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  1. From what I have seen in past it does not do well with lake enhanced precip
  2. Nice all picking up on major south shore enhancing
  3. Going to be a epic run. 985 already in west va
  4. Perfect track would be state college to bgm to Utica. Lol
  5. Dave this may be the biggest storm since 2016? When we got 27 inches lol. But a nice 12 to 18 would be cool.
  6. So is the nam going to be nuts again. Hope it gives rochester 2 feet again. Lol
  7. Convective feedback. Tends to put low pressure over covection
  8. Think it may be having a hard time with convection.
  9. A low in 980s over nyc is usually nice for roc
  10. I could see when heavier precip comes overhead. Huge white bombs falling.