lake event day 8 to 10 for south shore
  5. Yup front coming into Lake. That band should take off and head south any time now
  6. Thats kinda good more covergence. More troghing. Still very warm lake
  7. Lol I know Dave. Should get a good push in the next hour
  8. Just getting goin.
  9. Dave go to nexlab site. Amazing stuff on There. Lots of sat and radar and models
  10. Strengthening and pushing ashore monroe county next hour or so
  11. Where is this at?. One thing to note radar returns may not look overly impressive. Low density. But if your in green returns snowing like a motha
  12. Lot of spin coming into lake for nw on water vapor loop
  13. Next sytem goin farther north. Lake snow will persist until system snow starts then lake snow resumes
  14. Next hour or so you will see lake ontario explode
  15. You can see how a meoscale low will form. Winds aburtly go wsw on east end of lake to nnw on western end of Lake. Should be fun to watch form