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  1. Flakes are the size of cotton balls. Gonna add up quick.
  2. Yes please to RGEM and HRDPS. Ill take a little taint to get under those dark blues for 6 hours or so. Also a bonus that the main show will take place in the afternoon tomorrow.
  3. Pouring snow in the SE Finger Lakes, earlier than expected here.
  4. (Re: Tuesday system)That’s a tight gradient. Likely won’t know for sure who gets the goods until nowcast time.
  5. 10 inches so far east of Cayuga and by looks of radar should keep coming down for some time.
  6. Really coming down now here now, 1-1.5/hour stuff. Shouldn’t have any trouble adding up overnight
  7. Just keeps flipping back and forth between sleet and freezing rain here northeast of Ithaca. Temperature sitting at 26 all day so far. Roads are awful, just saw a plow nearly skid off the road here.
  8. After busting big time the past couple days we managed to pick up 3 inches in 2 hours this morning on a nasty little micro squall off NW flow from a Great Lakes/Cayuga connection. Got to love all the little micro climates the lakes provide.
  9. Only expecting to find a slushy/icy 2-3 inches in northern Tompkins when I wake up tomorrow but recent NAM runs have been showing a nice NW streamer off the lakes tomorrow night that could provide some bonus accum.'s fingers crossed.
  10. Could be wrong/thinking like a weenie but hasn’t the Euro had a west bias the past couple years?
  11. Feels like this thing is gonna trend flatter and weaker before it's all said and done.
  12. Gotta be kidding me - running the Seneca 7 this Sunday. The one day all year I don’t want it to snow..