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  1. Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered! Lol! Haven’t you had enough? I was working out your way and cried uncle several times. Snow is beautiful to watch fall, especially when you have kids. When working, it is a real F’ing problem
  2. All good brotha- want to see you guys get crushed but also, as a snow lover, know there are some peeps that have been watching every run. They have watched the dry slots and the F’ing purple band over N. Onondaga for 3 days with no shifts. Truly appreciate the passion and persistence you have displayed.
  3. Yeah- always learning from you guys and watching the newbies. Do not mean any disrespect but honestly, I work in Rochester at times but just gets tiring when we all want a good, synoptic event and the focus for everyone but some peeps like to only focus on Rochester.
  4. Hey man…we get it…ur gonna get 12+ inches of snow and your maps are constantly IMBY. Watching your IMBY posts for a week, it’s exhausting. Was in Buffalo 2 weeks ago when 3’ hit and see you got a nice amount at the airport(pics). Love the passion but 95% of this forum doesn’t live in ****ing Rochester! We do need a constant reminder that you guys are in the bullseye and gonna laugh my ass off when you are getting sleet with the deformation bands. Jk I have been here for years, most in silence to learn, but when you post every goddam map with your backyard as the “bullseye”, it just tiring.
  5. Yes. Can’t stand how limited the exchanges are, for example, I use exchange “X” and other Cryptos i target are not available to i have to get on another exchange. I don’t sell the farm with these but I use play money- and yes, I got crushed in the past 3 days.
  6. Not a chance! Gone through hell getting COVID, beating COVID, fully vaccinated and spent a night in the ER after second dose. I am good...no booster...these are “emergency” vaccines! There has not been any long term studies so forget all that noise. Clearly this is just my personal opinion and we all will do what’s best, problem is, nobody knows what’s best at this juncture.
  7. Still plenty of time to correct NW...as usual...except this winter.
  8. The Boys on Prime is the sh*t! Karl Urban is the man! Peaky Blinders is fantastic! just started Last Kingdom... HBO/Max- Chernobyl is a must watch mini series!
  9. WSW hoisted for CNY...how long till it becomes a WWA?
  10. Working in hospitals I can tell you that upstate NY is in a better spot. Most HCP’s are vaccinated, morale is picking up, units are getting back to normal, etc.. we are on the right trajectory. Pray it keeps up and pray everyone gets vaccinated.
  11. Believe that is false- it is my understanding that not a single member of GOP voted for it.
  12. Whoa! I knew is was a pathetic winter but 40” below normal?!
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