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  1. Yes. Can’t stand how limited the exchanges are, for example, I use exchange “X” and other Cryptos i target are not available to i have to get on another exchange. I don’t sell the farm with these but I use play money- and yes, I got crushed in the past 3 days.
  2. Not a chance! Gone through hell getting COVID, beating COVID, fully vaccinated and spent a night in the ER after second dose. I am booster...these are “emergency” vaccines! There has not been any long term studies so forget all that noise. Clearly this is just my personal opinion and we all will do what’s best, problem is, nobody knows what’s best at this juncture.
  3. Still plenty of time to correct usual...except this winter.
  4. The Boys on Prime is the sh*t! Karl Urban is the man! Peaky Blinders is fantastic! just started Last Kingdom... HBO/Max- Chernobyl is a must watch mini series!
  5. WSW hoisted for long till it becomes a WWA?
  6. Working in hospitals I can tell you that upstate NY is in a better spot. Most HCP’s are vaccinated, morale is picking up, units are getting back to normal, etc.. we are on the right trajectory. Pray it keeps up and pray everyone gets vaccinated.
  7. Believe that is false- it is my understanding that not a single member of GOP voted for it.
  8. Whoa! I knew is was a pathetic winter but 40” below normal?!
  9. Looks like we are on the southern fringe of a band setting up...looks like it will move south but wouldn’t mind a nice stall over us. Nice sight on a Saturday evening while nursing a hangover.
  10. It’s a f***ing mystery wrapped up in an enigma...makes no F”ING sense. There are no advisories or anything so if it snows more than 6”, my legal team will be getting involved.
  11. Seriously! Lmao! I have never seen a winter with so much variation- have the snow belts shifted???! LES now target SW Onondaga county on the regular
  12. It’s is not shocking but it is relentless. MyRadar allows you to layer the maps and show winds-SE on Ontario is getting smoked. News said won’t let up until 1-3am. Whoever is a fan of wind, I will never fully understand. More of a glass half empty in that department because of all the sh*t that goes sideways, both literally and figuratively.