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  1. Just hope it doesn’t disappear and maybe gives us SOMETHING to track during the holiday week.
  2. Yeah- the NAM is north and looks like precip shield is more expansive.
  3. Switch flipped- nice big flakes coming down with some fury here in BVille.
  4. In downtown Buffalo and see a WWA just posted from 7pm until Thursday. A long duration 3-6” event. Lol
  5. Ugh! Gotta head to Buffalo tomorrow for work until Thursday- stay right in the city so I can be in a case at 7am.
  6. Wow! Used to work up there and yes, they are long overdue. Also, started cancelling schools in the Cuse burbs already.
  7. I was on there and then got a spam attack! I joined when they were getting the bugs worked out. Will jump back on- thanks for passing along brotha
  8. Yeah brother- been quite some time so good to see ya again. Drank too much back in those days;)
  9. Yep- coming down at a really good clip as the radar fills in. Already received 3-4” and 9 hrs into a 36 hour event...with the heaviest stuff overnight, not worried about getting the shaft. Whether it’s 8” or 15”...I am good and don’t consider a bust by any means.
  10. Lol...think we should be ok. WSW just went into effect 3hrs ago, bulk of precip back in Indiana/Ohio. Would expect much more action around 10pm and overnight. Have about 1.5-2” from today...6-7” total seems plausible. Maybe another 3” tomorrow night.