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  1. Didnt they get a foot a few years ago on memorial day
  2. Dude if you like socialism so much move to Venezuela. Socialism stifles creativity and drive. That's what makes america so great.
  3. Have fun voting for sleepy joe. You strike me as a bernie bro.
  4. Obama if you like your dr you can keep your dr. Lmao
  5. Seems increases have stabilized in italy. Still alot unknown though. Dont really rejoice as new cases way outpace recovered.
  6. How many new cases and deaths in past 24 hrs in italy?
  7. My concern is if it stays steady longer than they think. Will be telling. And china has alot of explaining to do if you ask me.
  8. Italy is concerning. Curve may be leveling out but it's been not turning downward yet.
  9. How long before some country takes advantage of this and attacks or invades another.
  10. One of the true metrics for this is when you see the recovered start to match and outpace the cases. Unfortunately the ratio has been 4 new cases to 1 recovery and has been gaining slightly of past week. Long long long road ahead.
  11. Actually 712 deaths today in italy updated again.
  12. That country is so messed up. China. I am willing to bet that this is still raging in china and South Korea. And call me nuts I dont care. This was all intended. Man made and manipulated.
  13. 6153 new cases in italy. 662 new deaths just updated
  14. There does need to be a balance. I am not saying there isnt a serious issue with this virus. But again what the president is saying is the shutdown of entire country is unsustainable and if goes on to long much bigger issues will result.
  15. Dave do you realize what fascism is. Come on do some research bro. And same can be said for you. Overeducated who thinks he knows everything cause of a piece of paper. Hates anyone who thinks diffrent. Typical liberal thinking.
  16. Actually what our government has become is fascism. Government corporations. ****ing everyone over. Been this way for a long time. Just now it's out in open.
  17. Delta is full blown socialist communist. Never goin to convince him of anything. Orange man bad blah blah blah.
  18. Test enough people for a scientific sample and you can make a educated guess on dfr. Surprised we haven't heard about it frankly.
  19. Italy is really concerning as the dfr is 10 percent.