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  1. Whoa! I knew is was a pathetic winter but 40” below normal?!
  2. Looks like we are on the southern fringe of a band setting up...looks like it will move south but wouldn’t mind a nice stall over us. Nice sight on a Saturday evening while nursing a hangover.
  3. It’s a f***ing mystery wrapped up in an enigma...makes no F”ING sense. There are no advisories or anything so if it snows more than 6”, my legal team will be getting involved.
  4. Seriously! Lmao! I have never seen a winter with so much variation- have the snow belts shifted???! LES now target SW Onondaga county on the regular
  5. It’s is not shocking but it is relentless. MyRadar allows you to layer the maps and show winds-SE on Ontario is getting smoked. News said won’t let up until 1-3am. Whoever is a fan of wind, I will never fully understand. More of a glass half empty in that department because of all the sh*t that goes sideways, both literally and figuratively.
  6. Um....WTF is up with these winds? Love it when neighbors put out their trash and recycling bins and are absolutely oblivious to the weather. I will be cleaning their trash all over my yard tomorrow. Every single industrial sized bin is toppled and moved. Fun night ahead in guest room to take one for the team. Stay safe
  7. Let’s just bring on spring at this point, even with a couple surprise events left, I am over the snow. Shoveling slush today(because my plow guy isn’t the greatest) did it for me. This is when we need extra Vitamin D for SAD exacerbated by snow melt.
  8. This totally caught me by surprise and f***ed up my whole morning with getting kiddos to school and getting to work.
  9. Once again, too many cocktails and all I see is a crown of fire. Keep hammering guys deserve it. Always think of the time in 2009 when I was stuck in Hamburg at Hampton Inn and got 39” overnight- it was beyond f’d up. That’s when the thruway shutdown and people were walking to the hotel.
  10. A dusting here in BVille and looks like the lakes are firing up and appear to be following up and look to be following a curvature type flow. IMO we already overachieved...we actually can measure with a ruler. Really hope you guys in Buffalo/Rochester get your snow. Cato seems to be the bullseye for later and not sure they have internet there but nonetheless, all good.
  11. Amazing- a couple towns over going to get smoked and shaft zone in NW Onondaga. Not buying it off Ontario. How the F*** can it nail down a band, nonetheless a band with a curvature?!?
  12. That would be quite the deal breaker!!! Lmao
  13. We have found the NOC for KBGH and it is BGM Blizzard! Acts of treason are not taken lightly on this forum with this group. You are correct- they did break it down but the 1-8 was still wild to see...and probably a correct forecast for areas impacted.