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  1. Gfs all over the place now. Always happens in midrange
  2. Yeah kinda surprised as well. Maybe they put one up after its done.
  3. Hrrr very persistent in 3 to 6 inches for rochester tonight
  4. Snowing nicely in roc. Wet but big flakes
  5. These nnw flow events are so hard to forecast and usually underforcasted. But does have the right idea of monroe Wayne county.
  6. Hrrr showing a good hammering for monroe county.
  7. I'd say 2 to 4 for roc with low then another 3 to 5 with lake. My guess 5 to 9 for 2 days at airport. 6 to 12 east side
  8. Monroe wayne county goin to get a nice dumping in this set up
  9. Been puff bombs here in walworth this am probally got 3 inches since 3 am.
  10. Once storm gets to our latitude enhanced precip usually gets goin
  11. Need one like in roc 1991. 1.5 with 3 inches of snow on top.
  12. Lake doing its job in roc. Heavy snow reported
  13. Keep noticing hrrr ever so slightly pushing heavier snow west every run.
  14. Would not be shocked if band is 25 to 50 miles farther west than forecasted. Happens all the time in these bombing out storms
  15. If you get under that strong upward motion band I'd say 15 to 1
  16. My car slid down my driveway tonight. It sure is icy out.