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  1. After busting big time the past couple days we managed to pick up 3 inches in 2 hours this morning on a nasty little micro squall off NW flow from a Great Lakes/Cayuga connection. Got to love all the little micro climates the lakes provide.
  2. Only expecting to find a slushy/icy 2-3 inches in northern Tompkins when I wake up tomorrow but recent NAM runs have been showing a nice NW streamer off the lakes tomorrow night that could provide some bonus accum.'s fingers crossed.
  3. Could be wrong/thinking like a weenie but hasn’t the Euro had a west bias the past couple years?
  4. Feels like this thing is gonna trend flatter and weaker before it's all said and done.
  5. Gotta be kidding me - running the Seneca 7 this Sunday. The one day all year I don’t want it to snow..
  6. Euro holds - and best yet it's rain for I95
  7. Pretty crazy that even tomorrow's system is still up in the air. Tomorrow night should have a decent consensus with Storm A mostly out of the way but promising trends so far this morning - Canadian and FV3 both look better.
  8. GFS hasn’t been any more consistent just look at its handling of Saturday’s system over it’s past 5-6 runs. At this rate Saturday will be a raging blizzard and Monday sunny and cold.
  9. It’s still 4 days away - plenty of time.
  10. Was nervous about that dry slot creeping toward CNY on each NAM run but 0z run gets rid of that luckily
  11. Thought the worst of it was coming overnight into Monday AM.
  12. Far be it for me to tell people how to post but as a casual peruser of this subforum I have to say the complaining is getting old... Besides there’s some exciting weather right on our doorstep.
  13. Finger Lakes seem get killed by downsloping on any kind of W or SW flow - I’m assuming due to Allegheny Plateau in Western NY/Northern PA.
  14. So much bitching and moaning lol winter is only half over. Everyone here has gotten 50+ inches of snow this season - does every winter need to be a record breaker?
  15. Ferocious squall at my office north of Cortland. An inch or two down in the last hour and can barely see across the street at times. Seems like Finger Lakes enhanced/effect W flow?